FUN: irregardless

“Do you fix misspelled menus? Correct your girlfriend’s grammar? Cringe every time someone says “supposably” or “nucular”? Has this obsessive behavior ever gotten you in trouble (i.e., dumped, fired, or arrested for defacing public property?).”

No, but when I was hot under the collar about a room reservation screw up, I did roast a hotel clerk’s tail feathers over the word “ilregardless”. Every once and while my Luddite friend uses it. We all laff.

But, I’m not sure he was joking?

(Are you?)

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INTERESTING: Winthrop 27, Georgia Tech 65

What do you think when you see a big powerhouse team “beating up on little kids”?

I’m a mix of conflicting emotions. Having graduated from a small Catholic college with a proud basketball tradition, I’ve seen “the team” get thrashed. It has convinced me that NCAA basketball isn’t about basketball, school pride, student athletes, or even achievement.

It’s about the money honey!

And, the self-delusion that that there is any affinity between a bunch of ringers and the student body.

We over-look the damage done when big time basketball or football schools “graduate” functional illiterates. Basket weaving 101? And, all the tutoring, accommodations, and sometimes fraud that goes into the “game”.

Nope, it’s time to learn some very hard lessons:

(1) It’s all about semi-government organizations (i.e., schools that are fund largely by involuntary taxation) that have “feathered their own nests” by fooling students and alumni.

(2) It’s the football and basketball version of Major League Baseball’s minor league. WIthout the honesty of paying the players, and without puncturing the illusion that the “team” is anything more than it is.

(3) It does NOTHING to improve ourselves, our families, or our societies. People some how feel that if the “home town” team wins it reflects well upon them. This nonsense distracts us from other performance issues that do reflect upon us.

(4) I often refer to “millionaires playing for billionaires” in my posts on taxpayer funded stadiums. Nothing seems more ABSURD than when someone refers to a PRO team as “theirs”. I fall back to the old joke: “if it’s mine, can I sell it?”. (This also applies to “my government”, “my schools”, “my town”, “my state”, “my country”, or “my world”. In life, there is very very little that is truly “mine”. (See rants on full and partial slavery by “your government”!)

(5) We need a shift in memes and paradigms. One thing that blogging on the internet does is to cause those shifts.


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