RANT: OJ was punished for the last crime


O.J. Simpson and C.J. Stewart Sentenced
Updated: Dec 5, 2008 06:59 PM

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Former football great O.J. Simpson will spend anywhere from nine to 33 years in prison and his co-defendant, Clarence C.J. Stewart will spend 7.5 to 27 years for their roles in a Las Vegas armed robbery case.

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Sorry! This is a terrible result.

I’m no OJ fan.

I believe that the LA keystone kops muddied the DNA evidence and the jury righty said so.

In this case, I’m of the opinion that he didn’t get a fair trial. The Goldman’s in the court room “invited” the jury to punish him for what he “got away with”.

Sorry! I think he was railroaded.

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POLITICAL: Rat’s nest of Chicago


The Tainting of the President-Elect

By Jeffrey Lord on 12.10.08 @ 1:05PM

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Wait a minute.

“I had no contact with the governor what….”

That’s the money quote from President-elect Obama in his first comment on the arrest of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich for trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat. What was that “what” about to become before Obama stopped himself in mid-sentence in front of the cameras as Al Gore and Joe Biden sat by, stonefaced? The word “whatsoever” perhaps? In which case, did the new president stop himself because he knew that to say “no contact whatsoever” was something that would be provably untrue? According to a now hastily retracted statement by aide David Axelrod, the president-elect had indeed “talked to the governor” about the vacancy.

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I found this hard to believe also.

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