GUNS: Armed woman saves herself. Can you say the same?

AR: Armed woman motorist chases off car jackers


“‘A lady was flagged over Sunday evening about 6 p.m. on the interstate between Kelley Highway and the Arkansas river bridge.’ Lt. Steve Coppinger with State Police says that two men in a car signaled that the woman was getting a flat tire. ‘When she pulled over to check her tires one of those person in that other car got out and attempted to rob her at knife point.’ But what the thief didn’t expect happened next. Coppinger says the female driver pulled out her handgun. ‘She pointed that at her attacker and he backed away, got in the car and they fled.’ Investigators say the would-have-been victim was able to turn the tables because she had a concealed carry permit.” [editor’s note: She was able to turn the tables because she was armed and willing to defend herself, NOT because some bureau rat magnanimously gave her “permission” – TLK] (12/19/08)

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Are we “victims”?

The RKBA was put in by the very smart DOWGs because they realized criminals, and the gooferment (I repeat myself!), had to be kept in check.

Only an armed citizen can do that!

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TECHNOLOGY: Slashdot has the beginnigns of a giant internet issue

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Fairpoint Pledges To Violate Net Neutrality

Posted by timothy on Saturday December 27, @02:46PM

from the we’ll-read-it-to-you-over-the-phone dept.

The Internet Censorship Communications

wytcld writes “Fairpoint Communications, which has taken over Verizon’s landline business in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, has announced that on February 6 ‘AOL, Yahoo! and MSN subscribers will continue to have access to content but will no longer be able to access their e-mail through the third-party Web site. Instead, Yahoo! and other third-party e-mail will be accessed directly at the portal. Since Verizon spun off its lines to Fairpoint in a maneuver that got debt off of Verizon’s balance sheets by saddling Fairpoint with it, there was concern by the public service boards of the three states about how Fairpoint would deal with that debt. Fairpoint’s profit plan: force all Webmail users through Fairpoint’s portal, by blocking all direct access to Webmail portals other than its own. Will Fairpoint’s own search engine portal be next? What can stop them?”

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Here’s one to watch.

Not sure where the needle is in this haystack! BUT, (there is always a big butt), it seems as if the ISP FAIRPOINT maybe, while taking over from Verizon, screwing all the customers.

I know that is a total surprise.

“I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” Captain Renault in Casablanca

At the very least, it’s a good reason NOT to use your ISP’s email address. I do feel sorry for all those users who now will have to change their email address. (I preach having your own domain! No one listens. Sorry, no sympathy here.)

I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Whose got the popcorn?

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