When networking, write personalize emails.

I try to keep a large number of plates spinning in a whole variety of activities. I really would like to "network" with all 8k of people that I have in my rolodex. But, that ain't humanly possible. And, certainly not by a lazy guy like me.

I ty to give something to my networking contacts that they will find useful. Quick answers to questions. Leads. Sources of further information. Ideas. Everything but money. I need all I have for myself. And, my favorite charities.

So, from time to time, when I have something I think is useful, I send it to them. Like most people that have taken a marketing course at one time or another, I try to segment my effort. What portion of that 8k might find it more useful than others. A sample! 

Now how will I "do" it. Email. Has to be. It fast, cheap, and is "do-able". 

In the past, I'd send an email to myself and bcc my sample.  Last time, one of my "stuckees" called me and sounded slightly miffed at my approach. I was taken aback. I had never thought anyone would be insulted or hurt. So, I took the idea back to the drawing board.

This time, and probably from hence forth and ever more, I'll send each one a unique individual email.

It still will be a bunch. But it will appear one2one. It that cheating?

I don't have that many good ideas that that I could have 8k of them. I'm lucky if I have one a month. It'd would take me 8,000 months to get to every contact. Arggh! 

SO, I used Word to do an email merge. It produces a unique email customized to each recipient.

Yell if you want more details.

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