WRITING: CHURCH 10●19●62 is done; the store is open!



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An alternative future history. What might have been? If Nikta hadn’t blinked. If children were allowed to “be all that they could be”. If adults didn’t waste their time and attention on memes and paradigms that are insanity. If I’d known. Shoulda, coulda, and woulda! The human race’s millstone — obsolete thinking. Here’s what I think might have been possible.

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(Read the book, and you’ll understand the last two flags!)

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WRITING: How did I get the book done

On 03/20/09 11:22 AM, JohnB wrote:

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John, did you have any problem staying focused/motivated while writing your book? If so, do you have any tips or tricks? I’ve been hammering away at something for years now and I always find myself distracted and starting back at square one.

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The book was written mostly from 5AM to 6Am every morning for many months. I cheated a little and thought about it while I was commuting. I cheated more by thinking about it when I’d go to bed, head, or waiting. I cheated a little because it’s somewhat a psuedo autobiographical of my day dreams in Church back when I was in Eighth Grade.

I could have written it 45 years ago. The basic story was there. So, I really never got “writer’s block”.

I did have some equipment failures that were setbacks. One night when I couldn’t sleep, I got up and wrote for two hours. For some reason, darn windoze, it was lost. It was really good too. Oh well.

I have a good outline of the 100 chapters. I was posting it on the Frugal Squirel’s Patriot Story forum. So I have a lot of positive feedback.

I think it has to be a labor of love. With passion. I still cry when I read certain chapters. (Everyone dies in the end. rofl!)

Once I got into the habit, it just took on a life of its own.

I’d previously put a year’s worth of my blog posts in a book using Lulu to print it. My mom was thrilled. My friends were polite. But, that showed me what was possible.

Does this help?

Since, I bought a MacBookAir and a Time Machine to prevent lost data and bought “SCRIVNER” that does housekeeping for the novels. I have 11 outlines — fiction and non-fiction — in queue. May not write them all, but they are there for the “doing”.

Hope this is what you wanted,

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