RANT: The WORST President


Scott did not believe a worse president than Jimmy Carter could be elected, but was proven wrong. 7:50am

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Kevin Edward Kline at 9:43am November 7

So you’re the guy who was stealing my yard signs!

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Scott Moore at 9:59am November 7

No. I was the guy stocking up on gunns and ammo and getting a concealed permit license, and now quitely await armeggedon.

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Kevin Edward Kline at 10:30am November 7

We’ve elected a worse president than Carter. He’s called “W” and he betrayed every major tenet of the conservative movement. History will show the worst presidents of the 20th century as: Harding, Hoover, Nixon, Carter, and W.

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John Reinke at 12:47pm November 7

Well, imho, we need a few decades to properly evaluate the “worst” label. I believe Carter was merely incompetent; not evil. Bush was another incompetent big G socialist. Over the last five years, as I have learned more, experienced more, I’d suggest that “worst” has to be Lincoln. With Wilson and FDR close behind. In my “dimensions”, W isn’t … Read Moreclose and O get his four or eight years to attempt to lower the bar. Luckily, America is pretty tough and seems to be immune to mismanagement. Again, imho, shaking my head. BTW as a gun owner, I don’t think you can stand against the armed thugs of gooferment. You have to gather your neighbors and be Gandhi like. Lay down peacefully in front of them and confront them that way. Bottom line, like Gandhi said, you can’t control 300M people who just refuse to cooperate. Of course, a little French style night time resistance may be just what they need to hurry them along. Think the movie “Red Dawn”, “Casablanca”, or the OSS in Europe during WW2. Peace!

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I clearly think that Lincoln, a tool of the Norther mercantilists, was clearly the “worst”. He started the War of Norther Aggression aka the Second American Revolution aka the “Civil” War. Essential a tax war! In the desire to favor the North over the South.

Slavery was a smokescreen!

It wasn’t about slavery. The rest of the world, for the most part, eliminated slavery peacefully. At the time of the war, there had been plans to buy all the slaves and free them. It was a labor model that was unsustainable. And, Lincoln allowed Sherman’s March to the Sea. War on the civilian population.

Now, runner’s up in my mind: Wilson, who campaigned on peace, and immediately led us into WW1 which set the table for WW2. FDR, who maneuvered us into WW2 via Pearl Harbor and entrenched Socialistic Big Government. Truman who dropped the A-bomb on civilians.

Far behind were the incompetents — Carter and Bush43! The liars — Bush41 (“No new taxes”) and Clinton (“I did not have sex with that woman”) And, the fellows who tried — Eisenhower (Identified the Military Industrial complex) and Regan (Couldn’t control the Congressional spending).

We have to allow O his four or eight years to make his mark. He might be able to slip under the bar, but he’s going to have to really try to get to the bottom of my list. Now he has established his political credentials in my mind by the lies on Infanticide, Public Campaign Financing, and his continual mincing of words. So we’ll have to see how he does in following through.

It’s hard to imagine him getting to the bottom of the list.

Sex with a Republican? Nah, that’s not even close.

And, he has inspired a generation of minority children with the idea that they CAN grow up and be President. That will be a hard positive to overcome. If he does NOTHING else. That’s enough to put him well above all these other names.

Getting to the bottom will require a heroic effort!

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