SERVICE: Carbonite Loses Customers’ Data

Online Backup Company Carbonite Loses Customers’ Data, Blames And Sues Suppliers
by Robin Wauters on March 23, 2009

The danger of storing your data in the cloud, part n. VC-backed online backup and storage provider Carbonite has lost data of 7,500+ customers who relied on the company to keep their files safe, The Boston Globe unveiled over the weekend.

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Cloud computing for backups? Not for those 7,500+ people!

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INTERESTING: NCAA graduation rates. Embarrassing!

14 women’s tourney teams have perfect grad rates

By The Associated Press 4 hours, 38 minutes ago

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Fourteen women’s basketball teams in the NCAA tournament have perfect graduation rates.

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NCAA could clean this up in a heartbeat. And, level the playing field. Tie graduation to the scholarships you can give out. One of your team doesn’t graduate or isn’t on schedule, that’s one less scholarship you can give out. Sounds fair to me! Guess coaches will have to focus on selecting players who can make the grade and coaching them in more than basketball. I know that MC focuses on graduation. There has to be some small tolerance for personal decisions, emergencies, and such. Maybe they get 1 free pass or such an allowance. But clearly if your player can’t graduate, can’t read, and has been totally exploited, then they need some protection.

Embarrassing! Or worse.

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LIBERTY: Rutgers violates all women’s Fourth Amendment rights

After 9/11, Rutgers University instituted “security”. Theater at its best!


Some how the Cure Insurance company advertising SUV is allowed to park right outside. And, I see the handicap bus blocked from dropping off at the front door. And, all those folks have to hike in.


Patrons have their bags searched. All patrons. Mostly women. Men gat a pass. I’ve put Frau’s bag under my coat when she’s forgotten to leave it home or in the car.

Security theater!

Let anyone forget. RU is NOT a private business. It’s a State- funded “entity”. As such, it’s gooferment.

Note, when we went to Seton Hall, there was no such “bag check”.

How do we get our rights back, once they are taken away by gooferment?

I don’t know. Do you?

And, do get me started about the ongoing policy of selling bottles of soda but removing the cap. Students once threw them on the court.. After a few spills, smart repeat visitors just bring caps from home. Soda manufacturer put the prizes under the cap. I’ve seen the the vendors checking them. I guess they get to keep the caps that win. So they will be real diligent about “seizing ” the caps. Argh!

Students once staged a sit in on the court. We still have the absurd barriers up to prevent that from reoccurring. Hard on the handicapped and elderly who sit down court–side. Of course, there’s now VIP seating on the other side of that barrier.

It’s absurd!

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