RANT: Pelosi seeks to divert attention!


Pelosi Wall Street Probe Follows Pecora After Crash (Update1)
By Mark Pittman and Laura Litvan

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April 21 (Bloomberg) — Wall Street may be heading for the deepest investigation of its practices since a congressional panel’s probe of abuses following the 1929 stock market crash.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to push for a comprehensive inquiry, saying that three-quarters of Americans want to know what led to the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and the collapse of Bear Stearns Cos. and Merrill Lynch & Co. She favors one patterned after Senate Banking Committee hearings led by Ferdinand Pecora starting in 1933, according to her spokesman, Nadeam Elshami.

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And who investigates Congress?

Because, imho, “their fingerprints” are all over this mess — Dodd, Franks, Pelosi, and Reid!

Bush doesn’t escape clean, but they did block him.

The SEC, FTC, FDIC, and the Justice Department could have “blown the whistle”.

There’s enough blame to go around, but Pelosi is seeking to once again divert attention from her own troubles and that of her fellow congress critters.

Throw them all out!

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PRODUCTIVITY: Differentiating between REAL and imaginary


The Law Isn’t Worth the Paper It’s Written On
Posted by Kevin Carson on Apr 18, 2009 in Commentary • 2 comments

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As Barney Fife said, “Rule Number One: Obey all the rules!” Here in Arkansas, gas pumps bear signs with the stern visage of a state trooper warning potential scofflaws that driving off without paying for gas will cause their drivers’ licenses to be revoked. The assumption, apparently, is that someone who will steal gas without any moral qualm or fear of getting caught, will nevertheless be afraid to drive without a license.

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Make all the laws you want.

It’s really a misnomer to call what legislators produce as “laws”. Now the “Law” of Gravity; that’s a real LAW! You can’t break it in most human frames of reference.

We need a new meme that differentiates between: LAWS like gravity and laws like come form Congress.

And, let’s not even get started on “regulations”, which I call diktats.

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: What is Obama hiding and why hasn’t the “press” found it?


Why I care about Obama eligibility issue
Posted: April 20, 2009 1:00 am Eastern
David Kupelian

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First: Barack Obama is hiding something. About that statement, there can be no dispute. Despite dozens of lawsuits, with plaintiffs including a former presidential candidate, a former deputy attorney general, many legislators, active-duty U.S. military and other serious people, Obama simply refuses to release his original, long-form birth certificate. That’s the one that could actually prove he was born in Hawaii. What is posted on Obama’s “Fight the Smears” website as well as FactCheck.org is the abbreviated short-form “certification of live birth” that could have been issued for a child born overseas, and thus does not prove he was born in Hawaii. What is so difficult about this to understand?

As I said, he’s hiding something. I want to know what it is. And I want the world to know what it is.

Where’s the proof Barack Obama was born in the U.S. or that he fulfills the “natural-born citizen” clause in the Constitution? If you still want to see it, join more than 355,000 others and sign up now!

Ask yourself: Why would Obama have a team of high-priced lawyers fighting to stop his Occidental College records from being released? If I were elected president, don’t you think my college records would be made public? Similarly, he has lawyers fighting all the eligibility lawsuits, many of which are simply demanding proof – which Obama could easily provide – of the specifics of his birth time and place, something the U.S. Constitution unequivocally and unapologetically demands of presidential candidates.

The lawsuits started well before Obama won the election. You’d think that after he won the November popular vote, after the Electoral College confirmed him in December, after he was inaugurated in January, the lawsuits would fade away. After all, he won – get over it. But the legal challenges attempting to compel Obama to prove his natural born citizenship are increasing, not decreasing, with each passing month. Perhaps the realization that he’s damaging the country in unimaginable ways is imparting urgency to those who hope he can be removed from office if it’s proven he obtained it by fraud.

All I know is, Obama is hiding something. After all, he has it totally within his power to make all these lawsuits and “birthers” look foolish with a simple, 30-second phone call to the Hawaii Department of Health, saying, “I authorize you to release to the public and press a certified copy of my complete, long-form birth certificate.”

{Extraneous Deleted}

*** end quote ***

OK, I’ll adjust my tin foil hat and say it: “I’m a birther”.

There is no possible explanation for Obama’s reluctance; other than he has something to hide.

It must bear on his ability to satisfy Constitutional muster as President.

Anything less, just doesn’t make sense.

Not nice to say, but he has pulled the wool over our eyes.

Will we have to wait for History’s verdict?

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GOLDBUG: 10K Gold?


Why Gold Owners Are Targets of the Government
Gary North

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At some point, the number of investors who figure out that they had better buy gold is going to go from less than 1% of the public to 5%. When that happens, the supply of gold will not increase, and the price of gold will skyrocket. If as many as 10% of the investing public tries to put 10% of their assets in gold, I suspect the price of gold would go to $10,000 an ounce. The gold market is so marginal in the overall commodities market that the attempted 10% of investors to increase their holdings of gold to 10% of their assets would make today’s holders of gold very rich and very happy. I think at some point this is going to happen, but I think it is going to happen in a time of price inflation so bad that the purchasing power of the currencies will decline so fast and so far that the fact that you can get rich in fiat money by selling your gold will not persuade you to sell your gold.

*** end quote ***

Like musical chairs, when the music stops, will you be left with worthless paper?

OH, I forgot, it can’t happen here!

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LIBERTY: Imaginary property sparks a bloggers revolt

There is a new comment on the post “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway (or, the Privatization of the English Language)”.


Author: James

“Riling the blogosphere is akin to poking a hungover tiger with a sharp stick, except instead of mauling you, it will leave thousands of negative reviews against your products on Amazon.”

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At risk of some type of infringement, (read the post and you’ll understand), this is a great realization!

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FUN: outsouring — disaster minus a c for most working folks!


May I please have your “thumbs up” to an entry I made in the Urban Dictionary?


The reaction to outsourcing IT work to a foreign country that turns out badly. For example, a big global bank sends its IT development work to India saving grazillions, but finds that the users can’t get it exactly like they want and don’t have the developers at arm’s length to beat up.

“We’re outsouring the application back to the USA from India to get what we want.”

“Delta Airlines is outsouring its call centers back to the USA in response to customer complaints about understanding agents and being understood by them.”

Amazing how much difference a “C” can make!

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RANT: Common phrase trademarked?



Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway (or, the Privatization of the English Language)
from Zen Habits by Leo
Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow me on Twitter.

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Today I received an email from the lawyers of author Susan Jeffers, PhD., notifying me that I’d infringed on her trademark by inadvertantly using the phrase “feel the fear and do it anyway” in my post last week, A Guide to Beating the Fears That Hold You Back.

The phrase, apparently, is the title of one of her books … a book I’d never heard of. I wasn’t referring to her book. I’m not using the phrase as a title of a book or product or to sell anything. I was just referring to something a friend said on Twitter.

*** end quote ***

I would think that “prior art” would defeat the the claim.

I know I heard that in injineering skool and in basic training.

Perhaps if every blogger jumps on this, we can “help”. (Does the lawyer charge his client by the letter, mine always bills me for everything!)

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: FAA conceals bird strike data


Monday, April 20, 2009
Hudson ditching survivor `shocked’ by FAA secrecy

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A survivor of the jetliner that ditched in the Hudson River after hitting birds and most other public commenters opposed a government proposal to make secret its data on when and where such bird strikes occur.

Public comments about the Federal Aviation Administration’s secrecy proposal ran 5-to-1 against it as the comment period closed Monday. One major group, which some had expected to support the rule, declined to take a position.

The primary trade group for U.S. airports, the Airports Council International-North America, told the FAA that its member airports were split on the issue so it “cannot take a position either supporting or opposing” the secrecy. But it urged the agency “to provide explanatory information to assist the public and media to use the data responsibly” if it decides against imposing secrecy.

*** end quote ***

Who’s gooferment is it?

Aren’t they supposed to be protecting us?

Regulators and the regulated. Perfect together!

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RANT: Landlord harasses murder victim’s mother


Landlord harasses murder victim’s mother for early termination fees because her son was killed before his lease ran out

Posted by Cory Doctorow, April 26, 2009 7:11 AM

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Danelle Eckert, the mother of Colin Byars, a 24-year-old teacher who died after being punched in the head, is being harassed by Colin’s former landlord, who wants to impose an “early termination” fee on her because her son died before his lease ran out.

The landlord is CCRT Properties in Brookfield, WI.

She said the apartment’s property manager told her that they knew Byars had been killed. But the woman told Eckert the management company had been advised by their legal representative that they should go after the rent and fees.

“I said you might be able to do this, but should you do this?” Eckert said. The early termination fee makes her especially angry. “How was my son supposed to know he was going to be killed?” she asked.

*** end quote ***

There has to be a special place for this landlord. You have to hope that karma evens things up!

I asked for their side.


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Youth propaganda camps train future prisoners


Obama’s Hypocrisy on School Vouchers
The “most ethical” administration turns its back on principle to pay off the teachers’ unions
Shikha Dalmia | April 20, 2009

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Four: The most blatant hypocrisy involves Obama’s personal parental decisions. He chose to send his own daughters to Sidwell Friends, a private school among D.C.’s most exclusive institutions whose annual tuition runs around $30,000. If he felt so strongly that offering children an exit route would stymie the reform of public schools, then why not put his own daughters in one? Jimmy Carter did. This would not only please unions—prompting them to open up their war chest even more in the next elections—but also signal his resolve about reform. If he didn’t, that’s presumably because his daughters’ futures are too precious to be sacrificed on the altar of politics. But, evidently, the futures of other children are not.

Incidentally, among the children who will have to return to public school once this program is scrapped are two of his daughter’s schoolmates, who were using their vouchers to attend Sidwell. It’s sad that Obama’s message of hope and change doesn’t include children like them.

*** end quote ***

Please, why would the poor minorities expect anything form a politician.

The Sidwell decision was a foregone conclusion.

No, one only has to go back to Prussia in pre-WW1 Germany to figure out why “skrools” produce the results they do. The system was designed to create factory workers and cannon fodder. The elites don’t send their children to these schools; they are destined to be the “future leaders”.

Now, we have to ask these “elite”: “Why do we need factory workers and cannon fodder?”.

Guess that’s what the drug war and abortions are for.

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WRITING: City gal goes Farm (An index card novel)

It was your typical Thursday at the Law Firm. She’d shown up at 0730 ready for action. They needed her. And, she wanted to keep it that way. She hated paperwork, but it paid the bills handsomely and allowed her to save while helping her aunt keep the farm. Besides on Friday, she was going “home” to the farm. It was her weekend. One weekend out of three, she go to the Farm. It was much harder work than the city but it kept her head clear. She arose each day as if she was at the farm: 0500. She did her morning PT in her tiny apartment in the Bronx. A light breakfast. Some personal paperwork. Chomping at the bit for dawn. Then it was safe to go out. Yesterday, she had brought her rucksack to work for Friday’s Peter Pan Trailways to “Bennington 05201”. If she was lucky, she’d make the 5PM that would put her into Bennington at 9. Her aunt would pick her up at the station and they’d talk all the way home. But back to reality, here and now.

Today’s challenge was this latest UN boondoggle that the Firm had landed: Rubber Tyres Regulation / Bycycle Division. The gals called it “condoms for bike wheels”, “rubbers for spokes”, or just foolishness. But it paid the bills. Handsomely. She had to collect all the attorney input, fill out a slew of formulaic nonsense, and attach all the copied citations. She had two women to help her. By the time they were done, it would be 800 plus pages of “barbara streisand”. To do it properly she was going to tie it up in red ribbon with a big store bought bow. Her boss would think that was funny. He treated her well; not like some of the other chauvinists. Even going so far to pretend that he had romantic interests. That kept all the junior attorney lotharios of both sexes from making passes at her. He was sensitive like that. She had explained to his wife about Chuck, how the Firm was a mini Sodom and Gomorrah, and what her husband was doing for her. She didn’t want the woman to get the wrong idea. And, name her as a respondent. That would spell the end of her paycheck. And, her protection.

She was well on her way to completing the “condom” paperwork when at about 11, his nibs waltzes out with his golf clubs and in his old clothes. Announces a holiday for a long weekend. And orders her to go home. Breezes out of the office. She was torn. She really wanted to finish the paperwork. It was her objective to secure another “outstanding” on her appraisal. Last year, that had gotten her a 50% bonus that bought a new high efficiency tractor for the farm. And she also bought a bunch of gold bullion coins with the rest. Those were were now safely ensconced in a jar, resting in a bucket, nailed in the corner of a very disgusting pig pen, guarded 24/7 by five easily irritated nasty hogs. But, she could have a long weekend. Sigh! Even if she had to work late next week, the Firm would send her home by limo and buy them all dinner. That would mean some extra bucks as well. Her assistants were waiting for her to decide. Meekly. They wouldn’t gripe what ever she decided. They needed their jobs as well. Poop or poop. Which poop would she tend to. After all, it was an “order”.

“OK, gals, you heard the man, it’s the weekend! Bye.” They were so outta there. Vamos. Amscray. Via con Dios! The younger gal was gone in a heartbeat. Took her purse, locked her desk, and left her coffee right where it sat. An archeologist would think it was Pompeii. She pulled her rucksack from under her desk, called her aunt, got the machine, and left a message. “Got off the rest of the week, no idea why, job secure, catching the next bus out of town, bennington at 5 or 7 depending upon the subway, luv ya, bye!”. She and her other helper walked quickly out together. Down to the subway and caught the E train just coming into the station. At Canal she swapped to the express. And, finally had time to catch her breath. Could she catch the noon stage? Four stops! She hustled up the stairs. She was an in shape farm girl. 1140 by the master clock. Ticket window: $29.25. Why not just make it an even 30? Zaro’s for a prepack sandwich, three bottles of water, (the bus had a passable bathroom if needed; she could run the gauntlet!), and six of the “honey buns” her aunt liked. And, a small dual box for the driver. Down the steps to the number six gate in the basement. 1152 by that clock. Did Einstein discover relativity by the clocks with different times in the bus station? Ticket to driver. And, the coffin corner seat was available. Everyone hated it because it was hard to sleep. She liked to be safe by the driver. She’d heard of rapes and assaults in the back of the bus.

Rufus James Simpson had the noon stage. She knew him. He was a regular driver. Retired military. Drove to supplement his pension. He drive the morning commutation route that left Bennington at 4AM and pulled in at 9AM. Who would come that far for work? To get home at 9PM. And, pay 40 dollars a day. They got a discount. They should get a free psych exam. And Rufus would take the noon run home. Got him home at 6PM for dinner. “Rufus, here’s a present for dessert tonight.” “Why thank you Missie. The wife and I appreciate your kindness.” He adjusted the mirrors, started the beast, and tooted for the starter to back him out. He wouldn’t speak again until they docked at Bennington. He was a pro. Out of the port authority, across to second avenue, north to the 155th street bridge, onto 95 north, Fordham Road, to Route 7. City streets were faster than the tied up expressways. She often wished they stopped at Pownell. That would save an hour, but beggars can’t be.

She was exhilarated. A whole extra day on the farm. Tonight she had to see which of the projects she could move from the Three Day Weekend board. Maybe Chuck would be free Friday. Maybe she could wangle him to ask her out on a date. The boy was a little obtuse. She sat very close to him in Church. Put the near occasion of sin in her mind; can’t imagine what it did to him. The bus was half full. Some hospital workers had five on five off and it paid good money. They’d come down and never leave the hospital. Sleep in the ready room or such. She didn’t know how they did it, but they did.

As the crossed the Vermont border, she unzipped her rucksack bottom and a little ditty bag came free. She inserted her hands in it and felt the cool metal. Quickly, inside the bag, she assembled her 1911 hogleg. A girl’s best friend. Any of the boys in the far back, that had romance on their minds, lost the urge when she emerged from the bus wearing the ultimate fashion statement. A USMC surplus holster with side arm. And she knew how to use it. And, her judo too. I am woman! Hear me roar!

The bus pulled into the dock and she was the first one off. Her aunt and Chuck were there. Grim faced. Her aunt hugged her. Chuck kissed her. Full on the lips. She was ready to haul off an slap him. ‘Til she saw tears in both their eyes. “What’s wrong? Who died? And, Chuck what would the Reverend say?” Chuck said: “Glad you’re safe. That’s what he’d say. Now stay close.” That was when she noticed her aunt had a shotgun and Chuck drew a 380 girlie gun. Where’d he get that? She never saw him carry. Her aunt led off and Chuck was on her rear. Literally on it. Not that she minded, but he was almost in present arms position. If she turned around quick, the marriage could have been consummated. That’s how close. Up the stairs, two at a time, out on the street, she could see the disarray. Looked like a riot had been through. Their neighbors, the Herows, were there with their big old car. Louie had his over and under out. The one with no serial number. Marion had her famously rubber banded hog leg. She couldn’t work the “safety” with her arthritis. So it was rubber banded down to make it easier for her to shoot. Some safety. Chuck shoved her in the back seat and ran to the other side. Her aunt shoved in next to her and her rucksack was her best buddy from knees to nose. It was all she could do to keep the Zaro’s buns from getting crushed; her physical goodies were mashed. Louis got in and the door wasn’t closed when Marion had the car moving at speed. She shifted like Mario Andretti. And at the corner she was at 60. Thru the red light and out to Route 7 south. The No Left Turn sign there was ignored as if it was invisible. On Route 7, Marion had the old tub at 90. The wheels were shaking. “Marion! Easy. Killing us ain’t saving us!”, said Louie in a quiet almost loving voice. That was unusual. She’d never heard them speak in anything but a grouch.

She still didn’t have a clue. So she just said: “Thanks. I appreciate you all coming to pick me up. Can I buy coffee for everyone? There’s buns here somewhere.” Chuck looked at her. Stunned. “You don’t know; do you?” “Know what? Other than that was very forward of you to kiss me like that. We really haven’t had that kind of introduction yet.” “There’s riots going on. Civilization is ending. The welfare is being cut. The money is worthless. The world has gone nuts.” She looked at him as if he had two heads. “I just left the city. Everything is fine. I’ll be going back to my job on Monday.” Her aunt grabbed her hand: “New York doesn’t exist. It was nuked this evening. You were on the last stage. We weren’t sure you made it. Now we have to get to the farm and get under cover before the fallout blows our way.”

She too began to weep. Chuck put his arm around her. And, Marion continued to drive like a maniac! They were all silent. As if holding a wake for a dying civilization!

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TECHNOLOGY: The technology of voting; not paperless!


Irish Reject E-Voting, Go Back To Paper

Posted by Soulskill on Sunday April 26, @12:07PM

from the progress-is-progress dept.

Government News

Death Metal tips news that the Irish government has announced their decision to abandon e-voting and return to a paper-based system. “Ireland has already put about $67 million into building out its e-voting infrastructure, but the country has apparently decided that it would be even more expensive to keep going with the system than it would be to just scrap it altogether.” John Gormley, Ireland’s Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, said, “It is clear from consideration of the Report of the Commission on Electronic Voting that significant additional costs would arise to advance electronic voting in Ireland. …the assurance of public confidence in the democratic system is of paramount importance and it is vital to bring clarity to the present situation.” He added that he still thinks there is a need for electoral reform.

# – # – #

As some one who has some modest experience in computer security, this is a wise decision. The only process that I thought was worthwhile was to use technology to create the ballot that was “cast” by depositing the paper receipt in the ballot box. Those cash register receipts, with a crypto hash that can preserve the document’s integrity, would be available for recounts and verification.

Sorry, but anything less is unacceptable.

I laugh at the Minnesota debacle where they had more votes than voters and the courts say that’s ok. Makes banana republics look downright honest.


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MONEY: “Counterfeit” money


Demand for Gold is in Mint Condition
By The Mogambo Guru

*** begin quote ***

04/20/09 Tampa Bay, Florida MoneyNews.Newsmax.com had the interesting headline “Mints Rush to Meet Gold Coin Demand.” It starts off with a blockbuster statement, namely that the world is in “crisis mode”. In fact, a report by The Independent in the United Kingdom notes, “With the world economy now in crisis mode, gold coin production is rising” all over the place, with the result that, “As investor appetite for gold increases worldwide, nations which mint coins of the precious metal have hiked production to satisfy the growing demand.”

In fact, demand for gold is so high that “Sales in the United States of the one-ounce gold American Eagle coin, minted from gold bullion, soared more than 400 percent in 2008 over previous sales to 710,000 ounces” which seems like a lot until you remember that the gold mines of the world produce about 80 million ounces of new gold per year, and so 710,000 ounces ain’t really squat, in the Big Scheme Of Things (BSOT).

Even so, a spokesperson for the U.S. Mint said, “Demand for gold and silver has been unprecedented”, although you would hardly know it from my field research, where I randomly accost people on the street and ask them, “Hey! You! Are you buying and/or holding large quantities of gold as a defense against the ruinous inflation in prices that your own stupid government is causing by deficit-spending almost $2 trillion this year alone, when the GDP of the Whole Freaking Country (WFC) is only about $14 trillion, or are you some kind of moron that can’t even answer a simple question?”

*** end quote ***

Hard to imagine how this “train wreck” in Washington is going to result in anything good for the common people. Many of the economists, who profess the Austrian School, know that without gold as money, the “Sovereign” (i.e., the King in the old days; the FED today) will debase the “currency” to the detriment of The People.

Go to the Smithsonian. See the Smithsonian exhibit of French Franc throughout history. From the hockey puck of gold from Louis 1 to the paper thin collar button of Louis XVII! It’s a visual of what every gooferment does with its power to define money for us.

We, The People, need to define for ourselves what money is. And it needs to be anchor is a value that can’t be “counterfeited” by any “Sovereign”!

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GUNS: Lautenberg is in his dotage; what part of “shall not be infringed” does he not understand?


Brady Campaign And Lautenberg Unite To Mislead And Control—Again
Friday, April 24, 2009

*** begin quote ***  

This week, in a typically misleading move designed to bolster their political agenda rather than reduce violent crime, the Brady Campaign released a report calling for background checks on “all gun sales in America, including at gun shows.” The Brady report was intentionally designed to correspond with, and bolster, a “gun show loophole” bill (S. 843) introduced this week by fanatical anti-gun Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ). In fact, the Brady report was released at the press conference Lautenberg held earlier this week.

Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign, said in the group’s press release, “We can do this. It will have no impact on any law-abiding gun owner in the country.” Of course, that is absolutely false—the proposal will ONLY impact law-abiding gun owners, including any law-abiding person selling a firearm to a law-abiding buyer. Does Helmke really think that criminals, drug cartel members, and violent gang thugs are going to start legally purchasing firearms and submitting to a background check? Law-breakers, by definition, break the law. They are criminals; they are predatory, they operate outside of the law. You know that, we know that, Lautenberg knows that, even Helmke knows that.

Lautenberg’s new bill is essentially a re-introduction of the same bill he introduced in the 110th Congress—S. 2577. And as before, S. 843 calls for massive new government powers to register gun show customers, register gun owners, retain information on people who pass criminal records checks when buying firearms, heavily tax both gun collectors and gun sales, and require gun show promoters to police gun show customers, as if they were agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

{Extraneous Deleted}

*** end quote ***

Once again, Lautenberg shows his age. He’s senile. That was popular BEFORE the idea that criminals by guns at gun shows was thorughly debunked.

Once again, we return to the concept that the only folks who will try to abide by the unconstitutional “victim disarmament” diktats passed by the congress critters is people who obey !

Time to vote poor befuddled Frank out.

Even in the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee, we can see when a man is being manipulated by others.

# # # # #

TECHNOLOGY: Why is an ISP different than the Power Company?

*** begin quote ***

[Billing] Weights & Measures – Time Warner & Comcast: Exempt?

How is it that my electric company, gas company, phone company (landline & cell) water, sewer, local gas station, local supermarket, etc., etc. all abide by strict governmental regulations regarding weights & measures BUT THESE ISPs don’t?

How is it these ISPs think that they are exempt from providing accurate, metered service without oversight? How is my usage determined? Where is my meter? How is my meter calibrated? What standards are used to determine the calibration? What guarantees that my service is metered correctly and accurately.

Why is it that these ISPs think that my exceeding an arbitrary threshold warrants punitive action? If I exceed my minutes allotment on my cell plan I pay for it. If I use more water this month than last, I pay for it. If my car is almost empty I fill it and pay for it. All of these are heavily regulated by strict weights & measure standards set by the government. IMHO it’s the governments job to set and enforce these standards.

Who maintains and enforces standards for metered bandwidth? Frankly I don’t trust the ISPs to self regulate.

*** and ***

Write, call or visit your states Office of Weights & Measures and find out.

*** end quote ***

Interesting concept!

Could it be the ISPs contribute more than the other Utilities?

# # # # #

MONEY: Shills hide that some government debt is unsellable


The capital well is running dry and some economies will wither

The world is running out of capital. We cannot take it for granted that the global bond markets will prove deep enough to fund the $6 trillion or so needed for the Obama fiscal package, US-European bank bail-outs, and ballooning deficits almost everywhere.
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Last Updated: 8:49AM BST 26 Apr 2009

*** begin quote ***

Unless this capital is forthcoming, a clutch of countries will prove unable to roll over their debts at a bearable cost. Those that cannot print money to tide them through, either because they no longer have a national currency (Ireland, Club Med), or because they borrowed abroad (East Europe), run the biggest risk of default.

Traders already whisper that some governments are buying their own debt through proxies at bond auctions to keep up illusions – not to be confused with transparent buying by central banks under quantitative easing. This cannot continue for long.

Commerzbank said every European bond auction is turning into an “event risk”. Britain too finds itself some way down the AAA pecking order as it tries to sell £220bn of Gilts this year to irascible investors, astonished by 5pc deficits into the middle of the next decade.

{Extraneous Deleted}

*** end quote ***

In this long article, the author asserts that not all is good in the “Emerald City”. No need to look behind the curtain.

The FED is buying Treasury debt.

Who is going to finance the American deficits?

And, at what interest rate?

How can shills buying the unsellable help the gangs finance their wasteful ways?

When does this one very big and ugly chicken come home to roost?


# # # # #

WRITING: Go West Old Man? (Index Card Novel)

He sat is his very comfortable McMansion. He and his wife had tuned it to their needs. He was enjoying coffee and his post-Church Sunday paper. Soon the children and grandchildren would arrive for his wife’s special monthly Sunday dinner; just like in her farm girl days. Poor farm girl, but farm girl never the less.

The feature story in the Culture section was about a return to the land by 21st Century yuppies returning to the land. The turn to socialism by Obama along with the multiple risks of unemployment, inflation, higher taxes, higher expenses, and exploding debt loads had given rise to some Depression Era thinking. A smaller, cheaper, less-expnsive, less-stuff lifestyle was being sought by young people. Like the Titanic before collecting ice cubes, one didn’t have to be overly psychic to know that egotistically speeding in the dark across an iceberg laden sea in an “unsinkable” ship was a prescription for disaster. Some people were always in the know. Vast tracks of undeveloped land in Western North Carolina were being quietly, silently, and cheaply acquired. Not by big builders for massive development. Not by governments for big construction projects. Not by real estate moguls seeking something the government was not “printing more of”. But by ordinary people. Doctors, lawyers, technology people, PhDs, writers, business people. Basically a whole lot of people were getting out of dodge full time. And, interestingly, they weren’t building big houses. They weren’t getting on the grid. They weren’t putting in cable or satellite TV. They were building small and green with solar. “Farmettes”, the article called them.

He had a raving loon of a friend. Y2K was an awakening for his nutty buddy. After that, he was a “real tin foil hat”. But the gold purchase he made in prep paid off. 200 to a 1000 was a nice killing. His friend had learned the lessons of Wall Street from his time there. It was a rigged casino. Survivalist, anti-establishment, anti-state, “gold bug’, anti-FED, Ron Paul, light conspiracy theory, and other loony stuff appeared in his email box from his firend regularly for more than a decade. Some times there was five or more in a day. His friend really needed to find a job; he was a ‘severance package farmer’. That too was evidence of the lunacy of large corporations. Pay employees to leave quietly. When they all got together, everyone — including the wives — were careful not to get him started about politicians, taxes, or the “gooferment”! He was a real wack a loon. But he had taught him one thing, these were NOT “farmettes”; these were “suvival retreats”!

He’d lived through Hugo. More than a week without power and water. Taking charity from the National Guard. Flushing toilets with a neighbor’s swimming pool water. At least they had gas for the car to get to the nearby church for showers and hot chow. What would a longer or worse condition be like. His nutty friend had given him the vocabulary; he had it down pat. He knew the words “Golden Horde”, Zimbabwe, and TEOTWAWKI. What’s worse is that his friend had taught him what they meant! His friend was a certifiable member of the “lights are on, but no one is home” club. But, these people in the article were smart folks. Not skitzo. Not panicked. Not emotional.

His crazy “tin foil hat” bud had told him that it was the Grandparents that had to lead the “evacuation”. They were the only ones who had the time, wisdom, money, and vision to see what was on the horizon. The children were too young and the parents were blinded by the day to day needs of modern life. The Jewish intelligentsia, when seeing Hitler for what he was, shipped children and some young families out of country wholesale. Often sacrificing their own lives for the future generations. Was he now having this glimpse of the future. Act on it or be doomed?

This was turning morose. He moved on to the sports. He had to break out of the rut. Get away from disaster thinking. Yankees opened their new stadium with a loss. The city government put a fortune of tax money into a new smaller stadium. His wacky friend’s lectures invaded this page too. “Millionaires Playing For Billionaires”, he’d rail. “Why does the tax payer have to pay for bread and circuses?” Argh. That nut was ruining his Sunday. Was he on every page yelling “escape!”; what next the classified. As a joke on himself, he turned to that slender section. The reason the papers were going broke was that advertising and the classifieds were moving to the internet. He tuned to the middle. There was a modest eighth of a page ad: “Robert F. Hoke Estate Company announces undeveloped land for sale in Lakewood NC. Due to a family bankruptcy, several hundred thousand undeveloped acres are being offered for sale located between Chattahoochee and Sumter National Forrest. Land is being sold as is. Prices range from as low as 100$/acre when purchased in 1000 acre lots.”


Did you ever get a song stuck in your mind? He knew turning to the front page, his friend’s echo would be easily satisfied. “Obama apologizes again at South American Leadership conference. Helicopter Ben assures everyone that inflation is not on the horizon. Cigarette tax raised two dollars.” He need to put the paper down. Sip his coffee. And, take a deep breath. Was the Lord putting this in his mind? Like Noah. Was he supposed to build his family an ark? He did have the assets. He had just the girl who could homestead. Was he developing Alzhiemers. He had to get new friends.

All he could think about was Hugo. Bigger, badder, worse, and all-encompassing.

Maybe it was time to “Go West, Old Man. Go West”!

He yelled out “Hey, Hon, gotta minute. You have to see this.”

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Obama seeks to restrict rights?


Obama legal team wants to limit defendants’ rights
By MARK SHERMAN – 1 day ago

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is asking the Supreme Court to overrule a 23 year-old decision that stopped police from initiating questions unless a defendant’s lawyer is present, the latest stance that has disappointed civil rights and civil liberties groups.

While President Barack Obama has reversed many policies of his Republican predecessor, George W. Bush, the defendants’ rights case is another stark example of the White House seeking to limit rather than expand rights.

*** end quote ***

Are the D’s supposed to be FOR the people and their rights?

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WRITING: What do you do when the secret police show up for you? (An index card novel)

It was increasingly hard to stay on the right side of the law. Red light cameras. Complex tax and financial rules in general (i.e., cash withdrawals are limited to one dollar per day). Forms arrive daily to be filled out for this and that. Travel permits are required to enter each “crime prevention zone”. Guns were a long ago memory. Knives were being collected now. Excessive food “hording” was also prohibited. Computers and the internet were carefully tracked. It was expensive to keep every bit or byte, but “Big Sister” did. “Free medical care” translated to crapy care for those that had jobs; rationing for the old, the sick, and the unemployed. Drugs, weapons, gold, and other contraband led to home searches. At the grocery store, “medicine” conflicted with liberty. Each individual had to shop for themselves. Your citizen id card allowed you certain things, but not others. Your calorie and mix was limited. One benefit of the grocery store was gossip. Person to person. Like prisoners in a jail. Rumors spread like wildfire. One was that after so many “cautions”, the family got a trip out of town. There was a lot of discussion of how many people had. Each week, when someone didn’t show up, their number was known. It appeared to be 21.

This wasn’t lost on the fat old man. When he got to 19, he figured his time was due. No family, no job, no real friends. He had nothing to lose. He remembered someone once said: “The most dangerous man in the world is the man who has nothing left to lose.” He went to his backyard and dug under a planter. It was hard work to go down three feet. He took the plastic tube and went to his garage. A hacksaw liberated the contents. One 1911 in a vacuum sealed bag. He worked the action. He went to his closet and sat down. Covered himself from the waist down with a blanket. And, said his Act of Contrition. Churches had long since been closed, but he remembered the prayers.

The Homeland Security Caution Collection Crew was led by a Sargent. He had a six man squad. The pulled up at the address list for the old man. They kicked in the door and spread out through out the house. “No one here, Sarge. He’s running.” “Why, there’s no where to go. Check under the beds and look everywhere.” With that Sarge opened the closet door. His face was blown away. Two more of them bought it before they killed the old man. They called for back up and the Lieutenant. The Lt promoted one of them and called for reinforcements. At HQ, the loss was reported. The General told the Colonel: “We need to recruit more loyal men for the CCC. I see a trend here.”

Will they run out of “loyal men” before we run out of “closet patriots”?

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LIBERTY: The Betsy Ross flag



How We Can Win the Second American Revolution Without Firing a Shot

Written by James Ostrowski on April 15, 2009 – 8:41 pm –

How We Can Win the Second American Revolution Without Firing a Shot

A Tea Party Manifesto

by James Ostrowski

Ladies and Gentlemen

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To sum up, here’s a 12-step program for how you can start to restore the American Republic.

1. Decide that you’ve had enough. You want to do something to reverse America’s economic collapse. That something is nothing less than restoring the American republic. America’s problems of today were caused by the abandonment of that Republic slowly over a long period of time. Pledge allegiance to the principles of the American Revolution.

2. Write a letter to your family, friends and neighbors declaring your support for restoring the American Republic.

3. Invite them to a meeting.

4. Educate yourself on American history, politics and economics.

5. Hold the meeting and explain to them what you have learned and urge them to do the same and then hold their own meeting with their own social circle.

6. Display the symbol of the restoration of the republic, the Betsy Ross flag.

7. Patronize businesses that display this flag.

8. Boycott businesses that bankroll the political class.

9. Educate yourself on the rights of jurors. If you are called for jury duty, understand that the founding fathers designed the system as a check on government power. Remember that when you are in the jury room deliberating.

10. Patronize books, blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, think tanks, and political groups that were right about the economic collapse. Mises.org., IlanaMercer.com and others. See our page for a complete list.

11. For political activism, join an existing Patriot group. Don’t reinvent the wheel. See our page for recommended groups. While I believe that politics is not our best field of battle at the moment, as our movement grows, we will soon be able to launch a successful frontal assault on the political class.

12. Follow these websites for continuing developments:




*** end quote ***

LIBERTY: Who will be the “minutemen”?


Are You Kidding Me?
by Don Cooper

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Where have all the heroes gone? Where are all the pioneers? Where are the visionaries? Where are the true statesmen? Where are the defenders of freedom? What has happened to the American Spirit of life and liberty? I guess they’re all at the mall or Starbucks and are too fat to get up out of their chair and fight. Or they’re looking forward to retirement and the “good life” after spending their life being a good soldier and playing by the rules and saving for the “golden years” while their real golden years of youth were passing them by. Certainly they can’t be asked to risk all that for something as silly as their children’s futures. How selfish of me.

Or maybe we don’t want to risk our children’s well-being now, so we defer it until they’re adults and let them deal with the fact that they can’t afford college or health care or a home without going into enormous debt and we never teach them the importance of things like: character, honor, integrity, truth and freedom but rather teach them how to live in fear and how important it is to get a “good job” and play by the rules and to go along to get along and that will be safe.

We’re pathetic.

*** end quote ***

We ARE pathetic.

Who will be our minutemen that assemble on the town green and say to the “King’s troops”: “NO!”?

With a mix of rifles and pitchforks, who drives the thugs out of the “capitals”?

Or do we just pray that the “chains” lay lightly?


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TECHNOLOGY: Passwords and secondary questions


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As I write this, people are accessing the personal Apple MobileMe account of Hollywood actress Salma Hayek, after its login details were posted earlier today on Anonymous imageboard 4chan.org. Hacking into a famous celebrity’s e-mail account might sound like it would take an awful lot of work and experience and knowledge in hacking, but as it turns out, the evil deed could be carried out with just a few keystrokes. The Anonymous poster who started it all left the following bits of information for all to see and use to access Salma Hayek’s MobileMe e-mail account.

   Her email address is shayek@mac.com

   Go to me.com, forgot password, type shayek@mac.com

   Her birthday is Sept. 2

   Answer to change password question is: frida

*** end quote ***

My non-critical passwords are 16 random alphanumeric characters. I have pages of them developed with ROBOFORM’s “PASSWORD GENERATE” function. My critical ones are long mnemonics of my favorite sayings.

AND, I treat secondary questions as exactly what they are — backdoors.

SO if you see my Grandmother C9HJLPQVK say hi. Say hi to my little dog KEZNBF6N9. And, I will be at my first school — VRT9ZWDX6.

If you know these “answers”, then you own my account at the New York Times. The free one. That they make you set up to read the slanted stories of the day.

Bottom line, security is for everyone. And, it’s easy.

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RANT: The real asto turf was the anti-war movement opposing Bush!


April 20, 2009 Issue
The American Conservative
Peace Out   
With Obama in office, liberals learn to love war.
By Justin Raimondo

*** begin quote ***

The antiwar rally at the University of Iowa was sparsely attended. The below 30 degree weather might have had something to do with it, but Paul Street, a local writer and one of the speakers, had another theory, as the Daily Iowan reported:

Before the crowd of fewer than 20, Street questioned why the ‘left’ locals and university officials aren’t doing more to help in the protests against the war. ‘The big truth right now, whether this town’s missing-in-action progressives get it or not, is that we need to fight the rich, not their wars,’ he said, citing big corporations for wasting their technology and funding on war.

The big truth is that the antiwar movement has largely collapsed in the face of Barack Obama’s victory: the massive antiwar marches that were a feature of the Bush years are a thing of the past. Those ostensibly antiwar organizations that did so much to agitate against the Iraq War have now fallen into line behind their commander in chief and are simply awaiting orders.

*** end quote ***

So, we now have DEMONSTRATED evidence that all the supposedly anti-war zealots were merely the liberal Democrats campaigning for their guy.

In this blog and on boards everywhere, I was pounded for saying that Ron Paul was the only true anti-war candidate.

All us little L libertarians are truly anti-war. Anti-aggression. Not defenseless! But pragmatic. MYOB and live and let live.

Maybe Justing is correct and Af-Pak will be Obama’s VietNam.

(Notice how the mainstream media has stopped reporting casualties. As an old vet, I watch good young men and women pour their life’s blood out for this mistake. Liek the other mistakes. How many have to die before the fathers and mothers in this country stand up and say “NO!”. Ron Paul would have done that.)

It just makes me sad!

And, mad!

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MONEY: Tax avoidence; technology style


April 16, 2009
Keeping What What We Make Away From the Tax-man
by tarran

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The story of the 20th and 21st centuries are, if nothing else, the capture of the banking system by the state. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to amass wealth that is securely theirs. Bank accounts can be confiscated. Their money can be held hostage via a banking holiday. Regulators can learn intimate details of the private affairs of individuals by reviewing the banks’ records.

Those of us who wish to reverse the trend towards an ever more powerful and intrusive state must take the lead to restoring the ability of people to stockpile savings.

How can we do this? There are several ways:

   * Create new forms of money that are easily stockpiled. This does not have to be gold and silver, but can be things like cell-phone minutes

   * Create new markets to trade without interference

   * Create new systems for storing forms of money safely

*** end quote ***

Gold is best!
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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Obama’s a fascist, or a socialist!


Obama’s leap to socialism
By Dick Morris
Posted: 04/21/09 05:21 PM [ET]

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President Obama showed his hand this week when The New York Times wrote that he is considering converting the stock the government owns in our country’s banks from preferred stock, which it now holds, to common stock.

This seemingly insignificant change is momentous. It means that the federal government will control all of the major banks and financial institutions in the nation. It means socialism.

*** end quote ***

It’s fascism.

Regardless of what you call it, it’s bad news!

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Legalize all drugs


April 15, 2009

Ron Paul on Drug Legalization

Posted by Lew Rockwell at April 15, 2009 10:22 AM

# – # – #

Nixon’s Drug War!

Fill up the prisons, hurt sick people, and empower the “drug cartels”.

Stop it!

Drug addiction is a medical problem; not a legal problem.

Too many bureaucrats and politicians are making aliving off the stupidity fo the American voter.

Prohibition. Didn’t work for alcohol; doesn’t work for other drugs either.

It’s no one’s business what people put in their own bodies. And, we shouldn’t try. Or, pay for the results.


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