FUN: AHH, now I understand why girls wear short shirts

Belly Button Beauty Cues Potential Mates
Jessica Marshall, Discovery News

Jan. 30, 2009 — Navel-gazing may serve a useful purpose, after all. People may use belly button beauty to assess the fitness of a potential mate, according to Aki Sinkkonen of the University of Helsinki, Finland.

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Now it all makes sense. Low rise jeans and short shirts are all to bare the midriff. It’s all about attracting a mate. It’s not enough that gals use chemical warfare to capture us hapless males into a life time of toil. They have to use semi-nudity too?


Run for your lives men.

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RANT: Smoot Hawley — the 2009 version?

Obama facing dilemma over protectionism in bill

Jan 31, 8:01 AM (ET)


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WASHINGTON (AP) – Less than two weeks into office, President Barack Obama faces a dilemma over protectionist provisions in a massive economic stimulus bill: Backing the measures could set off a trade war, while opposing them could trigger a backlash from his supporters.

The choice involves “buy American” provisions attached to White House-backed stimulus legislation moving through Congress. They would require major public works projects to favor U.S. steel, iron and manufacturing over imports.

Some Democratic lawmakers and interest groups allied to the president support the measures, but international allies and trading partners are warning that favoring U.S. companies would breach U.S. trade commitments and could set off tit-for-tat countermeasures around the world.

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What bunch of idiots we have in Congress.

Did anyone read about the Great Depression and Smoot Hawley?

The mere passage of that was the trigger that set off the Great Depression. That didn’t end until WW2.

How stupid are they?

Warm up the lines to the congress critters!

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POLITICAL: The “Chesley Sullenberger” yardstick for assessing “leadership”, Politicians found wanting!

January 17, 2009
The Sullenberger Combination
Lee Cary

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Captain Chesley Sullenberger gave us a glimpse of what’s long been lacking in our national political leadership — the complete combination of competence, leadership and courage.

The pilot of US Airways Flight 1549 had, in multiple ways, prepared all his life to save the crew and 150 passengers on his aircraft. When the moment came to apply all that preparation, he calmly announced over the aircraft’s intercom, “Brace for impact.”

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An excellent comparison to ALL the current political leadership!

Running around yelling: ‘the sky is falling’ is what comes to mind in DC!


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RANT: Media Bias? What Media bias?

January 26, 2009 CONTACT: COLLEEN O’BOYLE or TIM SCHEIDERER AT 703.683.5004

Bozell: ABC’s Stephanopoulos Must Recuse Himself From Any Reporting Involving The Obama Administration
This Week host owes an explanation for his daily strategy phone calls with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Tuesday’s Politico broke the news that ABC News’s Chief Washington Correspondent and the host of ABC’s Sunday morning news show This Week George Stephanopoulos has daily phone discussions with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel during which he helps formulate and shape the thoughts of and messaging for Emmanuel and the Barack Obama Administration. And that he has had these conversations with Emanuel throughout his tenure at ABC.

CNN liberal pundits Paul Begala and James Carville also participate in the daily round robin telephonic strategy sessions. In the article, Begala said he often can’t remember the originator of any particular insight, and is quoted as saying “We talk so much — was this my idea that James changed, or was this George’s observation that Rahm tweaked?”

Stephanopoulos first joined ABC News as an analyst in 1997. He was serving as a fill-in anchor by 2001 and became host of This Week in September of 2002. When named to what would seem to be an unrealistic post for him in June of that year, Stephanopoulos asserted “If I were biased, I don’t believe I would have gotten the job.”

Emanuel was elected a Democratic Congressman from Illinois in November 2002. As head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee he helped the Party retake control of the House in 2006.

And Emanuel accomplished all of it with the daily assistance of ABC News’s Stephanopoulos. And he continues to receive Stephanopoulos’ help in his new role as President Obama’s Chief of Staff.

Brent Bozell:

   “What’s worse than the liberal media’s sycophantic coverage of President Barack Obama? ABC’s George Stephanopoulos actively helping design and deliver the Administration’s strategy and message – which he is then charged with reporting.

   “Will Stephanopoulos be critical of the White House’s plans when he spends every morning helping to craft them? Not likely. He must from this point forward recuse himself from any reporting involving the Obama Administration.

   “For Stephanopoulos, the line between journalist and liberal strategist would be completely obliterated were it not for the fact that it apparently never existed at all. He didn’t fail in his attempt at transformation from liberal operative to journalist – he never made the effort.”

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This just leaves me speechless.
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