SERVICE: VERIZONWIRELESS webservice changes silently?

Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with ‘Stephanie’

Stephanie: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. What kind of help do you need with My Verizon Log in or Registration assistance?

reinkefj: trying to login and it looks like it doesn’t remember me.

Stephanie: I’m more than willing to assist you in any way that I can. Your cell phone number did not pull up for me. Do you mind verifying that number again please?

reinkefj: xxx-xxx-xxxx

reinkefj: ?

Stephanie: I do understand how frustrating it can be not being able to log into your online account. It is okay and I am here to help you today by walking you through a password reset. First, can I get you to verify the Account Owner’s last four digits if the Social Security number?

reinkefj: xxxx

Stephanie: Thank you so much for verifying that information Reinkefj. May I have your full name please?

reinkefj: sigh, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Stephanie: Please scroll to the top of the page and hover your mouse over “My Verizon. Choose Account Type and then click on “Forgot Password,” under the log in section.You will be prompted to enter in your mobile device number. Please enter your mobile device number, and do not include any dashes or spaces. Once entered, please click “continue”.

reinkefj: say not registered with myverizon

Stephanie: Ok. Please scroll to the top of the page and hover your mouse over “My Verizon”. Click on that and you’ll see a blue link that says “Register”. Then click on that link. Next enter your mobile device number, and do not include any dashes or spaces. Once entered, click “continue”.

reinkefj: I don’t want to go thru a reregistration. I was registered already. Has it all been lost?

Stephanie: Which number did you enter?

reinkefj: xxxxxxxxxx

Stephanie: The number ending in yyyy is registered as the account owner. The Account Owner has access to all account management functions. This includes viewing and paying bills online, upgrading equipment, account and calling plan changes.

reinkefj: When I logon to the site I use reinkefj and my password. Now it doesn’t work. Explanation?

Stephanie: Your online password is between 8-20 characters, should contains at least one (1) number and one (1) letter. With spaces or special characters. ‘

reinkefj: My online password is eight characters and has a number in it. Has Verizon changesd its password standards and that is why it doesn’t work now?

Stephanie: No that I am aware of. What I can do is walk you through a password reset to help you access your account. Is that ok?

reinkefj: yes

Stephanie: Please scroll to the top of the page and hover your mouse over “My Verizon. Choose Account Type and then click on “Forgot Password,” under the log in section.You will be prompted to enter in your mobile device number. Please enter your mobile device number, and do not include any dashes or spaces. Once entered, please click “continue”.

reinkefj: It says “not registered”.

Stephanie: The number ending in xxxx is not registered. The number ending in yyyy is what was registered.

reinkefj: Not unless some one changed something. aaaa, bbbb, and cccc are the numbers I use. My car has a number. And, my VWBB has a number. But, that’s it. xxxx is the main number.

Stephanie: I can change that for you, but as of right now the xxxx is not registered.

reinkefj: Thanks. I quit.

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Argh! Here’s a half hour of my life I’ll never get back. So what once worked, doesn’t. And, I, as the customer, have to jump through hoops. Great!

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MONEY: What is a dollar?

Fiat Law and Fiat Currencies – the Relic of Barbarians
by Lila Rajiva

*** begin quote ***

The free market arose wherever there were laws and systems like that – whether in Europe or Africa or Asia. One way to think about this difference would be to see it as the difference between a fiat money, like paper, and a real store of value, like gold. You can print all the money you want, but if there’s nothing to back it up, then you’re in a bit of trouble. Your creditors are unlikely to put much store in you as a credit risk, just as the world’s wringing its hands today over the dollar. Pretty soon, they come calling for their loans with cudgels and pitchforks.

Gold does not have the same problem, because there’s a limited supply of it. It has to occur in nature. It has to be found somewhere underground and then mined and refined. It’s an expensive business – that takes risk, time, and money. There are costs attached to it that someone has to pay. Paper money, on the other hand, can be printed any time you want. Just ask Ben Bernanke. He’s dropping it by the helicopter load from the clouds.

*** end quote ***

They are “counterfeiting value” by printing more money electronically. It’s slight of hand. To understand, you have to understand the answer to the question: “What is a dollar?” and proceed from there.

The answer is it’s NOW an imaginary unit, backed by the belief that you can exchange a green peice of paper for something. A Keynesian ( will never talk about what the definition of money is. An Austrian ( will insist that the pricing mechanism in the economy have commodity money. It USED to be tied to gold.

Sadly, as an Austrian, I think you are in for hard times. O is going to “finance” 2T$ in current spending. By monetizing it. A fancy word for counterfeiting. And, the value of the dollar is going down even further.

To understand, you have to go to Robinson Crusoe’s island, that economist’s use to simplify ideas. A fisherman, egg gatherer, and a fruit gatherer are on the island. (Magic; don’t ask questions yet!) They barter between themselves. After a while, 1 fish = 2 eggs = 4 coconuts. Due to the relative difficulty of effort. But the fisherman and fruit gatherer don’t deal directly. The egg gather is the middle man. Then a banker arrives. He creates money so that the Fisherman can deal directly with the Egg guy. He uses seashells. Then the value equation is 1 fish = 2 eggs = 4 coconuts = 8 seashells. The evil banker after a while introduces more seashells into circulation by spending them. So he get more stuff. Similarly through out the ages, the King (Government) seeks to enrich itself that way. When the currency is gold coins, it’s much harder. (I first learned this when I saw an exhibit at the Smithsonian of French Francs over time. The French Franc of Louis I was a gold hockey puck; Louis XIV’s was a very thin button. Inflation!) When the currency is pretty green pieces of paper, it’s much easier.

So there you have how O44 is goign to spend 2T$ that we don’t have.

Basically, it’s a “tax” on anyone who has a dollar or dollar denominated assets. By adding a “seashell”, the value of all the other seashells is adulterated. Watered down.

So who get’s screwed?

The Chinese have 5T$. There’s a lot of dollars out there. The poor and people on fixed incomes (i.e., the purchasing power of their few dollars goes down) get less for their money.

Who makes out?

The US Government mostly. People who have “valuable stuff”. Commodities, commodity producers, land owners, people who produce stuff that others want.

So that’s how O will spend what he ain’t got.

He’s betting that before the inflation comes, the economy will “restart” and we won’t notice. (Think LBJ and Carter!) It worked for Kennedy because he lowered taxes on the productive class and everyone was motivated to get to work. His quote was: “A rising tide raise all boats!”

Sadly, I don’t see O or his staff being that smart.

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February 01, 2009
Obama to keep Renditions
Rick Moran

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Rhetoric notwithstanding, Barack Obama does not want a terrorist attack on his watch. Since he and the Democrats decided to politicize the entire war on terror by making it a virtual crime for the president to do much of anything to protect us, he has suddenly woken up to the fact that much of what Bush initiated might not be such a bad idea if you’re a president who doesn’t want to be blamed for a mass casualty assault on America.

Hence, his hedging on keeping the Terrorist Surveillance Program and other programs that, while being controversial, nevertheless were effective at keeping America safe.

{Extraneous Deleted}

It also underscores the idea that Obama is a two faced hypocrite who pandered to his far left base during the campaign by savaging Bush and calling him a criminal but now that the responsibility is his, things take on a different light altogether and what Bush was doing is fine with him.

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Interesting how politicians can say one thing and do another?
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