SERVICE: WIKIPEDIA the sum of flawed human efforts

There’s no doubt that I like this. I recently spent some time editing pages about my fellow alums. (Hey, you can’t always be seeking that elusive CTO08824!)

It’s a great resource. At best, I’d call it uneven. When you consider it’s the sum of many people each moving a pebble to create the great pyramid, it’s astonishing.

So go move a pebble! I am.

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SERVICE: TinyChat is free allows creation of a simple disposable chat room

About & FAQ

TinyChat is a free service that allows you to create a free chat room that is accessible by anyone with a browser. Simply create a chatroom from the homepage then send the link it gives to you to anyone you want to chat with. After you leave the chat room, all the chat data is gone, so its perfect for secure chats.

Why would you use this? Its the easiest way to have a group chat with multiple people. No more worrying about who has what messenger, or what everyones screen name is. Just send them a link! Its also a great way to talk with people who are not the most computer literate- Now you dont need them to install any programs to talk with someone!

Privacy Statement

Any chats you take part in are viewable by any other users in the chat room. Dont say anything you wouldnt want to say to a complete stranger. These chat rooms are disposable, meaning that once you leave the chat room you will be unable to re-view the content you saw previously, unless you save the log. To be blunt- Once you leave the chat room, you cant view the data again- Its gone.

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Interesting and useful. Here’s a neat little app that the terrorists can use. Chat room. Created ad hoc and disposed of. Hmmm? To bad no one ever wants to chat with me. :-(

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TECHNOLOGY: Cloud computing road blocks

   * 1. Availability of service

   * 2. Data lock-in

   * 3. Data confidentiality and auditability

   * 4. Data transfer bottlenecks

   * 5. Performance unpredictability

   * 6. Scalable storage

   * 7. Bugs in large distributed systems

   * 8. Scaling quickly

   * 9. Reputation fate sharing

   * 10. Software licensing

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An excellent summary. Now how do you navigate around them?

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INTERESTING: Elephants in “love” communicate

February 15th, 2009 at 11:05 pm
When It Comes To Elephant Love Calls
in: Animals, Breakthrough Thinking, Crazy Stuff, analysis

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Elephants, however, have two highly developed additional sensory systems at their disposal, both of which can be used for detecting the potential mate’s seismic signals (humans have both, too, just not tuned to using vibrations as communication). One system is bone conduction, in which the vibrations travel from the toe tips into the foot bones, then up the leg and into the middle ear. The other, somatosensory reception, involves vibration-sensitive cells in the bottom of the foot that send signals to the brain via nerves.

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Interesting how animals are “more in tune” with each other than humans are?

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RANT: Captive Primate Safety Act

February 24, 2009

Fast action on the Hill; Forget the stimulus — this one moved really fast.

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From the Humane Society:

   U.S. House of Representatives Passes Captive Primate Safety Act

   WASHINGTON (Feb. 24, 2009) — Eight days after a chimpanzee kept as a pet attacked and critically injured a Connecticut woman, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Captive Primate Safety Act, H.R. 80, introduced by U.S. Reps. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., and Mark Kirk, R-Ill., to stop interstate commerce in primates as pets. The bill passed by a vote of 323 to 95. The bill now moves for consideration to the U.S. Senate, where the effort to pass the legislation is being led by U.S. Sens. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and David Vitter, R-La.

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Well, at least they are NOT wasting their time on investigating waste, or anything important.
There’s no voting bloc to oppose it.
I’m sure that there won’t be any problems. Right! Just wait until two zoos want to breed them. Heaven help them if they are international zoos.
You just have to shake your head.
Couldn’t the free market been allowed to handle this without politicians grandstanding.
Oh, I don’t know. Maybe insurance companies could exclude this risk? States, (you remember those forgotten entities), might have addressed it. But, no we need a FEDERAL law.
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MONEY: Fiat versus commodity; we’re not free to choose!

Fed Up
The popular uprising against central banking
By Thomas E. Woods Jr.

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Under a commodity standard, people could save for the future by accumulating gold and silver coins. The coins’ value appreciated over time because of their natural increase in purchasing power, as the relatively slow increase in the production of precious metals was outpaced by the much faster increase in the production of other goods and services. Today, only a fool would try to save for the future by piling up dollar bills. Everyone is forced to enter the financial markets, which are risky even for knowledgeable investors, in order to prevent the value of his retirement savings from vanishing before his eyes.

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A timeless indictment of the Fed and its fiat money!

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RANT: House Democrats propose $410B spending bill

House Democrats propose $410B spending bill

House bill to keep govt. running totals $410 billion, features thousands of pet projects

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WASHINGTON (AP) — House Democrats unveiled a $410 billion spending bill on Monday to keep the government running through the end of the fiscal year, setting up the second political struggle over federal funds in less than a month with Republicans.

The measure includes thousands of earmarks, the pet projects favored by lawmakers but often criticized by the public in opinion polls. There was no official total of the bill’s earmarks, which accounted for at least $3.8 billion.

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Has everyone in the District of Corruption lost their mind?

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