FUN: AHH, now I understand why girls wear short shirts

Belly Button Beauty Cues Potential Mates
Jessica Marshall, Discovery News

Jan. 30, 2009 — Navel-gazing may serve a useful purpose, after all. People may use belly button beauty to assess the fitness of a potential mate, according to Aki Sinkkonen of the University of Helsinki, Finland.

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Now it all makes sense. Low rise jeans and short shirts are all to bare the midriff. It’s all about attracting a mate. It’s not enough that gals use chemical warfare to capture us hapless males into a life time of toil. They have to use semi-nudity too?


Run for your lives men.

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RANT: Smoot Hawley — the 2009 version?

Obama facing dilemma over protectionism in bill

Jan 31, 8:01 AM (ET)


*** begin quote ***

WASHINGTON (AP) – Less than two weeks into office, President Barack Obama faces a dilemma over protectionist provisions in a massive economic stimulus bill: Backing the measures could set off a trade war, while opposing them could trigger a backlash from his supporters.

The choice involves “buy American” provisions attached to White House-backed stimulus legislation moving through Congress. They would require major public works projects to favor U.S. steel, iron and manufacturing over imports.

Some Democratic lawmakers and interest groups allied to the president support the measures, but international allies and trading partners are warning that favoring U.S. companies would breach U.S. trade commitments and could set off tit-for-tat countermeasures around the world.

*** end quote ***

What bunch of idiots we have in Congress.

Did anyone read about the Great Depression and Smoot Hawley?

The mere passage of that was the trigger that set off the Great Depression. That didn’t end until WW2.

How stupid are they?

Warm up the lines to the congress critters!

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POLITICAL: The “Chesley Sullenberger” yardstick for assessing “leadership”, Politicians found wanting!

January 17, 2009
The Sullenberger Combination
Lee Cary

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Captain Chesley Sullenberger gave us a glimpse of what’s long been lacking in our national political leadership — the complete combination of competence, leadership and courage.

The pilot of US Airways Flight 1549 had, in multiple ways, prepared all his life to save the crew and 150 passengers on his aircraft. When the moment came to apply all that preparation, he calmly announced over the aircraft’s intercom, “Brace for impact.”

*** end quote ***

An excellent comparison to ALL the current political leadership!

Running around yelling: ‘the sky is falling’ is what comes to mind in DC!


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RANT: Media Bias? What Media bias?

January 26, 2009 CONTACT: COLLEEN O’BOYLE or TIM SCHEIDERER AT 703.683.5004

Bozell: ABC’s Stephanopoulos Must Recuse Himself From Any Reporting Involving The Obama Administration
This Week host owes an explanation for his daily strategy phone calls with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Tuesday’s Politico broke the news that ABC News’s Chief Washington Correspondent and the host of ABC’s Sunday morning news show This Week George Stephanopoulos has daily phone discussions with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel during which he helps formulate and shape the thoughts of and messaging for Emmanuel and the Barack Obama Administration. And that he has had these conversations with Emanuel throughout his tenure at ABC.

CNN liberal pundits Paul Begala and James Carville also participate in the daily round robin telephonic strategy sessions. In the article, Begala said he often can’t remember the originator of any particular insight, and is quoted as saying “We talk so much — was this my idea that James changed, or was this George’s observation that Rahm tweaked?”

Stephanopoulos first joined ABC News as an analyst in 1997. He was serving as a fill-in anchor by 2001 and became host of This Week in September of 2002. When named to what would seem to be an unrealistic post for him in June of that year, Stephanopoulos asserted “If I were biased, I don’t believe I would have gotten the job.”

Emanuel was elected a Democratic Congressman from Illinois in November 2002. As head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee he helped the Party retake control of the House in 2006.

And Emanuel accomplished all of it with the daily assistance of ABC News’s Stephanopoulos. And he continues to receive Stephanopoulos’ help in his new role as President Obama’s Chief of Staff.

Brent Bozell:

   “What’s worse than the liberal media’s sycophantic coverage of President Barack Obama? ABC’s George Stephanopoulos actively helping design and deliver the Administration’s strategy and message – which he is then charged with reporting.

   “Will Stephanopoulos be critical of the White House’s plans when he spends every morning helping to craft them? Not likely. He must from this point forward recuse himself from any reporting involving the Obama Administration.

   “For Stephanopoulos, the line between journalist and liberal strategist would be completely obliterated were it not for the fact that it apparently never existed at all. He didn’t fail in his attempt at transformation from liberal operative to journalist – he never made the effort.”

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This just leaves me speechless.
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RANT: O versus L? The typical false choice.  

Are you with Obama or Rush?
1/29/09 8:00 PM EST
Updated: 1/30/09 4:37 AM EST

*** begin quote ***

Politico has learned that tomorrow Americans United for Change, a liberal group, will begin airing radio ads in three states Obama won — Ohio, Pennsylvania and Nevada — with a tough question aimed at the GOP senators there: Will you side with Obama or Rush Limbaugh?

“Every Republican member of the House chose to take Rush Limbaugh’s advice,” says the narrator after playing the conservative talk radio giant’s declaration that he hopes Obama “fails.”

“Every Republican voted with Limbaugh — and against creating 4 million new American jobs. We can understand why a extreme partisan like Rush Limbaugh wants President Obama’s Jobs program to fail — but the members of Congress elected to represent the citizens in their districts? That’s another matter. Now the Obama plan goes to the Senate, and the question is: Will our Senator”—here the ad is tailored by state to name George Voinovich in Ohio, Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania, and John Ensign in Nevada—”side with Rush Limbaugh too?”

Asked to respond, Limbaugh had a message for his party.

“Senate Republicans need to understand this is not about me,” he wrote in an email. “It is about them, about intimidating them, especially after the show of unity in House. It is about the 2010 and 2012 elections. This is an opportunity for Republicans to redefine themselves after a few years of wandering aimlessly looking for a ‘brand’ and identity.”

*** and ***

Senate Republicans acknowledge that they’ll lose some of their members on the first vote.

“We’re in a little different spot than the House in that we have a handful of Republicans who have all but committed to supporting the package,” said a Senate GOP aide.

The aide declined to say who, but speculation on both sides of the aisle is centered on a group of northeasterners — Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine, Sen. Judd Gregg (NH) and Specter.

*** end quote ***

Everyone should be real clear. The “stimulus” bill is not about stimulus, jobs, or benefits for the “folks”.

It’s about socialism, pork spending, and making future voters for the democratic party.

Rahm told you that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.

We’ve been hustled before — the Bush pre-rebate, the TARP, and now this!

And, the ad offers a false choice — O versus L?

I’m with neither.

The Republican Party NOW, when it’s out of power wants to “brand” itself as the party of smaller gooferment again. Where were they for eight years? We have the TSA, deficits, and out of control spending. All caused by a President who wouldn’t veto anything.

And, O wants to remake America on the basis of he “won” an election. Hey, guess what, more folks didn’t vote than voted. So you were elected by 28% to 24%. That should tell you that your plurality is very small.

More than half the Americans know they are getting screwed no matter which “side” won.

Not that there is much difference between EITHER “side”!

In this case, I am against the “gooferment enlargement” package.

You want to restart the economy. Shrink gooferment — Nuke the TSA, Kill whole gooferment department and agencies, stop the psuedo drug war, pardon all non-violent drug offenders, and return to normal. Cut the corporate tax to ZERO forever. It’s a sham; only real people pay taxes. Corporate taxes hide how much the gooferment is stealing from us.


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LIBERTY: Cops out of control

Video: Police Taser Son Who Tries to Rescue His Father After Police and Fire Department Refuses to Go Into Water
Published 1, December 5, 2008 Criminal law , Society , Torts

*** begin quote ***

The video below reveals another troubling use of a taser. 54-year-old Maurizio Biasini went to a Mendocino Beach called Portuguese Beach with his two twin sons, Dario and Andriano Biasini, and fell into the water. The police and fire department refused to go into the choppy water as the father was swept further and further out to sea. When the sons screamed at the officers for not acting and one tried to go into the water, the police tasered one son twice. The father was lost.

The fire department insisted on waiting for the Coast Guard as the distraught sons demanded action and swore at the officers. According to one witness, it was the police that turned the confrontation into a physical matter by grabbing one son around the neck and lifting him off the ground. They then tasered one son who wanted to rescue his father not once but twice. To make matters, the police proceeded to criminally charge the son for . . . you guessed it . . . interfering with a rescue that they refused carry out.

*** end quote ***

Not the “worst” case of police abuse I have ever seen on the internet.

Obviously, these people don’t understand that the bureaucrat’s job is to fill out paperwork. Save their father? Please, the uniform might get wet.

Now, they may have recognized there was no hope.

But, preventing the boy from trying himself? Who owns his body? May have been the boy’s last mistake, but it WAS his to make.

Handled badly. That cop looked like he had spent to much time at the donut shop.

Tasering the kid after he handled it badly, the cop should be charged with assault. At the very least, he should be seeking a new career.

I wonder if got a “paid vacation” (what they called administrative leave) and a promotion?


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MONEY: Economy needs Austrian solution!

DISPATCHES: Economy needs Keynesian solution
Tuesday, January 27, 2009 5:06 PM EST
By Hank Kalet, Online Editor

*** begin quote ***

   The mood of the nation may be changing.

   A nation that for nearly three decades bought into a conservative ideology that painted government as the enemy is embracing the return of federal intervention in the economy as necessary to repair the damage caused by years of neglect.

   Polling over the last month shows that about two thirds of Americans support an economic stimulus package weighted toward government spending while a majority of Americans now favor increased regulation of the financial industry.

*** end quote ***

Yeah, they want more gooferment regulation to fix the problem that the gooferment regulation created in the first place. Argh! Theres an incestuaous relationship between the congresscritters, the regulatory agencies, and the companie being regulated. Argh! Follow the moeny and campaign contributions! And, you expect it to change?

*** begin quote ***

   The credit crunch has resulted in “trillions missing from the economy,” he said. “Money is not moving, and the government is in a position to make money move.”

   Direct investment — in the form of road and bridge repairs, construction of a 21st-century electrical grid and expanded broadband access — will not only get people working again, but also leave the nation better off down the road.

   A little more than a third of the $825 billion stimulus package on the table in Washington is slated to go toward what some are calling “make-work” projects, which also include building schools and providing funding to help local and state governments, as well as homeowners, make their buildings more energy efficient.

   The package also includes significant aid to the states, an expansion of unemployment benefits and assistance with health care — all of which not only puts money back in the economy, but alleviates some of the economic pain being felt by average Americans.

*** end quote ***

YEAH, every social program that can be thrown in has been. Please don’t make me laugh. The socialists of the R’s and D’s are using this crisis — as politicians have throughout the ages — to justify more and bigger intrusions on our lives, our pocketbooks, and our essential liberties. Argh!

*** begin quote ***  

   Without the federal aid, it is likely states will need to slash their budgets, drastically in some cases, to meet constitutional requirements. New Jersey, for instance, requires that its state budget be in balance, meaning falling revenue must be addressed either by cutting taxes or spending cuts — neither of which makes sense at a time of severe recession.

*** end quote ***

NJ finances are a joke. The crooks in Trenton spend like there is no tomorrow. And, the taxpayers get stuck.

*** begin quote ***

   While many tie the New Deal — Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s package of programs meant to battle the Great Depression — as Keynesian, Dr. Reich reminds us it was “not until the U.S. entered World War II” that the nation implemented “Keynes’ idea on a scale necessary to pull the nation out of the doldrums.”

*** end quote ***

FDR had to lure, cajole, and almost force the Japanese into the attack on Perl Harbor. To end the Great Depression. And, we’re left with the illusion that FDR was a “good guy”.

*** begin quote ***

   These results — and the long economic expansion that followed — are evidence we need bold action; we must inject public money into the economy regardless of its impact on the deficit. Once the economy is rescued, we can start thinking about reining in the deficit.

*** end quote ***

No we need to have a revolution!

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RANT: Fixing a broken leg? Corporations receiving bailouts look overseas

Report: Over 8 in 10 corporations have tax havens
Jan 16, 6:28 PM (ET)

*** begin quote ***

WASHINGTON (AP) – Eighty-three of the nation’s 100 largest corporations, including Citigroup, Bank of America and News Corp. (NWSA), had subsidiaries in offshore tax havens in 2007, and some of the companies received federal bailout funding, a government watchdog said Friday.

The Government Accountability Office released a report that said Bank of America Inc., Citigroup Inc. (C) and Morgan Stanley (MS) all had more than 100 units in countries that maintain low or no taxes. The three financial institutions were included in the $700 billion financial bailout approved by Congress.

*** end quote ***

Corporations are a product of the gooferment. Why are we surprised when they take bailout money and setup tax shelters? I’m sure the congresscritters will “fix” this! (Fix in the sense of amputating the broken leg!)


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VETERANS: Get snubbed. No surprise there.

Friday, January 23, 2009
A Little Unfinished Inaugural Business

*** begin quote ***

Among all the inaugural hoopla this week, there were a few incidents that we found disturbing–if not down-right offensive–because they took a direct shot at the nation’s military heroes, and the out-going commander-in-chief.

And we’re not referring to the smattering of boos and the refrain of “nah-nah-nah-nah, hey, hey…goodbye” that greeted George Bush as he arrived at the inauguration on Tuesday morning. These events occurred after Mr. Bush left town, at galas that commemorated the swearing-in of Barack Obama.

*** and ***

By comparison, the quadrennial “Salute to Heroes Ball” went on as planned, just as it has on every Inauguration Night since 1953. But this year’s event was noteworthy for its most prominent no-show: the new commander-in-chief. Barack Obama was the first president to skip the event, breaking a tradition that began with Dwight D. Eisenhower.
To his credit, Mr. Obama did attend the Commander-in-Chief’s ball, but the Heroes gala is no ordinary event. It’s been a staple of the inauguration for six decades and it’s chief sponsor is a powerful organization (the American Legion) that has been courted by every recent president and presidential candidate. Among those honored at the Heroes ball are the nation’s Medal of Honor recipients. This year, 47 of the 99 living MOH winners were at this year’s ball, where they were honored by Vice-President Joe Biden and other dignitaries.
Obviously, the president can’t make it to every inaugural event, but nine commanders-in-chief found time to attend. As for President Obama, he found time to attend something called the “Neighborhood Inaugural Ball,” aimed at D.C. residents. Apparently, living inside the federal district puts you higher on the social register than winning the nation’s highest decoration for military valor.
*** end quote ***

Sorry to hear this. Not surprised. Just sorry.
As a vet and an American Legion member, Liberals don’t value the military. Sometimes their disrespect is palpable. In this case, it’s subtle.
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LIBERTY: What will be foisted upon us now!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Thomas Sowell :: Columnist
What Are They Buying?
by Thomas Sowell

*** begin quote ***

What are the Beltway politicians buying with all the hundreds of billions of dollars they are spending? They are buying what politicians are most interested in– power.

In the name of protecting the taxpayers’ investment, they are buying the power to tell General Motors how to make cars, banks how to bank and, before it is all over with, all sorts of other people how to do the work they specialize in, and for which members of Congress have no competence, much less expertise.

This administration and Congress are now in a position to do what Franklin D. Roosevelt did during the Great Depression of the 1930s– use a crisis of the times to create new institutions that will last for generations.

To this day, we are still subsidizing millionaires in agriculture because farmers were having a tough time in the 1930s. We have the Federal National Mortgage Association (“Fannie Mae”) taking reckless chances in the housing market that have blown up in our faces today, because FDR decided to create a new federal housing agency in 1938.

Who knows what bright ideas this administration will turn into permanent institutions for our children and grandchildren to try to cope with?

*** end quote ***

It’s no doubt that politicians use crisis to consolidate and enlarge their power over us.

What will the serfs be saddled with now?

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JOBSEARCH: A book is recommended to me

Do What You Are by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger.

Already a classic in the genre, Do What You Are has helped hundreds of thousands of people find truly satisfying work. Do What You Are introduces Personality Type – how you process information, make decisions and interact with the world around you – and shows you which of the 16 types describes you best. It lists dozens of occupations that are popular with people of your type. Then, using workbook exercises and real-life examples to highlight the strengths and pitfalls of each personality type, it shows you step-by-step how to use your unique strengths to customise your job search, ensuring the best results in the shortest period of time. And if you plan to stay in your job, Do What You Are provides savvy advice for getting the most out of your current career.

# – # – #

Maybe I should read this one? I’m an ITSJ.

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LIBERTY: Nationalization is one more step to the death camps

The Nationalization Debate Comes Out Of The Closet

*** begin quote ***

We’re finally beginning to remove the ideological blinders (socialism, socialism!) from our eyes and look at all possible ways to fix the liquidity crisis. This otherwise good NY Times article explores the pros & cons of nationalization but leaves out an important pro they’ve reported on in the past: it’s the most transparent, honest approach

*** end quote ***

Yeah, the gooferment is sooo honest. So good at everything they touch.

Sorry, it’s all about control.

Think Japanese Internment, the Civil War, and the Carter Inflation.

We’re all sheep. Being herded. Lucky if we just get sheared.

Government is dangerous.

Where’s my pitchfork and torch?

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POLITICAL: Only “chumps” pay taxes!

RAHN: Feel like a chump?
Richard Rahn
Thursday, January 22, 2009

*** begin quote ***

You work hard, take care of your family, and pay all the taxes the government says you owe as is typical of honest, upright citizens.

But what happens to your tax money? It is now going to “bail out” firms that pay their senior executives millions of dollars a year. Congress also intends to spend your tax dollars on an $825 billion “stimulus program” filled with many dubious projects and plain old-fashioned “pork.” Many good economists who have looked at the details of the stimulus package believe it has much more “de-stimulus” than stimulus in it and will make the American economy worse off rather than better off.

While you may have thought you are required by law to pay taxes on all your income, you learn the “important” folks in Washington seem to think paying taxes is optional. Chairman Charles Rangel of the House Ways and Means Committee responsible for writing tax legislation has admitted he did not pay the required income taxes on some of his private income (Caribbean rental properties, etc.); and the proposed Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, did not pay the required income tax on part of his income from the International Monetary Fund, where he worked for several years.

*** end quote ***

Yup, I’m a chump!

And, it’s not going to change any time soon.

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RANT: Tax dodger as Treasury secretary


from The Wall Street Journal

Jan. 26, 2009

The Senate has confirmed Timothy Geithner as Treasury secretary. The 60-34 vote puts Geithner at the helm of President Barack Obama’s plan to rescue the economy from the worst financial crisis in three generations. It also dislodges one of Obama’s most troubled nominations.

Some senators were concerned that Geithner, who would oversee the Internal Revenue Service, did not pay some taxes until he had been tapped to the president’s Cabinet. Geithner called it an unintentional oversight and settled his $34,000 overdue tax bill. Obama and others supporting Geithner’s nomination said the nation couldn’t afford to wait for Obama to search for another nominee to run the Treasury Department.

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The Senate is criminally neglecting its responsibility imho. Not that it matters to the Washington DC gang. At least, the Mafia followed its own rules.
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SERVICE: FACEBOOK pops and an unusual message and I’m locked out

From: Facebook <>

Date: January 26, 2009 2:20:49 PM EST
To: FJohn Reinke
Subject: Security Warning From Facebook
Reply-To: Facebook <>

We have detected suspicious activity on your Facebook account and have reset your password as a security precaution. It is possible that malicious software was downloaded to your computer or that your password was stolen by a phishing website designed to look like Facebook. Please carefully follow the steps provided:

1. Run Anti-Virus Software: If your computer has been infected with a virus or with malware, you will need to run anti-virus software to remove these harmful programs and keep your information secure. For Microsoft:

For Apple:

2. Reset Password: Be sure that you use a complex string of numbers, letters, and punctuation marks that is at least six characters in length.

To reset your password, follow the link below:
(If clicking on the link doesn’t work, try copying and pasting it into your browser.)

3. Never Click Suspicious Links: It is possible that your friends could unwillingly send spam, viruses, or malware through Facebook if their accounts are infected. Do not click this material and do not run any .exe files on your computer without knowing what they are. Also, be sure to use the most current version of your browser as they contain important security warnings and protection features.

4. Log in at Make sure that when you access the site, you always log in from a legitimate Facebook page with the domain. If something looks or feels suspicious, go directly to to log in.

5. Report Suspicious Activity: Please visit the following pages for further information about Facebook security and information on reporting material: and

Once you have performed all these steps, your account should once again be secure. Please be sure to visit the Facebook Help Center for further information regarding these security issues and let us know if you need assistance.

Facebook Security Team
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RANT: “Birth Control” is stimulus.


Sun Jan 25 2009 22:13:43 ET

*** begin quote ***

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi boldly defended a move to add birth control funding to the new economic “stimulus” package, claiming “contraception will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government.”

*** and ***

PELOSI: Well, the family planning services reduce cost. They reduce cost. The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now and part of what we do for children’s health, education and some of those elements are to help the states meet their financial needs. One of those – one of the initiatives you mentioned, the contraception, will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government.

*** end quote ***

# – # – #


The “stimulus package” covers any social engineering that they want to do!

Get ready for more nonsense under that “cover”.

Here’s an insight into their “liberal” philosophy: “Humans are an expense”. Wonder when abortion, eugenics, and killing off the elderly come in? After all one way to control Medicare “costs” is to get rid of those expensive old “senior citizens”. But, oh year, they can vote. We need to pick on those that can’t!


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TECHNOLOGY: Voting machines as compared to slot machines

January 15, 2009
by Bruce Schneier  Chief Security Technology Officer, BT

A free monthly newsletter providing summaries, analyses, insights, and commentaries on security: computer and otherwise.

*** begin quote ***

Comparing the security of electronic slot machines and electronic voting machines: or

Other important differences:

1) Slot machines are used every day, 24 hours a day. Electronic voting machines are used, at most, twice a year — often less frequently.

2) Slot machines involve money. Electronic voting machines involve something much more abstract.

3) Slot machine accuracy is a non-partisan issue. For some reason I can’t fathom, electronic voting machine accuracy is seen as a political issue.

*** end quote ***

Just be the one to count the votes and you control this psuedo democracy that we live in.

What a koke!

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POLITICAL: Why is the gooferment in the skrule business to start with?

Officials ordered to stop prayer at schools

ACLU wins injunction against Santa Rosa School District.

Carmen Paige • • January 13, 2009

*** begin quote ***

A federal judge has ordered the Santa Rosa County School District to stop promoting religion and prayer in the classroom and at school events.

*** end quote ***

This begs the question: “What is the Santa Rosa County School District?” and “Why are they running a school in the first place?”

Then, there would be no First Amendment problem.

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CORRUPTION: Barney Frank directing bailout funds

JANUARY 22, 2009, 2:45 P.M. ET
Political Interference Seen in Bank Bailout Decisions
Barney Frank Goes to Bat for Lender, and It Gets an Infusion

*** begin quote ***

Troubled OneUnited Bank in Boston didn’t look much like a candidate for aid from the Treasury Department’s bank bailout fund last fall.

The Treasury had said it would give money only to healthy banks, to jump-start lending. But OneUnited had seen most of its capital evaporate. Moreover, it was under attack from its regulators for allegations of poor lending practices and executive-pay abuses, including owning a Porsche for its executives’ use.

Nonetheless, in December OneUnited got a $12 million injection from the Treasury’s Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP. One apparent factor: the intercession of Rep. Barney Frank, the powerful head of the House Financial Services Committee.

Mr. Frank, by his own account, wrote into the TARP bill a provision specifically aimed at helping this particular home-state bank. And later, he acknowledges, he spoke to regulators urging that OneUnited be considered for a cash injection.

*** end quote ***

Maybe they will give you are ride in the “taxpayer’s” Porsche!

How do we have Barney Frank still in politics?

Gay prostitute. Community Reinvestment Act. Banking system abuse. Now this.

I don’t understand?

# # # # #   

POLITICAL: What are “states” and why do they have pension funds?

State Pension Funds’ $865 Billion Loss Means New Hires Get Less


As a budding libertarian, you might ask “why do states have pensions?”. Us old libertarians ask: “What the hell is a state?” A fiction. A figment of the imagination. A collective delusion that enslaves us. A meme whose time has past?

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INTERESTING: Creative Commons Licensing comes to music.

CASH Music: Exploring Creative Commons Licensing in the Music Industry
Cameron Parkins, January 21st, 2009

*** begin quote ***

CASH Music, the CC license using music label/creative community we have discussed numerous times before, just launched a wonderful new Creative Commons Portal for understanding how CC licenses can be utilized by record labels and artists.

*** end quote ***

Creative Commons Licensing comes to music.

The end of the RIAA?

# # # # #

GUNS: Buy guns and ammo now?

Buy, Buy, Buy
by Michael Gaddy

*** begin quote ***

Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive.   ~ Noah Webster

While we stumble along economically with bailouts, buyouts, and poor sales in almost all sectors, two products in America are seeing dramatic increases in sales: guns and ammo. People who never owned a gun before are buying; people are buying multiples of military style weapons and ammo is being bought by the case instead of by the box.

*** end quote ***

Forewarned is forearmed. The encrouchments continue. Watched Mel Gibson’s “the patriot” again last night. Seems so obvious. Why can we only learn the lessons of history after something bad happens to us. Look at the TSA and ask “how the hell did this happen?”. I’d suggest it was when the FAA disarmed the pilots. But you might have other opinions.

The RIGHT to Keep and Bear Arms — RKBA — should have been the First Amendment! Ask any tyrant or dictator.

It’s really the litmus test for a politician. Ask that one question and you can tell if they are a socialist or not.

# # # # #


From the FedEx website tracking my VistaPrint cards

*** begin quote ***

All shipment travel activity is displayed in local time for the location

To display the shipment travel activity in local time of the scan, please select “Local Scan Time” time zone option.

Date/Time Activity Location Details

Jan 22, 2009 3:17 AM Departed FedEx location EDISON, NJ

Jan 22, 2009 12:00 AM Package data transmitted to USPS KENDALL PARK, NJ

Jan 21, 2009 11:59 AM Arrived at FedEx location EDISON, NJ

Jan 21, 2009 2:11 AM Departed FedEx location MARTINSBURG, WV

Jan 21, 2009 2:42 AM Arrived at FedEx location MARTINSBURG, WV

Jan 16, 2009 11:07 PM Departed FedEx location BELLEVILLE, MI

Jan 16, 2009 9:04 PM Arrived at FedEx location BELLEVILLE, MI

*** end quote ***

Why not just mail it from MI?

Gooferment and FedEx.


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RANT: possibility some GITMO prisoners might be set free in America

Why the Gitmo policies may not change
By JOSH GERSTEIN | 1/23/09 4:28 AM EST

*** begin quote ***

5. The orders downplay the possibility that some prisoners might be set free in America.

Obama ordered that when Guantanamo closes, any remaining inmates “be returned to their home country, released, transferred to a third country, or transferred to another United States detention facility in a manner consistent with law and the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States.” But Obama’s wordsmiths seem to have deliberately trimmed out any explicit mention of the explosive possibility of freeing prisoners on American soil.

While Obama’s aides seem to prefer trying prisoners in civil courts or freeing them abroad, there are no obvious charges to be filed against some of the detainees. Once Guantanamo closes, letting them loose in the U.S. may be the only option if other countries won’t take them.

Craig said he was “hopeful” that other governments will take many of the detainees, but some nations may not step up until the U.S. does. “One question a lot of countries keep asking is, ‘How many are you going to take?” Waxman said. “There may be some countries that want to earn some credit [with the] new administration…but I don’t expect this problem to go away.”

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I’m speechless!

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