LIBERTY: If you used the system to change the system

A Story about Change

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Hopefully you understand why I no longer believe in using the system to change the system. I’ve found the problem to be “the system”. The process for adding, changing and removing laws of any significance in the direction of freedom and liberty is hopelessly broken. Laws still work great for giving an edge to your friends, setting up barriers to entry, consolidating power to a few large players in a given industry (power, water, telephone, cable, autos, banks, etc. . ), or punishing others with unprofitable mandates.

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A well said response to the challenge; “You and the other people who agree with you could accomplish so much more if you used the system to change the system.”

The system is broken and biased against freedom and liberty!

Just try and get a third party on the ballot. Just try and get a Ron Paul as the nominee of one of the two major parties. Just try and change ANYTHING!

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