GOVERNACIDE: Four civilians killed by the crash

March 04, 2009
Why Isn’t This ‘Murder Through Depraved Indifference’?
Posted by William Grigg at March 4, 2009 03:06 PM

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Lt. Dan Neubauer, pilot of the stricken F/A-18D Hornet warplane that crashed in University City, near San Diego, last December could have prevented that lethal incident by diverting to North Island Naval Station, as air traffic control had originally instructed.

The jet’s right engine had failed shortly after takeoff from (appropriately enough) the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln. The other engine was failing. By diverting to North Island, Neubauer would have kept the crippled jet over the Pacific Ocean, and away from heavily populated neighborhoods.Furthermore, established emergency procedures required an emergency landing at North Island in circumstances of this kind.

Instead of following instructions, Lt. Neubauer told air traffic control that “I’m actually going to try to make it to Miramar if possible.”

That course required flying over neighborhoods full of unsuspecting civilians, putting them at unnecessary — in fact, morally impermissible — risk. As if tacitly urging Neubauer to reconsider, air traffic control provided him with a vector that took him near North Island, a course that cost a considerable amount in fuel but offered a second clear chance to avoid potential harm to civilians.

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Of course, depraved indifference to “collateral damage” is a salient trait of militarism. This case is different from thousands of others only in that the victims were U.S. citizens, rather than natives of some distant, unfortunate land that found itself the target of the Empire’s murderous attentions.

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It would be interesting to see the congresscritters, the military, or anyone justify this?

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BIGOTRY – RELIGIOUS: Little p in Pope

“Stem cell go-ahead puts Obama at odds with pope”

Tue Mar 10, 2009 8:14am EDT

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Maybe I’m being picky, but should THE POPE be capitalized.

It’s a specific person or a specific title.

After all, if it was written: “Stem cell go-ahead puts obama at odds with Pope”, I can hear the screams now.

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ADMINISTRIVIA: Seeking a “pediatric GI specialist” at NYP-Cornell Medical Center asap!

Dear Blog Reader,

Time to take this “publishing press” out for a spin. Not for me, but for a little girl. It’s a long shot, but you wouldn’t happen to be drinking buddies with a “pediatric GI specialist”?

My fellow alumi, Bern Kelly, is looking for some help at getting a pediatric GI specialist at NYP-Cornell Medical Center to review her case sooner rather than later. Know anyone who can help?

If you can, I’ll owe you one and have to do pennance for all the mean things I’ve said about bloggers, blogging, and blog readers.


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Welcome to Caitlin’s Chronicles – created to keep our network of friends and family around the globe updated about our darling Caitlin Anne.

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Well, we’ve been quiet about being at home, because poor Caitlin’s colon continues to have troubles. She wasn’t ‘sick’ enough to keep in the hospital, but she isn’t well enough to be OK either. I called the pediatric surgeon on call at the hospital on Sunday and got Dr. LaQuaglia himself. He said to skip the low residue diet and revert back to lots of liquids, but can give yogurt, custards, some eggs, etc. After a very wakeful and painful night, I sent the following email to the Nurse Practitioners on the surgical team:

“Just checking in to find out if there has been any progress with getting a GI specialist to look at Caitlin’s case. She is experiencing quite a bit of pain – I assume it is gas pain; it is relatively random, although it seems worst not too long after she eats and at nighttime. The issue I struggle with is that there doesn’t seem to be a game plan to help her until a GI specialist examines her and I don’t know whether I am helping her by feeding her (and filling the empty stomach/giving nutrition) or if it is actually hurting her because it is creating a ‘backlog’ of gas that she is having issues expelling due to the inflamed colon. There are times where she is perfectly fine and times where she screams in pain. Please help me help her for I am at a loss.”

I was quite surprised when Dr. LaQuaglia himself called me back. He is confident she needs a colonoscopy and if things continue the way they have, there was talk of putting the ileostomy back until chemo treatments end and try again then. After all, this leukemia monster lurking in the background (for the time being) isn’t going to sit and wait patiently for the GI issues to resolve themself. We have an appointment with Dr. LaQuaglia tomorrow for him to examine Caitlin’s surgical site and, we hope, come up with a game plan. Apparently, getting the pediatric GI specialist at NYP-Cornell Medical Center to review her case sooner rather than later is easier said than done. I also placed a call to Caitlin’s pediatrician to fill them in and they are looking into pediatric GI doctors as well. Anyone got a pull at NYP?? (Hey, got to ask……..) We will let you know how the appointment goes……

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POLITICAL: “Your friends” the police?

Masterful Masters on Our Masters by Becky Akers

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Meet Tim Masters, an American of superior insight. After DNA evidence forced the State of Colorado to overturn his conviction for murder and free him from its cage, Mr. Masters knew precisely whom to blame for his ruined, stunted life. When CNN asked, “Any hard feelings toward the Fort Collins Police Department or the prosecutors in the case?”, Mr. Masters responded, “Oh, absolutely. They locked me up for a decade for something I didn’t do.”

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Anyone, who thinks that gooferment is there to help you or to “do justice”, needs to read this tale. Without punishment for the bureaucrats, they are at ZERO risk at paying for their misdeeds.

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