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The end of September marked the formal launch of as our site exited its testing phase and went into full production to serve families and funeral homes across the U.S. by providing the national resource on the Internet for obituary news and lasting personal tributes.

As we work to consolidate obituary news from across the country onto a single national platform, more and more people are looking to as a reliable place to locate service and condolence information so that they never miss the opportunity to grieve with family and friends. Obituary Alerts also ensure that you receive notification by email of any obituaries that are posted to our site for people from a particular city or town, family, school, or military unit.

Lasting Tributes to Remember Loved Ones

For those of you that have recently lost a special person or would like to remember someone that passed away months, or even years ago, we now offer a robust suite of interactive tools to help create lasting online tributes that appropriately tell the rich stories of our loved ones’ lives. You can now choose from multiple tribute offerings to create a lasting tribute, capturing and preserving special memories for generations to come. Tributes include:

Unlimited copy

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Interactive memory books

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Create a tribute for your loved ones who have passed away

We take great pride at Tributes in being an important resource for our users and always are interested in your comments and feedback.

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Elaine Haney

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Search for “manhattan college” still doesn’t work! Argh!!

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MONEY: 401Ks have an a few drawbacks imho

Yes, You Can Achieve Financial Independence
How Much Does the Stock Market Actually Return?
Tuesday, 16th December 2008 (by J.D.)   
This article is about Investing

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The recent market turmoil has the naybirds out in force, and they’re decrying the long-term viability of stocks. I think this is nonsense. Though I try not to be dogmatic around here, today is an exception. Today I am going to sing the praises of the stock market.

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I too recognize that the stock market is the pnly casino in town. I too would point out Japan and inflation. Both cause by the government. Like the laws of thermodynamics about entropy, you can’t win and you can’t leave the game! Only solution is work, diversify, and yell at your congress critter every chance you get! imho.

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# Ellie Says:
December 17th, 2008 at 4:11 pm

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I’m about to enter the workforce for the first time, and you bet your behind that I’m taking all the 401K match my employeer is going to throw at me (100% of the 1st one percent, 50% of the next 5%). At my age (22), the stock market isn’t even a gamble. Its a discount store with huge store-wide sales. I’m putting every extra penny in the stock market, and I know I’m going to get huge returns for this!

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# reinkefj Says:
December 17th, 2008 at 5:46 pm

@Ellie: While IN PRINCIPLE, I agree with a 22 year old going whole hog on the 401k up to the match. It’s like “free money”.

HOWEVER, I would caution some exceptions that might temper that “advice”:

(1) an Enron-like 401k where you have to take 100% company stock and your locked in for eons. There were many horror stories out of that debacle that you should study.

(2) Investment options that are horrendous. High fees. Limited choices. Private label funds. Incestuous relationship between the company and the 401k provider. I have heard many sad tales of woe where the employee lost their money and suffered from terrible ROIs.

(3) Any “fishiness” with respect to all the hands involved in the transactions. I’d be looking for SPIC or such insurance and what the LIMITS are. SIPC of 300k on a million dollar 401K ain’t good enough.

(4) Labels on choices that may or may not reflect the underlying investments. I’ve seen “fixed income” that was leveraged; small caps that had options in the portfolio; a bond fund that was leveraged and optioned.

(5) Unit trusts, annuities, insurance “products” in the “401K”. No joke, I’ve seen an annuity with its cruddy load 2% mutual funds advanced as “required” for a 401k. (I called a friend at the SEC on that one.)

In summary, there is a POLITICAL risk in 401Ks now. The congresscritters are talking about “taking” them in exchange for an “enhanced” Social Security benefit. I think this would cause blood in the streets, but never underestimate the perfidy of a politicain who thinks there is money to be “stolen”!

So, proceed, but remember the old psuedo-Russian movie proverb, “trust but verify”. So I say to you: “Trust but verify”!

The market is a crooked casino. But it’s the only game around for you.

May I also plug my formula: “Success for your generation is: (1) ruthless financial discipline — no bad debt; (2) a life long interest in learning — education — a degree — they can’t take it away from you; (3) a white collar job in order to save big bux; (4) a blue collar skill for hard times — never saw a poor plumber; (5) one or more internet based businesses — your store is always open; (6) a free time hobby that generates income; and (7) a large will-maintained network of people who can “help” you.”

Hope this helps … … everyone.

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PRODUCTIVITY: Leaders empower their people  

Tuesday, December 09, 2008
The Best Email of the Day Award

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…Goes to Peter Clayton, producer/host of Total Picture Radio. It needs no further commentary from me as it eloquently speaks for itself. Good on ‘ya Peter.

“Capital goes where it’s welcome and stays where it’s well treated.” Walter B. Wriston

Dear Dave,

When “The Citi Never Sleeps” ad campaign was first launched in 1978, Walter Wriston was running the place, and the motto had real meaning. Wriston was highly regarded, as was the institution he lead. Citibank / Citicorp was a cherished brand by its employees and a respected competitor in the financial services industry. Citibank had a unique, authentic, brand identity

*** and ***

According to David, “82% of shareholder value is intangible.” According to John, one-third of all shareholder value is attributed to “brand.
“So here’s an idea I’d like your help with: If we could find 24,000 Citibank employees willing to donate $10 each into a fund to “keep the trains running,” it might give the employees of this beleaguered institution something to be proud of, and smile about. I bet through Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, and Facebook we could mobilize enough Citibankers to take up the cause. Next year, the Holiday Trains at Citigroup Center exhibit could be “In memory of Walter B. Wriston.” The fund could be set-up as an old-fashioned “Christmas Savings Account.”
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Dave always finds the great challenging ideas. Worth every nickel of my free RSS subscription.
It is clear that the current crop of “leaders” isn’t worth the power to blow them over. Poof! They’re gone. Gone; absconding with the salary, bonus, options, perks, and benefits. (I laffed at the Ford guy taking a $1/year! If the Congress MYOBed and Ford had to do Chapter 11, he could wave “bye” to his stock and options.)
It’s sad that “leaders” are so dishonest.
The time of large corporations is so OVER!
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RANT: Amish “fight” for rights; why not us?

WI: Amish homeowners: Religion trumps building codes

Yahoo! News

“Daniel Borntreger’s home looks like hundreds of other Wisconsin

farmhouses: two-story A-frame, porch, clothes on the line. But his

home could cost him thousands of dollars in fines. Borntreger, an

Amish farmer, built the house himself according to Amish tradition —

but without a building permit. His case is among at least 18 legal

actions brought against Amish residents in Wisconsin and New York in

the past year and a half for building without proper permits,

according to court records, attorneys and advocates for the Amish. The

cases have sparked local debates about where religion ends and

government begins. Amish advocates — the Amish religion precludes

them from defending themselves physically or legally — argue the

Amish belief that they must live apart from the world trumps local

regulations.” (12/13/08)

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Seems like only the Amish fight for their rights!
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