TECH: Google has Google Reader for RSS feeds … … (interesting?)

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Welcome to Google Reader

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Plug in to read my feed in it.

You need a signon so if you need a gmail invite, drop me a note. I have lots of them. As does most GMail users. It is important to play with all these gems. Just to know what is in Web2.0. Or whatever the hyped name for the future of the web is being used today.

TURKEY: Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom (DIKW) confirmation 

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Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom (DIKW) hierarchy

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Interesting that the author feels we spend way to much time down at the data level and little if any time up at the wisdom level.

I agree. BUT, how does an organization or an individual move up that tree?

TURKEY: Be aware the “rules” have changed. Be very aware. And the change isn’t good for you!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Talent Management vs. Career Management
Dave Opton
Norwalk, Connecticut, United States

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What lots of us wanted to think of as company sponsored career management was really company sponsored talent management, and there's a significant difference as I am guessing anyone who has read this far already knows. Talent management is the WIFM for the employer. Career management is the WIFM for the employee. If they happen to match up from time to time, that's great, but make no mistake about where the interests lie for each.

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This sparks the thought that we have been fooled into thinking that things haven't changed.

The gold watch era, where the Greatest Generation stayed with an employer for a lifetime, ended silently. It started as we shifted from an agrarian society to a manufacturing one. It ended imho when the aircraft industry was caught firing older engineers to defraud them out of their pensions. That led to the government getting involved (always a bad idea) with the ERISA laws which dictated 5 year pension vesting.

This led to the era of what I call the "Five Year Employee". That lasted until the dot com boom, the entrepreneurial age,when working for yourself became the rage.

The government's tax structure had a hand in that too. As a consultant, I could deduct my commutation expense. As an employee, I couldn't. My employer can give employees qualifying health care tax deductible. As a consultant, I can deduct my own health care premiums. As an employee, I can't.

So, we have now recently emerged into the era where because of the entrepreneurial bust, people have gone back to working for companies. The standing joke is "they pretend to pay me and I pretend to work".

Defined benefit pension plans are being converted to cash value as quick as possible by companies who want to unload the liability. Litigation follows because people are being weenied. Pensions are now unknown outside of the government.  Existing pensioners and future beneficiaries are hung with an unfunded liability by companies that can go bankrupt to weenie them. Those with big fat pension funds are a target for rogue management or corporate raiders. It's not just social security that's a scam. The whole "retirement" metaphor is a risky scheme.

First rule: What you have is yours; what's promised is exactly that … … a promise. It has to be discounted by a number of factors. It all revolves around "collectability".

Second rule: You have to deduce what the new "rules" are for yourself.

WIFM (What's in It For Me)

I have to create a rule book that works for me. Everyone has to recognize that their "rules", as well as their mileage, will vary.

My thinking is that if one is "lucky" enough to collect on a promise, like a pension or social sedulity, you should thank your lucky stars because that is not everyone's experience.

GUNZ: Jacksonville man fatally shoots robber. (Good job!)

Posted on Sat, May. 06, 2006
Jacksonville man fatally shoots robber; son injured in shooting
Associated Press

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"The father, sensing something was wrong, decided to defend his family … pulled out a gun and he shot and killed the suspect on the scene," Jefferson said.

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Yup, like I was saying, the criminals have to guess correctly. Guess wrong and it's self-elimination form the gene pool.

I'm sure the Victim Disarmament crowd will cry tears and tell us what a nice fellow this criminal was. But, he threatened someone with a gun. That's a crime in any reasonable person's mind. It didn't happen by accident. He wasn't collecting for charity and all he had to knock on the window was his gun!

I regret the loss of life. The dead criminal might have been the one to cure cancer. I don't like to see any life wasted. But, in the land of hard choices and scarce resource, reality world, I'd rather have one dead criminal than five dead family members.

Pop did good. IMHO!

TECH: BLUE FROG engaged in heroic battle!

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Reference number: LTK6904419311X Please use this ticket number in any correspondence with us.
Subject: from email
Dear reinkefj,

Thank you for joining Blue Security community.

Unfortunately, because of a major DDos attacks, we are currently focusing on maintaining our facilities, therefore your Blue Frog will not post opt out requests in the next few days and the spam reporting may fail. Please report us your spam messages only after the service will start function properly again. Thank you for your patience.
Thank you again for your support.

Should you require further assistance or information, please do not reply to this message, but simply use this Support form.

Best regards,

Idan Liron
Support Team  

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Go get 'em guys. This is one of the first offensive strikes back at spammers. I think they deserve our support. It doesn't surprise me that at least one spammer doesn't want to lose his revenue stream.

I would think that those interested in cyber-defense of the USA would be watching this epic struggle as a prototype of what could happen to our national infrastructure.