JOBSEARCH: “Linking The Laid Off”

Linking The Laid Off On Linkedin, On Facebook, And On

To members of My Linkedin Power Forum

Are you, or someone you know, one of the 1.2 Million Americans who lost their jobs in 2008? If so, please join us in “Linking The Laid Off”.

The purpose of “Linking The Laid Off” to help those who’ve been laid off to expedite their job search via brainstorming about the social media services you and I know so well. If social media can be used to help fill the most powerful job in the world, it stands to reason that social media can help you and me find the jobs we need for ourselves and for our families.

At present there are three places you may choose to join “Linking The Laid Off”:

1. On Facebook, it’s located at:

2. On Linkedin Groups, it’s located at:

3. On My Linking Power Forum, it’s located at:

We intend to focus on job search so, PLEASE help us get the word out.

Thanks, and Keep STRONG, Everybody!!

Vincent Wright

Entrepreneurial Recruiter/Social Media Consultant | | | | |

Skype/Gtalk = MyLinkedinPowerForum


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One Response to JOBSEARCH: “Linking The Laid Off”

  1. boconnel says:


    Good post. Every little bit helps out there.

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