GUNS: Bring guns on planes; it’s the American way!

Saturday, January 3, 2009
The Way It Should Have Been

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Hijacker: This is a hijacking! I have a boxcutter!

Grandma: I have a .45! Now reach for the sky, or I’ll put a hole in that diaper-hat on top of your pointy little head!

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If it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny.

Arming the pilots versus the large stupid unionized democratic voting intrusive TSA that can’t find squat!

What stupidity!

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FUN: Too many O’s?

Now that O (Obama) is POTUS, does O (Oprah) have to cede the designation O to him?

There’s a cat fight I’d pay to see.


Maybe one of them can be O2 or Otoo. Yet Another O — Yao.

But O2 is oxygen and that’s a TV network.

Maybe with Oprah’s political support of Obama, there’s no diff!


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INTERESTING: An amazing six month exposure (I agree!)

The World’s Longest Exposures
by Ransom Riggs

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British photographer Justin Quinnell is making waves with an amazing six month exposure he made in Bristol, England of the sun rising and falling over the city’s famous suspension bridge:

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A very interesting result. With makeshift equipment. Truly stunning. Take a look at the pic. Amazing!

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