INTERESTING: An explanation for Obama’s hidden birth certificate

Maybe Someone Switched (Babies) Presidents!
by Linda Schrock Taylor

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What actually is the Truth? I have read extensively and believe that I have a plausible, and quite probable, sequence in mind. Consider this scenario… When the airlines discovered that Obama-Mama was obviously ready to go into labor at any moment, the decision was made that she would not be allowed to travel from Kenya to Hawaii. Mama-Stanley had no option but to birth her son in Kenya (and so a British and a Kenyan citizen), just as his grandmother has firmly stated. Once the baby was on her, rather than in her, Mama-Stanley rushed to Hawaii to file his coming as a “homebirth.” Hawaii officials, lacking verification from any health professional in attendance at the birth, simply issued a certification confirming that: An Office Official had noted a live child that was born…somewhere on Earth.

The story very probably went from bad to worse following the compromised birth certificate. Mama later married an Indonesian and this president became an Indonesian citizen. He attended Muslim schools, which only Muslims are allowed to attend. (Hint. Hint!! Be alert to his underlying loyalties.) Since there appears to be no record of any naturalization process (as if that would make him eligible to become president…which it would not); no proof of Barry being born in America; nothing to authorize him to run for the presidency of the United States…this president appears to be an international fraud, traveling in and out of countries, especially this one, carrying no proof of being a natural born, American citizen; no full-form legal (i.e. un-forged; un-doctored; HIDDEN) birth certificate; and carrying a fraudulent American passport. Ah, what “face recognition” can achieve for a person…or at least hide! Or would this be along the lines of…a lie told enough times, with enough lawyers standing at the ready, may get crammed down the throats of an entire nation.

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Yes, I’m a “birth-er”.

If there was nothing to be hidden, then why hide his birth certificate?

Why all the top notch legal talent trying to keep it hidden?

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and has feathers like a duck, then it MUST be a duck!

You don’t have to be SHerlock Homes to wonder why the charade.

Guess, like Pearl Harbor (1), We The People will find out the truth in fifty or sixty years.

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(1) Robert Stinnett, author of Day Of Deceit, provides the proof. FDR at least knew, and may well have induced Pearl Harbor.

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