MONEY: Inflation is in the future according to my crystal ball

What Is the National Debt?
by Bill Sardi

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The national debt is owed to many, including foreign governments, investment groups, and so on. But one thing I don’t understand is that the national debt is said to amount to $10.6 trillion before the federal government apparently came up with hundreds of billions to trillions more out of thin air in the recent bailouts. They didn’t loan this bailout money from anybody. Where did it come from? It appears to be fiat money, printed into existence. Does this pretend-money then get added to the national debt? Do we pay interest (taxes) on this imaginary money? Don’t know, and don’t know anybody who can answer this question. It’s all part of the secrecy of government.

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A National disgrace. A National crime. A National millstone around the neck of our children.

Quick like a bunny, tactically, the gooferment should sell 30, 40, and 50 years bonds. With a sinking fund to pay them off!

Eventually this is one big chicken coming home to roost.

It’ll make the Cater inflation look good!

Gold anyone?

Buried in your back yard!

Don’t forget FDR’s gold grab. And, remember the congresscritters are eyeing your 401Ks!

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