POLITICAL: AntiWar candidate Obama continues the war


February 27, 2009
The Silence of the Liberals
As Obama launches “war on terrorism” II
Justin Raimondo

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Has anyone noticed Obama’s vaunted 16-month withdrawal-from-Iraq plan has already stretched into 19 months – and the “residual force” he kept talking about during the campaign, as if it were a mere afterthought, turns out to be 50,000 strong?

Originally, none of those “residuals” were supposed to be combat troops – yet now we are told “some would still be serving in combat as they conducted counterterrorism missions.” You have to go all the way to the very end of this New York Times report before you discover that, according to Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell, “A limited number of those that remain will conduct combat operations against terrorists, assisting Iraqi security forces.”

In short: we aren’t leaving.

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Yeah, I noticed.

And, I noticed that there is no difference between the Democrans and the Republicrats. We are always at “war” with someone or something. And, if we accidentally weren’t; they’d find some one to have one with. In the absence of anything, we can have a “war on poverty” or a “war on drugs” or a “war on fatty foods” or a “war on global warming” or a war on “global cooling”. It’s almost like a giant conspiracy between gooferments to have something to scare the people with. And, use that fear to control them.


p.s., The only true anti-war candidate was Ron Paul. So don’t expect a “change”. You won’t have any “hope”.

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SERVICE: One example of why you SHOULD NOT use your ISP’s email address


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[E-mail] Someone else closed my email accounts

from Comcast HSI forum – dslreports.com community

I opened an account with Comcast for the first time in 2004. I signed up for HSI and Cable TV. I was asked to use a comcast email address for the account. I chose my email address and password and was given the green light. I have successfully used that account for 4 1/2 years. My wife had an email address, I used a second address for my new business and my daughter used an address. In Nov 2007 I had problems with my cable and contacted support. They asked if had lived in Texas and transfereed the account to Colorado. I have never lived in Texas. They found out that my account had somehow been linked to an account in Texas with a gentleman with the same name. After 19 minutes on the phone they told me the problem had been taken care of. Today I was unable to log into any one of my 4 email accounts. I contacted support and they again asked if I had moved to Colorado from Texas. They stated a gentleman in Texas with the same name closed his Comcast account and my first email address was actually owned by him. Since he was the legal owner of the email address, they said there was nothing they could do. I have used that email address for my account with no problems. Was not getting anyone elses emails and things were not mysteriously missing from mine. I have no issues with any type of identity theft and my credit has no unauthorized activity. Today they said a different address was assigned to my billing account that was very similar but not the one I have been using. For the past 4 years when I logged into my account from the Comcast website, I would use my email address and password and it would show my account information. After the gentleman in Texas cancelled his account, I continued to receive HSI access and cable TV. I have received and paid bills for all services. I am in the middle of a civil lawsuit where several of my saved emails were evidence. Also saved in email folders were privleged information from my clients, attorneys and the courts. My questions are; Does anyone know how this could happen? Do I have any hope of retreiving my saved emails? If they said my first email was owned by someone else then why can’t my wife and daughter get into their accounts? Is there any recourse? Any advice? I requested a supervisor who stated they will researching the issue and get back to me in 24 hours.

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I’m sure that the other ISPs all have their own horor stories. Without getting into what I know about the Comcast email infrastructure, why put yourself in that position in the first place?

My WSP http://www.1and1.com/?k_id=9113251 — for example, I could really care less if you use them, if you do I think I get fifty cents — offers for 48 $/year to provide you with a domain name, 10 Gig of web space, 300 Gig / month of transfer, 600 email addresses with POP, IMAP, and WEB access, and bunch of other stuff.

So why would you EVER put your email and web site at risk?

You can guess why the ISP “gives” you anything for “free”.

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