RANT: Don’t listen to celebs


From The Times
December 27, 2008
Don’t take health tips from celebs if you know what’s good for you
David Rose

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From Madonna’s quest to “neutralise radiation” to Tom Cruise’s dismissals of psychiatry, celebrities are seldom shy about expressing their views on health and science – even when they appear not to know what they are talking about.

A roll call of public figures such as Cruise and Delia Smith have offered bogus advice or “quackery” this year, according to scientists and doctors. The charity Sense About Science is concerned that celebrities mislead the public when they endorse theories, diets or health products while misrepresenting the science involved.

Some – such as Oprah Winfrey and Kate Moss – espouse “detox” regimes, while others, such as Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, believe (mistakenly) that the Pill can cause cancer.

Nor are politicians exempt from lending credence to health myths. The US President-elect is among several American public figures who continue to suggest that the MMR vaccination is a potential cause of autism, despite an overwhelming weight of scientific evidence to the contrary.

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Why do people take anything from a celebrity?

Health advice, scientific advice, or political advice. Anything!

At least when Ted Turner gets up and pontificates his liberal agenda, he has made a contribution to the world. While I don’t agree with him, he has earned a listen. Madonna, Tom Cruise, and Kate Moss — please give me a break. They have the right to free speech; I have a right to ignore them.

Oprah is a special case of “speak with forked toungue”. Her Obama endorsement was plainly racist. She fell a bunch of notches in my opinion. Like Rosie O’D who was the “Queen of Nice” until she let fame get to her, there was a double cross.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

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