RANT: We don’t need gooferment “help”


The End of the “Voucher” Argument
Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo at April 4, 2009 05:09 PM

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Proponents of a form of “market socialism” known as “school vouchers” have long ignored the argument that along with government money would come government control of private schools that accept voucher students. This would in turn destroy the private schools, eventually. This argument against vouchers was always unanswerable, but the current antics of the Obammunists should prove once and for all what a hoax it is to call voucher welfare a “libertarian” idea.

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As a past fan of “vouchers”, I thought they could be useful as a transition mechanism from the Socialistic “School” system we currently have to a Free Market version. Now that we’ve seen the damage the Gooferment can do with its rules (i.e., “mark to market”; “short sale uptick rule”; taxe preferences) and its help (i.e., killing one Lehman but “saving” a competitor AIG; GM; the “bonus” executives).

In short, we just have to close it down! It’s too big, too powerful, and too dangerous.

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MONEY: Leaving the American Dollar


Russia backs return to Gold Standard to solve financial crisis

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Anything that moves the world off the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency is going to hurt us. The Chinese alone are holding 5T$. What do they do? Obama’s deficits are 2T$ in 2009 alone. Who’s going to buy that debt?

As always, it’s posterity who is going to be left holding the bag.

What can us little folk do? Buy bullion gold coins, take delivery, and “bury” them at home as part of your “savings”. It’s the only investment option that gets you off the fiat currencies. Read about the pre-WW2 German inflation and the news reports out of Zimbabwe. It’s coming, the only question is when. Obama’s socialism and spending is going to make us all poorer, very quickly.

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