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What Would You Differently if You Were in College Again?

December 5, 2008 at 12:24 pm | In Career Development, Personal Branding, Success Strategies, gen-y |

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From time to time, I get asked certain questions that I think could benefit a larger audience. Many of my blog readers are still in college right now, so I figured today would be the perfect day to go through two questions, so you can think about them this weekend. If you, like me, are a college graduate, you might want to take this time to reminisce, laugh or give suggestions in this posts comment section that can benefit us.

Question: “Thinking back when you were in college what would you have done differently with the knowledge that you now have?”

The context of this question relates to career development, branding and getting a job upon college graduation. It has nothing to do with partying really hard, hooking up with girls/guys and alcohol abuse (not that we have done any of that ;) ). This is a tricky question because social media wasn’t important or heavily used back then. I didn’t know about it and I bet you didn’t as well (I graduated Bentley University in 2006). I learned about social media in late 2006.

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That’s easy!

I’d have started collecting McKay66’s on everybody I ever met. I’ve lost so many potential contacts that I can’t even envision them all.


But I did manage to hang onto a vunderbar woman who tolerates my stupidity!

Maybe less drinking and more saving, but it was SOOOO long ago. Who remembers! LOL, like it was yesterday.

Rage at the dying of the light!

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