POLITICAL: “Your friends” the police?


Masterful Masters on Our Masters by Becky Akers

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Meet Tim Masters, an American of superior insight. After DNA evidence forced the State of Colorado to overturn his conviction for murder and free him from its cage, Mr. Masters knew precisely whom to blame for his ruined, stunted life. When CNN asked, “Any hard feelings toward the Fort Collins Police Department or the prosecutors in the case?”, Mr. Masters responded, “Oh, absolutely. They locked me up for a decade for something I didn’t do.”

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Anyone, who thinks that gooferment is there to help you or to “do justice”, needs to read this tale. Without punishment for the bureaucrats, they are at ZERO risk at paying for their misdeeds.

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6 thoughts on “POLITICAL: “Your friends” the police?

  1. No, I don’t think so. The gooferment only has one legitimate function — preserve the rights of its citizens from force (foreign or domestic) or fraud. IMHO! When the police are: abusive, revenue agents, or out of control, then the exception preepmts the rule. Medicine says: “first do no harm”; gooferment doesn’t even pretend! “To serve and protect” who? Certainly not you or me.

  2. Sorry, but there are NO gooferment police departments that are “well run”. IMHO! The application of aggression is always wrong. It’s immoral. It’s ineffective. AND, it’s inefficient. There’s a reason that many people denigrate the police by refering to them as the “clean up squad”. “Police” up the dead bodies and fill out paperwork. Look at how much “crime” goes unsolved. They tromp over rights and evidence. Have preconceived notions and prejudice. Let’s OJ off! Then, the courts are used to punish him civilly at a lesser standard of proof. Argh! No, bottom line, if you didn’t agree, then it’s immoral. Always, without exception. Private organizations may not be run well, BUT, (there is always a big butt), you can take your business elsewhere. Try that with the gooferment. They’ll kill you. Just like the Mafia, or any criminal organization. So what’s the diff. Fancier uniforms? A better story? Oh, I know they have sheeple fooled! Argh!

  3. OK, to ‘some degree’, I agree. But only the part about privatization…ie, almost anything that is privatized will run better than letting the government run it…police departments no exception. However, on the flip side of the ‘some degree’, there are municipalities with dedicated police forces and well run justice departments. People who use common sense, honesty, and integrity to drive their lives. It depends where you live. And of course, just like there are those municipalities that are run well, there could be private police organizations that don’t run well…just like some of our banks, car companies, and the like.

  4. Guess you’ve never heard of “Voir Dire” (The process by which attorneys select, or perhaps more appropriately reject, certain jurors to hear a case.) In the US, you’re being “judged” by fools who weren’t smart enough to avoid jury duty. If they were my PEERS, like the old days, they’d know me. Now, anyone who knows you is automatically rejected. And, the police RAILROADED him into a conviction. “Sad state”! It undercuts the whole argument that the State is there to protect you. What a joke! They aren’t doing ANYTHING “to protect and serve” you. They defend the elite and its monopoly on force. You should rethink your support. THe world would be a much safer place if we had “private police”. Imagine your neighborhood if you and the people on your block chipped in to buy “police protection” from ADT, Brinks, or such. Or, your insurance company supplied it with your homeowners policy. You can rest assured we’d have “peace officers”; not rogue agents of the state robbing and killing us. People are delusional about the real world! Ask the NC sports team how it feels about the police and prosecutors?

  5. I have to say it was a jury of his peers that convicted him, not the local police department. It goes without saying that there is corruption in all forms of government, and in all private corporations as well…it is the sad state of a fallen man. However, for every case cited about some police injustice (brutality, bias, etc) I can cite ten more where they did the right thing, protected us from criminals, and preserved our freedoms. I am a constant supporter of the police departments, I shudder to think of the world we would live in without them, warts and all !!

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