SERVICE: Be careful where you put your data

JournalSpace Drama: All Data Lost Without Backup, Company Deadpooled
by Robin Wauters on January 3, 2009

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Blogging platform JournalSpace (which I’d never heard of to date) has ceased to be, following a wipe-out of the main database for which there was no back-up in place. According to the JournalSpace blog, the database was overwritten as a result of a malicious act from a disgruntled ex-employee.

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Stunning. Why isn’t the fellow in jail?

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POLITICAL: Lincoln may not have approved of O, but Lincoln wasn’t so great imho

Pitts: Lincoln might not have welcomed Obama’s election

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Actually, Lincoln likely would have been appalled. How could he not? He was a 19th century white man who famously said in 1858 that “there is a physical difference between the white and black races, which . . . will forever forbid the two races living together upon terms of social and political equality.”

How do you reconcile that with all those cartoons of Lincoln congratulating Obama? You don’t. You simply recognize it for what it is: yet another illustration of how shallow our comprehension of history is, yet another instance where myth supersedes reality.

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Of course, Lincoln freed no slaves. That’s the myth. His Emancipation Proclamation was a military measure to demoralize and destabilize the rebellious South; it covered states he did not govern but did not apply in slaveholding states that remained under his jurisdiction.

None of which is to deny or diminish the greatness of the 16th president. His greatness stands unquestioned, unquestionable. We would be a very different nation, a lesser nation, without his political genius, his dogged faith in the unsundered Union, his refusal to accept less than Union, even when haunted by reversals and setbacks that would have broken anyone else.

No, the argument is not about Lincoln’s greatness.

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But, it should be!

Lincoln is up there on my list of “Worst American Presidents”.

As a corrupt Illinois politician who was in bed with more than the railroads, one has to take not of the following:

(1) The War of Northern Aggression. What you call the Civil War. What some call the Second American Revolution. The is no Constitutional, legal, or moral justification for this war. That alone would rocket him too the top of the list.

(2) Income tax to pay for that war. Government debt too.

(3) Freedom of Press savaged when editors dared to criticism him.

(4) Atrocities against civilian populations like Sherman’s “March to the Sea”.

(5) Single handedly destroying the concept of a Union of Equals amd morphing into the USA as the tyrant state.

And, don’t forget, he want to send all the “Negros” back to Africa. A racist among his other “endearing” qualities.

Those are just my uneducated points. There are much smarted folks than I who can give you “Chapter and Verse” about Lincoln.

But, don’t disturb the sheeple.

One of these days I should codify my “worst list”!

But that’s hard on the old BP.

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JOBSEARCH: “Pastime into a Gold Mine” (Heard that before?)

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Turn your Pastime into a Gold Mine!

These days, everyone’s looking for a way to maximize his or her earning potential. The answer to boosting your income could be right at your fingertips – especially if those fingertips are accustomed to typing stories, clicking a camera shutter or guiding fabric through a sewing machine.

Every year, creative people supplement their income by turning their hobbies into fledgling businesses. If you have a special talent or the professional-quality equipment that comes with a serious hobby, you could do the same. Here are some ways to capitalize on your resources:

If you’re a good writer, consider:

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If Photography is your hobby, look into:

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There are lots of opportunities if you are proficient in electronic media:

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Remember my 7 prong strategy for success?

“(6) a free time hobby that generates income;”

Here’s a page urging the same thing.

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POLITICAL: the only real way to economically “stimulate”

Collectivism’s Last Stand
by L. Neil Smith

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Politicians must be taught, in no uncertain terms, that the only real way to economically “stimulate” the Productive Class is to stop stealing their fucking money! If the government announced a total tax amnesty, as well as a complete, permanent end to individual and corporate taxes—repealing all unconstitutional economic regulations would help, too—this depression would be over by the end of the week.

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You have to admire how LNS can “turn a phrase”!

Wonder if it would take all the way to the end of the week?

“Next day” might be a better estimate.

But, we don’t have to worry. It will never occur to the congress critters!

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