POLITICAL: Make “health insurance” personal!


DECEMBER 6, 2008, 11:16 A.M. ET

For Workers, Medical Bills Add to Pain as Firms Fail

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In May, Jevic Transportation, a New Jersey trucking company owned by buyout firm Sun Capital Partners Inc., told employees in a letter that it was shutting down and terminating insurance. “Continuation of these plans via Cobra is not an option since Jevic no longer provides any group health plan to any employee,” a human resources official wrote.

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Until the company shut down, Archway had deducted health contributions from employees’ paychecks. The contributions, along with the employers’ share, go into a pool that funded Archway’s insurance plan. Blue Cross and Blue Shield was the administrator of the plan, so employees and doctors would file claims with the insurance firm, which would determine if they were valid and then pay them. Archway would then repay the insurer. Typically, this process could take a couple months to complete.

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Another argument for the gooferment to make health insurance deductible to the ordinary taxpayer as it is for employers.

Time to stop the fraudsters.

The Archway example sure was “deceptive”. imho

Time to have a paradigm shift.

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