SERVICE: What is an iName?

What is an iName?

An iName is a single, unified communications address that gives you one digital identity for all your online communications and transactions. This advanced digital addressing breakthrough shields you and your personal information from spam, online scams, data mining, and identity theft, and assures you of the highest standard of data and identity privacy and security.

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Jury’s still out for me.
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QUOTE: Churchill “You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory”

“…if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

-Churchill, The Second World War, vol. 1, The Gathering Storm (London: Cassell, 1948, 272, on the British guarantee to Poland in Spring 1939.

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RANT: Obama Town Hall Questioners Were Campaign Backers

Obama Town Hall Questioners Were Campaign Backers
Updated 7:02 p.m.
By Garance Franke-Ruta

*** begin quote ***

President Obama has promised to change the way the government does business, but in at least one respect he is taking a page from the Bush playbook, stocking his town hall Thursday with supporters whose soft — though far from planted — questions provided openings to discuss his preferred message of the day.

*** end quote ***

“Hope” that things would “change”?

Fooled ya!

Same as the old!


Blatantly cheating.

Another “stacked deck” exposed.

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RANT: A failure of leadership — O on GM!

from The Wall Street Journal

*** begin quote ***

President Barack Obama blamed leadership failures in Washington, D.C., and Detroit as a key factor in the auto industry’s decline, as he called on General Motors and Chrysler to come up with better restructuring plans.

In prepared remarks Monday, Obama said, “The pain being felt in places that rely on our auto industry is not the fault of our workers… And it is not the fault of all the families and communities that supported manufacturing plants throughout the generations… Rather, it is a failure of leadership.”

The remarks came as Obama moved to impose hard-nosed, sweeping restructuring measures on GM and Chrysler, including the ouster of GM’s Wagoner.

*** end quote ***

So the money that was put into GM for the American Taxpayer went down a rathole.

And, Obama is going to run GM?

Levine on ABC has a great rant I’m going to try and find it.

Isn’t anyone upset that Obama is now running GM? Doesn’t it remind anyone of Hitler’s fascism? And, what bout the budget and spending. You youngsters are being robbed blind. And, who do they think is going to buy all this debt? It’s trillions and trillions of dollars. We’ll be in debt forever!

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RANT: Why do we have “public pensions”?

Last updated: 2:15 am
March 21, 2009

*** begin quote ***

ATTORNEY General Andrew Cuomo has alleged vast corruption in the massive taxpayer-guaranteed state pension fund, bringing criminal charges against political consultant Hank Morris and the fund’s former chief investment officer, David Loglisci.

*** end quote ***

The more important question is WHY do we have “public pensions”?

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WRITING: CHURCH 10●19●62 is done; the store is open!

*** begin quote ***

An alternative future history. What might have been? If Nikta hadn’t blinked. If children were allowed to “be all that they could be”. If adults didn’t waste their time and attention on memes and paradigms that are insanity. If I’d known. Shoulda, coulda, and woulda! The human race’s millstone — obsolete thinking. Here’s what I think might have been possible.

*** end quote ***

200903261835.jpg 200903261835.jpg

(Read the book, and you’ll understand the last two flags!)

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WRITING: How did I get the book done

On 03/20/09 11:22 AM, JohnB wrote:

*** begin quote ***

John, did you have any problem staying focused/motivated while writing your book? If so, do you have any tips or tricks? I’ve been hammering away at something for years now and I always find myself distracted and starting back at square one.

*** end quote ***

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The book was written mostly from 5AM to 6Am every morning for many months. I cheated a little and thought about it while I was commuting. I cheated more by thinking about it when I’d go to bed, head, or waiting. I cheated a little because it’s somewhat a psuedo autobiographical of my day dreams in Church back when I was in Eighth Grade.

I could have written it 45 years ago. The basic story was there. So, I really never got “writer’s block”.

I did have some equipment failures that were setbacks. One night when I couldn’t sleep, I got up and wrote for two hours. For some reason, darn windoze, it was lost. It was really good too. Oh well.

I have a good outline of the 100 chapters. I was posting it on the Frugal Squirel’s Patriot Story forum. So I have a lot of positive feedback.

I think it has to be a labor of love. With passion. I still cry when I read certain chapters. (Everyone dies in the end. rofl!)

Once I got into the habit, it just took on a life of its own.

I’d previously put a year’s worth of my blog posts in a book using Lulu to print it. My mom was thrilled. My friends were polite. But, that showed me what was possible.

Does this help?

Since, I bought a MacBookAir and a Time Machine to prevent lost data and bought “SCRIVNER” that does housekeeping for the novels. I have 11 outlines — fiction and non-fiction — in queue. May not write them all, but they are there for the “doing”.

Hope this is what you wanted,

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POLITICAL: Remembering some of the slurs

DisHonors Awards Held Thursday

*** begin quote ***

And the winner is:

# “I’m not that convinced that that’s her baby….The daughter — who we know is fertile because she’s knocked up again, or maybe for the first time…she did like take a five-month leave from high school because she had [uses fingers to indicate quote marks] ‘mononucleosis’ right around the time the baby was being born. And the mother, the so-called, you know, okay, maybe it is the mother, but, you know, she was back to work three days later. You don’t smell something?…It’s not like they’re not willing to lie about everything else.” — HBO’s Bill Maher on Real Time, September 5, 2008 promoting the left-wing conspiracy theory that Sarah Palin’s infant son is actually her daughter Bristol’s baby.

*** end quote ***

The public has no memory. But, you have to. If you want to survive.

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GUNS: It’s a case of WHEN not IF; it’s about our WILL

State Imperative – Confiscation of Privately Owned Weapons by Tim Case

*** begin quote ***

Far too often the concern regarding gun ownership has revolved around the question: “Will the government seek to take our firearms?” This has consistently been the wrong inquiry; it should never have been “will,” but rather “when will.” The former is implicit with the addition of the Second Amendment to the Constitution while the latter is subject to a number of real or imagined threats to the state.

*** end quote ***

The RIGHT to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA) is recognized in the Second Amendment to the Constitution. It flows from the basic RIGHT to life. Everyone has that RIGHT, but the have to fight for it.

As mental experiment, be a Jew in Germany when the thugs come to take you to the death camps. If each man had a gun and the courage to use it on the first thug through his door, the Nazis would have soon run out of thugs. One at a time. I can see the conversation: “No, Heinz, you go first. I insist.”

It’s not funny.

We have had the Japanese Internment. Waco, Ruby Ridge.

And, it took 50 years for FDR’s involvement in Pearl Harbor to become public.

Sorry, maybe I’m a tin foil hat? I am a “birther”.

Each man and woman will have to decide when they are the Jew in the apartment. The “Jap” in San Francisco. The Branch Davidian. The mother at Ruby Ridge.

When do you resist? Each one us will have to decide for ourselves. What is your line in the sand? When they are loading you and your family on the train to the “work camp”?

Genocide can only be done by a gooferment on an unarmed population.

Gooferment is the meme that kills!

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Your finances are game to Geithner

Geithner Calls for ‘New Rules of the Game’ in Finance (Update4)
By Rebecca Christie and Robert Schmidt

*** begin quote ***

March 26 (Bloomberg) — U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said regulation of the U.S. financial system needs a broad overhaul to heal a crippling lack of confidence caused by the credit crisis.

“To address this will require comprehensive reform,” Geithner said at a House Financial Services Committee hearing. “Not modest repairs at the margin, but new rules of the game.”

*** end quote ***

Yup. It’s just a game to this idiot!

Folks on Wall Street think it is all “monopoly money”. And, a big game.

With everyone’s retirement going up in smoke, this ass should be in jail for tax fraud. Not running the treasury!

It shows how poor an executive O is.

I judge Presidents partially on who they pick!

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RANT: Wasting the taxpayer’s time

Senate reviewing how college football picks No. 1
By FREDERIC J. FROMMER – 18 hours ago

*** begin quote ***

WASHINGTON (AP) — Everyone from President Barack Obama on down to fans has criticized how college football determines its top team. Now senators are getting off the sidelines to examine antitrust issues involving the Bowl Champion Series.

*** end quote ***

Glad they aren’t spending time on anything “less” important like the deficit.

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JOBSEARCH: STRATEGY Get your writing noticed?

OK, we all agree its a tough world out there.

And, as you despite being an expert in <insert favorite aspect of your career>, you, (and me), AIN’T drawing a paycheck.

(And, for those smug overconfident soon to be unemployed, you may have drawn your LAST one!)

Here’s a way to get your content out there. I don’t particularly care what content it is. AS LONG AS IT’S SPELLED RIGHT and gramatically correct. (Wouldn’t that be the kiss of death. Like having a typo on your resume!) And, it isn’t too controversial (e.g., “How I was abducted by aliens”; “How to conceal your drug habit?”; “Padding your expense account”; “Best racist dirty jokes”). You get the idea.

I do know that this site has “buzz”, is indexed by Google, and has high traffic counts.

SOME folks are even putting their resumes on there. (I’m not so sure that’s a great idea.)

But if I was a lean and hungry seeker. I’d get soem high quality content up there. ESPECIALLY if I was an expert in something other than the lifestyle of turkeys (i.e., out of work jobseekers) large and small.

the big fat old turkey hisself

p.s., I’m putting stuff up there. We’ll see if it works for fat old turkeys!

*** begin quote ***

Welcome to Scribd!

Congratulations, you’ve just joined the world’s largest community of readers. Now that you have an account, you can:

* DISCOVER fun or functional writings and documents on any subject – explore by category, by browsing or just typing in a search topic.

* SHARE your own writings and documents – dust off all that great content on your hard drive or in print. Then check back for comments and analytics on how many people have read or downloaded your doc.

* DISCUSS topics of interest to you – leave comments on other people’s documents, join groups and express yourself.

… and a whole lot more. Also, don’t forget to check out the Scribd blog for updates on new product features and other Scribd news!

– The Scribd Team

*** end quote ***

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RANT: Peaceful opponent are targeted for harrassment!

Peaceful Dissent and Government Witch Hunts By Anthony Gregory

*** begin quote ***

As most readers of this are probably aware, the Campaign for Liberty has been singled out, along with a few other political groups, in a leaked Missouri state government report, “The Modern Militia Movement.” The document tells state officials to be on the lookout for violent extremists while conflating them with pretty much anyone who criticizes the government. Perhaps most troubling, the information apparently comes from the Department of Homeland Security, meaning that similar documents could be circulating in states other than Missouri.

*** and ***

Now the flavor of government has changed from the Republican leviathan of George W. Bush to the Democratic leviathan of Barack Hussein Obama. A different group is vulnerable to being marginalized — in many ways a revitalization of the Clinton era atmosphere, although now with the post-9/11 concern about peace activists and all the surveillance powers inaugurated by Bush still in place.

*** and ***

The right to question the government, even from a mistaken point of view, is at the heart of America’s proud heritage. When America relinquishes this understanding, it comes to adopt the features of the supposed enemy. In the name of rooting out Communists, America became just a bit more communistic. In an effort to keep an eye on violent extremists, the government resorts to violence and extremism. All the labor agitators, Muslim sympathizers and militia groups put together can never threaten American freedom and security as much as an unleashed police state in a climate of fear.

*** end quote ***

Yes, the gooferment is like the gang that can’t shoot straight. But it’s my foot that is in the way.

I’m going to be pulled over for the Ron Paul bumper sticker? I own a gun (e.g., New Jersey has draconian gun registration laws). I own gold (i.e., I once used a credit card; never again). I blog (i.e., just Google my name). I criticize the gooferment of both parties. I “know” my rights. I support FIJA, oppose the psuedo drug war, anti-welfare, pro-immigration, “pro life”, and a “birther” to boot. Maybe I AM dangerous. Maybe I’m a terrorist.

Remember Pastor Martin Niemîller!

When will they come for YOU?

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GUNS: The good citizens are the police

Posted on Wednesday, 03.25.09
Robber fatally shot in Miami Burger King holdup
A robbery at a Burger King in Miami’s Upper East Side neighborhood left one person dead and another seriously injured.

*** begin quote ***

An afternoon shootout at a busy Burger King restaurant in Miami left a potential robber dead and the customer who shot him seriously wounded.

The bloody event unfolded about 4 p.m. Tuesday at the restaurant at Northeast 54th Street and Biscayne Boulevard. It was a time, employees said, when it is usually crowded with schoolchildren and people getting out of work early.

The robber entered wearing a ski mask. He approached a clerk, showed his gun and demanded money, said Miami police spokesman Jeff Giordano.

A customer eyed him and the two started arguing. The customer had a concealed-weapons permit and his gun — and the two exchanged gunfire.

*** end quote ***

Guess the police weren’t there. (No slam on them. How could they possibly be everywhere?)

But “we” are the police. The armed citizen willing to step up to the robber.

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RANT: President “Teleprompter” changes his mo. NOT!

*** begin quote ***

“He read that opening statement from one massive TV monitor from the back and middle of the East Room. White House officials removed the normal glass teleprompters that usually are positioned on both sides of the podium. That change likely a reaction to the focus on the President’s heavy use of teleprompters.”

*** end quote ***

He’s just another “empty suit”.

A fraud!

He thinks that he can fool the People.

And, no one reported the TV. Just like no one reported the teleprompter.

It’s all theater!

In school, it would be called “cheating” if you were being fed the “answers”.

Next we will find out that the questions were staged.

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GOLDBUG: What is a dollar?

Defend the Gold Standard
by Bob Murphy

*** begin quote ***

I don’t trust central bankers to stick to a gold standard; that’s why I think the government should get out of the money industry altogether. Suppose we were starting in an initial state of pure laissez-faire in money and banking, and someone said, “Hey I know! Let’s give this Princeton professor – what was your name, sir, was it Ben? – a printing press, but be very stern that he can’t overdo it and allow the gold price to rise more than 1 percent from the day he starts. Does that sound like a good idea?” In response, I would obviously say, “No, that seems rather risky. I think we should stick to the current system, where the market determines how much new money is brought into the economy through gold production.”

*** end quote ***

We fall prey to these bozo bureaucrats when we let them mess with the money supply.

If we tie the value of a dollar to gold, then the Fed can’t just manufacture dollars out of thin air. And, congress critters can’t spend what they don’t take it.

It restores honesty to finances. It disciplines them into husbandry. It forces them to live with in OUR means.

After all in fiat currency, what is a dollar?

A toilet paper alternative?


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INTERSTING: RU Women give an inspiring performance

Rutgers Heads to Fifth Straight Sweet Sixteen, Routs Auburn 80-52
Scarlet Knights Will Take On Sixth-Seed Purdue on Sunday
Posted on 3/23/2009 10:09:30 PM

*** begin quote ***

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – Rutgers used a balanced scoring attack and a stifling defense en route to an 80-52 victory over Auburn in the second round of the 2009 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship at the Louis Brown Athletic Center on Monday evening.

*** end quote ***

Frau and I was there.

I like to think that I’m an “honest observer”.

For the first time in a long time, I think the taxpayers of New Jersey got what they were paying for.

Coach Stringer, who I’m have been critical of in the past, and probably will be in the future, out coached Aubrun’s Nell Fortner. (Who has had some yucky things to say about RU in the past. Crow is a great dish!)

Coach Stringer had a game plan that nullified Auburn’s two scoring threats. She had the team focused and energized. She gave the refs hell. (They WERE terrible. Equally terrible.) She used her time outs wisely. And, slowed the game pace at the seven minute to go mark to shorten the game.

The RU seniors obviously wanted to leave the RAC on an upnote.

I have to say it was one of the best games I have ever seen the RU women play.

Now, what have you done for us lately. :-) That’s life. Good job, but that’s now in the past. If they can play like that every night, they could be the champs. Watch out UConn! The RU women were 10 feet tall last night!

# # # # #

RANT: Obama invited to speak at Notre Dame

Dear Member,

Like many of you, we received the news last Friday that President Barack Obama will deliver the commencement address at the University of Notre Dame this May.

In addition to delivering the address, the President will receive an honorary doctor of laws degree. In short, one of our nation’s premier Catholic institutions will honor the President, and hold out him as an example to its students as someone worthy of emulation!

Given President Obama’s utterly shameful record on life, how could a Catholic university honor him?

The University could have politely and quietly told the White House that their standing invitation to the President of the United States was not available this year. Better yet, they could have said that while they would welcome his contributions to the public debate over how to solve our economic crisis, his regrettable policies in favor of a culture of death make it impossible for them to welcome him.

Notre Dame has regrettably hosted pro-abortion speakers in the past, but President Obama is a champion of the abortion cause.

Sadly, it is now indisputable that our President has become the world’s leading promoter of abortion, embryo-killing cloning and research, taxpayer-funded abortion, and a vigorous opponent of conscience protections for medical professionals. His campaign promises to find ‘common ground’ have sadly been ignored, or perhaps were simply lies. And this Administration has only just begun.

Is there anything a president could do that would disqualify him or her from delivering such a prestigious address?

If there is such a threshold, Barack Obama has not disqualified himself with Notre Dame officials.

And so we must act.

We have spoken with professors, students, and leaders at Notre Dame over the past 48 hours and have concluded that a massive protest will be practically difficult, and even counterproductive. The University has a right as a private school to prevent all protestors from entering campus, and could legally arrest those who violate this rule. Secondly, a protest could create exactly the wrong impression.

Therefore, we are recommending four courses of action.

1) has partnered with the Cardinal Newman Society, a dynamic organization dedicated to the renewal of Catholic higher education in Together our aim is to collect thousands of signatures and present them to University officials.  Sign the petition now.

2) Contact Notre Dame and charitably express your outrage. is large enough to have a major impact, and we urge you to contact Notre Dame President Father Jenkins at (574) 631-5000.

3) Join your fellow members in a prayer of reparation on May 17 from 2-4 PM. We encourage you to organize local groups to pray for mercy for the decision by Notre Dame, but also for our nation for continuing to permit the tragedy of abortion.

***If you live in the Midwest, or near Notre Dame University, we invite you to personally join us in prayer at the Grotto on the campus of Notre Dame from 2-4 PM on May 17, where we will be joined by several Notre Dame professors, alumni, and current students. The gathering will be a peaceful and prayerful.

4) Please forward this message to your family and friends. Let them know about Notre Dame’s decision to honor the most pro-abortion President in American history. We must not remain silent over this scandal!


Brian Burch, President

# – # – #

Have the people running Notre Dame lost their mind?

A supporter of infanticide invited to speak at a supposedly Catholic institution of higher learning!

I guess it too will join the ranks of “catholic in name only”.

Shame on them.

# # # # #  

RANT: Obama Seeks Expanded Power to Seize Firms

U.S. Seeks Expanded Power to Seize Firms
Goal Is to Limit Risk to Broader Economy
By Binyamin Appelbaum and David Cho
Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, March 24, 2009; A01

*** begin quote ***

The Obama administration is considering asking Congress to give the Treasury secretary unprecedented powers to initiate the seizure of non-bank financial companies, such as large insurers, investment firms and hedge funds, whose collapse would damage the broader economy, according to an administration document.

The government at present has the authority to seize only banks.

Giving the Treasury secretary authority over a broader range of companies would mark a significant shift from the existing model of financial regulation, which relies on independent agencies that are shielded from the political process. The Treasury secretary, a member of the president’s Cabinet, would exercise the new powers in consultation with the White House, the Federal Reserve and other regulators, according to the document.

*** end quote ***

Anyone doubt that O is a national socialist?

# # # # #

GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment

The American Legion Strongly Opposed to President’s Plan to Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment
Mon Mar 16, 5:49 pm ET
Contact: Craig Roberts of The American Legion, +1-202-263-2982 Office, +1-202-406-0887 Cell

*** begin quote ***

WASHINGTON, March 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The leader of the nation’s largest veterans organization says he is “deeply disappointed and concerned” after a meeting with President Obama today to discuss a proposal to force private insurance companies to pay for the treatment of military veterans who have suffered service-connected disabilities and injuries. The Obama administration recently revealed a plan to require private insurance carriers to reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in such cases.

“It became apparent during our discussion today that the President intends to move forward with this unreasonable plan,” said Commander David K. Rehbein of The American Legion. “He says he is looking to generate $540-million by this method, but refused to hear arguments about the moral and government-avowed obligations that would be compromised by it.”

*** end quote ***

Here come the “liberal” form of government and how it honors “social contracts”. You go fight for the gooferment and, when you come back hurt, that gooferment will bill your insurance company. That won’t make the insurance companies happy. (I’d expect litigation over that bill!)

Just like “federalizing” the National Guard. It’s a racket.


# # # # #

SERVICE: Carbonite Loses Customers’ Data

Online Backup Company Carbonite Loses Customers’ Data, Blames And Sues Suppliers
by Robin Wauters on March 23, 2009

The danger of storing your data in the cloud, part n. VC-backed online backup and storage provider Carbonite has lost data of 7,500+ customers who relied on the company to keep their files safe, The Boston Globe unveiled over the weekend.

# – # – #

Cloud computing for backups? Not for those 7,500+ people!

# # # # #

INTERESTING: NCAA graduation rates. Embarrassing!

14 women’s tourney teams have perfect grad rates

By The Associated Press 4 hours, 38 minutes ago

*** begin quote ***

Fourteen women’s basketball teams in the NCAA tournament have perfect graduation rates.

*** end quote ***

NCAA could clean this up in a heartbeat. And, level the playing field. Tie graduation to the scholarships you can give out. One of your team doesn’t graduate or isn’t on schedule, that’s one less scholarship you can give out. Sounds fair to me! Guess coaches will have to focus on selecting players who can make the grade and coaching them in more than basketball. I know that MC focuses on graduation. There has to be some small tolerance for personal decisions, emergencies, and such. Maybe they get 1 free pass or such an allowance. But clearly if your player can’t graduate, can’t read, and has been totally exploited, then they need some protection.

Embarrassing! Or worse.

# # # # #

LIBERTY: Rutgers violates all women’s Fourth Amendment rights

After 9/11, Rutgers University instituted “security”. Theater at its best!


Some how the Cure Insurance company advertising SUV is allowed to park right outside. And, I see the handicap bus blocked from dropping off at the front door. And, all those folks have to hike in.


Patrons have their bags searched. All patrons. Mostly women. Men gat a pass. I’ve put Frau’s bag under my coat when she’s forgotten to leave it home or in the car.

Security theater!

Let anyone forget. RU is NOT a private business. It’s a State- funded “entity”. As such, it’s gooferment.

Note, when we went to Seton Hall, there was no such “bag check”.

How do we get our rights back, once they are taken away by gooferment?

I don’t know. Do you?

And, do get me started about the ongoing policy of selling bottles of soda but removing the cap. Students once threw them on the court.. After a few spills, smart repeat visitors just bring caps from home. Soda manufacturer put the prizes under the cap. I’ve seen the the vendors checking them. I guess they get to keep the caps that win. So they will be real diligent about “seizing ” the caps. Argh!

Students once staged a sit in on the court. We still have the absurd barriers up to prevent that from reoccurring. Hard on the handicapped and elderly who sit down court–side. Of course, there’s now VIP seating on the other side of that barrier.

It’s absurd!

# # # # #