POLITICS: The Drinking Age


And Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds suggests inculcating respect for disparate ideological points of view and comes up with a specific idea that’s not only right, but do-able:

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   I will make one policy proposal. Some of my fellow libertarians hope that the Obama administration will put an end to the drug war. I hope so too, but I’m not too optimistic. Instead, I propose a smaller step toward freedom—eliminating the federally mandated drinking age of 21. This mandate was a creature of Elizabeth Dole (who is no longer in the Senate to complain at its abolition), and it has unnecessarily limited the freedom of legal adults, old enough to fight for their country, to drink adult beverages.

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I find the logic of prohibition incredulous. Even if we skip over the lack of a Constitutional basis for any Prohibition and the argument about who owns your body, it is unbelievable that a man can go to fight and die for a country that won’t let them drink.

At the very least, a military id card should trump ANY age restriction.


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INTERESTING: Return to one’s roots?

Maybe it’s like the salmon swimming upstream to spawn and die.

I’m sitting in a remodeled classroom in DeLaSalle Hall waiting to take part in a panel discussion for the benefit of the Manhattan College students.

Probably, no one knows it but I went to high school in these few rooms on THIS VERY FLOOR.

Eons ago.

Technically not eons. 1960 – 1964! ~45 years ago. Four plus decades?


Travel so far to come full circle.

To see the young people on the campus. Make one feel really OLD.


And, you know what happens after that salmon spawns?

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