POLITICAL: Age limit for congresscritters


Should We Apply the Logan’s Run Principle, Updated for Inflated Life Expectancies Of Course, to Congress and the Courts?
Nick Gillespie | January 7, 2009, 7:43am

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The author of Nanny State concludes: “Theoretically, it would be nice to allow citizens to vote for anyone they please, young or old. But since we already have a minimum, constitutionally mandated age limit to serve in place, why not a maximum age? How about at least placing it wherever the average life expectancy falls?”

Because, right now, Washington looks more like Del Boca Vista than America.

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Sounds like a good idea. There’s even an age limit for voting for Pope!

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JOBSEARCH: High-End Help for Job Hunters: Does It Pay?


High-End Help for Job Hunters: Does It Pay?

   * JANUARY 5, 2009, 11:35 P.M. ET
   * Joann S. Lublin at joann.lublin@wsj.com
   * Wall Street Journal Online

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Reach recently launched a free “Career Bailout” program — in which 13 certified strategists provide services such as a résumé review and online identity evaluation. Yet few victims are using the limited assistance. “We have not spent enough time making the program visible,” Mr. Arruda says.

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Bottom line: Even though the WSJ was to PC to say it. Doesn’t sound like it pays.

I have three objections: no objective results; pay upfront; and it’s like a black box.

But, I’m going to try the free service.


Free is the right price for any seeker!

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JOBSEARCH: “Quick networking building” is “jumbo shrimp”


8 Simple Ways for Building a Network Quickly! by George Hayes

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IMHO, there is no way to build one quickly.

“Networking” is the creation of a web of interested people, that you have bonded with in someway, who will alert you to things you should know. It’s using the law of weak links to create a vast army of job search agents. They know what you want and are standing by to “call it in to you” when they see it.

By definition, you can’t do that quickly.

As readers here know, I “subscribe” to the Lucht school of networking. A formal process of gettikng in front of someone and asking for help.

Effective, but time consuming.

IMHO, networking is “first seek to help, then be helped”.

By definition, you can’t do that quickly.

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PRODUCTIVITY: Free ebook on “less”


Free Ebook: Thriving on Less – Simplifying in a Tough Economy

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“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

A FREE download is available now: Leo Babauta has written a companion to The Power of Less — a free ebook called “THRIVING ON LESS: Simplifying in a Tough Economy“.

Thriving on Less: Simplifying in a Tough Economy (pdf format)

Feel free to share it on your blog, via email, on forums, in social media, or however you like! (Click on the “Tell-a-friend” button below to easily share with friends.)

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Always appreciate free wisdom.
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POLITICAL: How can the people get an honest shake


January 06, 2009
Leveraging election fraud with census fraud (updated)
Tom H. Sleeter

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Vote fraud can thereby live on, not only through phony votes cast on Election Day, but through phony people being created for the census. It would be wise to be vigilant on this as 2010 approaches.

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As evidenced by the MN Franken election, keep counting until you get ehr result you want and then urge everyone to stop.

Clearly, the census and vote are gooferment process subject to honest effort and deliberate fraud.


It would seem that we have to get the “electing” done once at a very local level and then use representatives all the way from there. Once you vote for your alderman, then they vote for mayor. Then, the mayors select a county executive. The county execs vote for guv. Guvs vote for president.

Truly representative republic!

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