MUNY: Mental “lock in” … or … training elephants!

Interesting conversation with the car wash lady yesterday. Obviously a J&J retiree. Worried about the FED rate increase. And, tells me her portfolio is heavy into J&J. I gently remind her of the FIVE PERCENT RULE (i.e., never more than 5% in ANYTHING ever). She tells me that the capital gains taxes would kill her!

Now there’s a “cognitive bias” in action. I have seen it before in my own family.

One can focus so much on the impact of taxes that one loses sight of the objective reality.

I have seen an elderly relative take a million bucks and make it into zip in less than five years. AND, not for lack of me trying to “help” them.

It was an 80 $ per share stock. 100k+ shares! Virtually all gain.  So the proceeds would have been 680k. She was frozen by the thought of paying 120k in taxes. Instead, she rode it as spun crashed and burned into the countryside.


I tried sell half, sell quarter, or options.  I drew pictures. I cited experts. I vcred an executive of the company talking about the fundamental change of the company from “widow & orphans” to a “high flying tech stock”. (What an idiot!)

The lesson is that 5% rule is for your own sanity.

The poor person cited above was offered an option strategy that would have preserved the gain at a modest cost. Like Fire Insurance for stock certificates. I paid attention during my time on the Street. Don’t fall in love with any thing!

Arghhh arghh

Our self-imposed limits are the most devastating.

Young elephants are captured. A large rope secured to a huge treevis attached to one of the animal’s legs. Over time, the elephant learns it can’t break free and begins to struggle less. As the elephant becomes more docile, the massive rope around its leg is replaced with a dog’s leash. The elephant learned to be weak!

So, we can “train” ourselves into weakness.

When that weak muscle is our brain, we are in big trouble.

MUNY: Buy index funds using dollar cost averaging

***Begin Quote***

He acknowledges that the way he invests isn’t right for everyone. In fact, that’s what he tells people—including his four children—who ask him how they should invest.

“Most who ask don’t really know much about investing, and even though I actively manage my investments and own actively managed funds, I recommend they buy index funds and use dollar-cost averaging,” he said.

***End Quote***

Not bad advice for a Bull Market. In a Secular Bear, I’m not sure if that’s good advice.

There has to be some recognition of the Secular and Cyclical trends.

Auto-piloting your money is a good way to fly into the mountain. I have paid tuition at that “school”. Lots of tuition!


Yesterday, a lot of my technology delivered nicely.

LUGGABLE is a power pig. Without an umbilical power cord, it will only run for at best an hour. So, recently I bought a auto lighter to ac plug at WalMart labeled Black&Decker. It says a 100w. I know that LUGGABLE insists on 130w to boot from the ac adapter. If the plugs not in all the way or crimped in a certain direction, ng.

So yesterday morning, I “did” my morning scrum for work by cellphone from a parking lot.. Their blackberry cellphone was strangely out of power so I had to use mine personal one. Arghh!

Then, I booted LUGGABLE from the battery. And then plugged it into the cigaretter lighter. It worked.

I went up on VWBBIE, after fighting off all the public wifis who wanted to service me. I should have tried them, but I was not into lab work. I had deadlines.

So, I tapped out my notes. Put them into the corporate email. Watch them come, via bcc, into my retail email account dedicated to work.

Shut down everything. Locked LUGGABLE in the trunk. And, went about my sad duties of the morning.

But all in all VWBBIE performed well. LUGGABLE was good. AND, my new BDPOWERPLUG was a great addition.


RANT: A visit from one of my favorite socialists!

Amid yesterday’s activities, one sorrowful, one depressing, and one “fun”, we hare being visited by one of our favorite socialists. So clearly, this will provide a lot of material for this blog over the next few days. We intellectually crossed swords last night about education. After all the gubamint skools do an excellent job of leveling the playing field and homogenizing the sheep. The best statement of the evening is that “it’s not fair for wealthy parents to have advantages over poor parents in providing education for their children”.

You could pay someone to lob you softballs like this.

Oh yes, the current system does such a great job of indoctrinating “the chillren” now. By the gubamints own stats, the do a crappy job now.

Oh yes, eddykation is too valuable to be left to the parents. That didn’t work well in the past. It didn’t enable us to get into the folly we have now.

Oh yes, don’t leave people free to solve their own problems and supply their own needs.

Oh yes, don’t recognize the fact that poor people were educated in the past by mechanisms that they didn’t pay for. The assertion was that poor parents, working for minimum wage to support their families, (as if there are any of those), couldn’t afford to educate their children! Guess their were no free Catholic schools prior to the gubamint takeover of eddycation in the 50s. Poor people had nowhere else to go but Mommy Government and Father State.

Sigh, it is amazing that he can’t see that freedom works. Poor people, left to their own devices, and without the gubamint siezing their assets by force, will amaze us. Yup, poor people are robbed by the gubamint. Sales tax, Ponzi (social security insurance) tax, and the Employment Tax (the hidden employer’s portion of ssi tax) are  just a few on the income side. The poor person’s costs are raised when real estate taxes are high, the supply of rental units is restricted by “zoning”, and the landlords are harassed by the petty clucks who enforce all manner of stuff. AND, just in case the poor person gets a buck a head, inflation silently seizes 95% of it over 30 years.

My now departed father in law used to have a folded up fifty dollar bill in his wallet. He had carried it their since he was a young man, so that he’d “never be broke”. He was blue collar working guy. Salt of the either. Raised his family, paid his bills, and did the best he could. He was poor! BUT, he never realized, (I didn’t tell him cause he wouldn’t have believed me! I was just a child in his eyes.) that HIS beloved DEMOCRATIC (not that the R’s are any different), silently stole his “fifty in sunken city”. Yup, when he put that Fifty in his wallet if could buy lots of stuff: A hundred gallons of gasoline. Feed his family for a week. Ffity cartons of his beloved Lucky Strikes. Pay an entire hospital bill for an accident. It had value 60 years ago. After 60 years of inflation, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that his beloved Fifty was really was worth about 13 cents. Sad isn’t it.

The gubamint is an addict hooked on the twin drugs of power and money! We have to take the rampaging 800 pound gorrilla, put it in a straight jacket of limited powers, put it on a fiscal diet, and return it back to its role as servant, not master.

Should be a fun week for gathering material.

GUNS: Today’s bad idea … bullets with built-in encryption … arghhh!

***Begin Quote***

holy_calamity writes “A patent has been filed for bullets with built-in encryption. Pulling the trigger sends a radio signal to the cartridge in the chamber, but the charge only goes off if the right encryption key is sent. The aim is to improve civilian firearm security.”

Not sure I’m quite ready to trust the average techno-gadget failure rate on something like this just yet.

***End Quote***

I agree. This is a dumb idea. Next somebody will suggest guns that need keys. Oh yeah, they have “trigger locks”.  That don’t work.

If some one has a two legged or four legged varmit that needs killing, then the last thing they need or can afford is a misfire.

Gun is a simple tool. Only an idiot would make it more complex. Complexity leads to failures. Failures in a life or death situation are unacceptable.

TECH: Thinking about contact data.

I was thinking about the contact data that I collect. It really is disorganized much like life. What I really want is a tool for my desktop, with a web backup and access, that can vacuum in data from various sources and present different views of it. So for example, instead of having contact data locked up in MCalumDB, Plaxo, LinkedIn, Outlook, text files, and who knows where else, I want it in a standard format such that I use it when and where I want it. So for example pipe all the data to outlook in one massive file for email purposes. So for example, pipe it to linkedin for identification of potential mindmelds. So for example, pipe it to and from plaxo for automagic update. Hmm, don’t know if such can be done.

TECH: Playing with text that has to have come form me

This is a test of encrypted content posted to a blog and of interest to no one. When the text is encrypted with my private key, then anyone with my public key SHOULD be able to read it with the assurance that it came from me.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.3 (MingW32) – WinPT 0.12.1


TECH: LIFEHACKER provides a good “heads up” about free desktop search tool!

***Begin Quote***

Desktop search company X1 has just released their popular premium desktop search software for free.

***End Quote***

TECH: Enterprises need a centralized IT so there will be someone else to blame!

Are the Users taking over from the IT Department?

***Begin Quote***

I heard a new term this week from an experienced CIO running a good operation, well matched to the enterprises business aims, etc. He reckoned that ‘Shadow IT’ is fast becoming the order of the day as the Users, individually or in groups, enact something locally. His problem was he didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing from the perspective of the business, though he certainly wasn’t too comfortable about it from a personal or professional CIO view.

***End Quote***

Bad thing! If you care about results.

Shadow IT, User computing, or the skunk works is all well and good. But, the chickens come home to roost, and the IT folks get blamed, when security, recovery, and blunders put a "below the waterline" hole in the enterprise ship.

Don't come running to me when your competitor buys a laptop with every customers' ssn on it.

Don't come running to me when the power surge corrupts your pc database that does the enterprise p&l in excel.

Don't come running to me when the alpha, beta, gamma, or bootleg software that you are running the mission critical app on goes "postal", "up in smoke", or develops the pc equivalent of an "OC7 or OC4" and you can't even find vendor, let alone get some support.

Just call India where you sent all the expertise.

Arghh. OK, beloved user, let's start putting the pieces back together. Now what is the business objective you are trying to accomplish?

There is a reason why the centralized IT is expensive. We had to pay tuition for all those lessons that you're now learning.

MUNY: You can NOT regard the US$ (FRBie) as a store of value! 

***Begin Quote***

Over the past ninety-three years, since the founding of the Federal Reserve, the dollar has depreciated by over 95%. With money no longer being a stable repository of value – thanks to inflation –  a predictable shift in the American character has occurred. Gone are the low-time-preference days where hard work and savings paved the road to a better life for parents and children.

***End Quote***

This means that you MUST seek to put your "money" into things that appreciate in value. Or, at least, don't depreciate. Or, depreciate too quickly. Real estate (i.e., they ain't printing no more land!). Gold (i.e., mining is hard work and it has a long track record!) Stocks (i.e., they float, but buy low sell hi, and put the dif in gold). Tools that allow you to earn and save more.

Become wise in the ways of beating inflation. Spend wisely and quickly. Take value "off the gambling table" buy buying things that will retain their value. Bullion coins are my personal favorite right now! 

TECH: “MSFTWORD” … you can’t make it point to a specific html file?

Entertaining little "feature".

I have an html file. Actual lots of them. Representing alumni pages. I wanted to create a word doc html that would display their name and be clickable to their underlying page on my hd.

No problem.

Take the properties of the file, c:\yadayady\alum1.htm, and paste it to the html doc, hit the space bar, and WORD makes it a link.

Hole CNTL and tap the link.

(Should be "no prob" right? Buzz Wrong. Not in Microsoft land where all rules of common sense do NOT apply!)

You can't, or at least I couldn't make a link to anything but "C:\".

Now that's really useful! Sigh!

GUNS: Reese cites Jefferson and an elemental truth about victim disarmament

Owning a Gun by Charley Reese

***Begin Quote***

As one might expect of a man so brilliant, Thomas Jefferson had the perfect answer to modern politicians itchy to disarm the ordinary citizen.

"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms … disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. … Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."
This is an entry in his Commonplace Book, dated sometime between 1774 and 1776.

Can anyone argue against his logic? Criminals are by definition lawbreakers and don't obey gun-control laws. It will be no consolation to you that police may later charge the man who murdered you with the additional crime of possession of a firearm by a felon. That won't buy you a ticket out of the cemetery. You're history. 
***End Quote***

The right to keep and bear arms was enshrined in the Constitution by the dead old white guys. They knew that the only true check on bad government was the armed citizen. They were also keenly aware of human nature and that there were, are, and will always be two legged and four legged threats to human life. I love the quip "God made men and women; Sam Colt made them equal".

Those that urge "gun control" are really advocating "victim disarmament". When they rail against cheap guns, they are merely denying the poor the right to defend themselves. When you hear "Saturday Night Special", recognize it for the racist epithet of the Klan. When you read the Gun Control Act of 1968, compare it to the Nazi gun control act. It's almost identical. Gun control is stupid idealism. As Heinlein wrote "An armed society is a polite society". Very polite! Any time some one says "gun control", I want you to visualize the poor minority cleaning woman traveling home on the NYC subway at 4am after working all night. Would you deny her safe conduct? Not me. And, I really don't think she make a mistake between a threat and the other passengers MYOBing along home or work as well. It would behoove the miscreants to be careful around women traveling alone late at night. And, that woman wouldn't necessarily have to be packing to get the benefit of concealed carry. Her fellow travelers would be more likely to come to her aid if they were armed. And even if they didn't, you have created substantial doubt in the criminal's mind. Think Dirty Harry. Are you feeling lucky? Pick wrong and you may get introduced to Paxton Quigley, Massod Ayoad, or a member of the Pink Pistols.

Those that urge "gun control" want us to put our physical safety in the gubamint. The Post Office will protect you. Right! Ever notice that the police are more like the clean up squad. They come and take reports. Lots of them come long after the threat is gone, the evil deed is done, and the bodies are cold. How many crimes actually get "solved"? Like the popular bumper sticker quip "Dial 911 and die!", we'd rather survive. And we rather our fellow citizens have the same chance.

Those that urge "gun control" are telling us we are too stupid, too weak, or too feeble to protect ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and our country. Who do they think built this country? The government? Don't make me laugh. Ask the Native American Indians about the benevolence of the gubamint. Ask the Japanese American citizens "interned" in WWII. Ask the children at Waco. 

Think it can't happen here and now? Then look at the Halburton prison camps being built now. Look at the various checkpoints. Look at the abuses of the War on Drugs, War on Terrors, and the War on Whatever (Fill in what is hot this week). 

An armed citizen or disarmed slave?

LIBERTY: It’s a great country America. Poor boy, many hurdles, makes it big in Hollywood!

Television producer Aaron Spelling dies
Saturday, June 24, 2006 Posted: 0308 GMT (1108 HKT)

***Begin Quote***

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) — Aaron Spelling, a onetime movie bit player who created a massive number of hit series, from the vintage "Charlie's Angels" and "Dynasty" to "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Melrose Place," died Friday, his publicist said. He was 83.
***End Quote***

I think that the dead old white guys had this vision for the American Experiment. You can be what you want to be. In the pressure cooker of true poverty, diamonds emerge. It's a shame that the Republican and Democrat Socialists don't see the beauty of dreams fulfilled. Of obstacles over come. Of doing it yourself. No Nanny Government will make it all ok as long as you eat the gruel being served. And Father State will be you daddy telling you what you can and can't do. It's for the children. Like the human race wouldn't have survived without the Government. Remember governments kill their citizens should they dare to be free. AND, the government "kindness" just kills you a little slower. I wasn't a big fan of 90210 and its ilk. Didn't believe in the "beautiful" and "rich" people! Everyone I know has flaws. Even me. (Shocked?) But in reading about what he had to overcome to be Tori's Dad, I am impressed. Perhaps to have the drive to succeed greatly one needs the poverty, the discrimination, and the angst? Don't know that but do know that the man accomplished things.

TECH: Microsoft’s insecure. Now selling security. That’s insincerity!

WServerNews[tm] Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 11, #26 – June 26, 2006 – Issue #582
Published by since 1996 – ISSN: 1527-3407
~ The secret of those "who always seem to know" ~
Read the web-version here:
***Begin Quote***

* Forefront: Am I Missing It?

At Tech.Ed several Forefront security team leaders attended and
spoke to journalists and analysts. Some of these reported that
enterprise customers like Microsoft jumping into the security
market. Others were doubtful. A quick SunPoll among system admins
shows that almost 50% do not trust Microsoft at all with their
***End Quote***

I think it's ironic that Microsoft can make an insecure Operating System and then sell people things to make it secure. What are techies stupid? Add on the fact that you want checks and balances. You don't want to put all your eggs in one basket. Does anyone remember Microsoft's security server?

Nope, not for this fellow. I'm moving to Linux and Open Source. Where possible, I recommend it to Enterprise types. Nealy had it right "the network is the computer". Every computing platform has to protect itself. We've turned the world model inside out in that there is no hard shell around a soft core. You want security in Microsoft systems then you have to air gap them.


TECH: Blogger gives the world a bumm steer on a Nuance product!

***Begin Quote***

The Preferred edition is the best choice for general use – it comes with a good headset/microphone and is available from Amazon for $120, with rebate.

***End Quote***

{So naturally, I let him know about my problems!}

I personally would not buy anything tainted by Nuance’s support.

Since you recommended it, I would suggest that you put a caveat on “IBM’s” ViaVoice, Dragon, and Paperport that if it works for you “vundabar” but if it doesn’t don’t expect ANY help from the vendor.

Dealing with these products, I would suggest save your receipts and document every interaction. You are going to need it. You are about to enter “support hell” that will make Dell’s India operation look like nice guys with Phds.

If you even get a response from Nucance at all.

I’d suggest that you steer people AWAY from them. Unfortunately they have a corner on the marketplace for “voice transcription”. That being said, I’d suggest that it all depends if you are feeling lucky.

LIBERTY: The “minimum wage” … … bad economics, poor policy, racist, and stupid!

***Begin Quote***

Sen. Menendez voted in favor of increasing the federal minimum wage to $7.25 an hour this week, announcing on the Senate floor that "nine years is far too long" for low-wage workers to wait for the federal government to boost the wage, which currently stands at $5.15 an hour.
*** *** Quoting Menedez *** *** 

Nine years is too long for those who work round the clock, hoping to save a little extra for groceries, for those working so they can buy schools supplies or clothes for their children, or for those saving so one day they can live in a place they are proud to call home. I ask members of Congress who receive a cost-of-living adjustment, how can they vote to not give those hard working Americans earning minimum wage the first increase in nine years?

***End Quote***

Can we talk? Minimum wage!
The minimum wage isn't for the poor hard working Joe six pack. Minimum wage laws really benefit a very interesting group.

First, the highly paid government "workers" get raises. A rise in the minimum wage jacks up the bottom of the pay table. So all the higher and highly paid "workers" all get a raise.

Second, all the union workers who have a pay table in their contracts gets a bump up.

Third, the politicians get the "moral high ground" as champions of the "little people" while rewarding the government and union workers.

Basat's Law tells us to look for the silent hidden losers in any "economic problem". SO who loses here?

Everyone loses because now they have to pay higher prices. Taxpayers lose because government workers now have to be paid more and, of course, pensions are keyed to that higher rate. People on fixed incomes get a double whammy in higher taxes and higher prices.

So, ANY politician, regardless of flavor, who advocates a higher minimum wage, shouldn't be elected. You shouldn't EVEN consider voting for them. Either that politician is: too stupid to understand the minimum wage is a bad idea OR too dishonest to admit what the truth of the minimum wage.

Is he dishonest or just dumb as a stump?

By the way, minimum wage jobs are the bottom rung on the economic ladder. People don't work at minimum wage jobs for life. They don't support households on them. But they are the training ground for the future great jobs.

The little businesses, the typical employer of minimum wage employees, are hurt by the raise and either have to fore go hiring, layoffs, or downsizing.

So raising the minimum wage is like pulling up the economic ladder to a better life.

And, just a little side effect, an unintended consequence, it impacts the young and the minorities disproportionately.

Oh, and by the way, this law, like all law, is the use of force on a peaceful market transaction. The worker doesn't have to work at that lower rate. With this law, the government puts its guns at the head of the workers and the employers.

Sigh. It seems so obvious!


—–Original Message—–
From: A Friend Of Mine (yes I have a few)
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 3:33 PM
To: John Reinke
Subject: Defeat these Senators!

Below is a list of U.S. Senators who just voted to give illegal aliens
Social Security benefits; in essence, your FICA monies. Money to people
who are here illegally. Remember this at election time. They depend on
us to forget, and most of us do.


—–Reply Message—–
How about if we stop using force on everybody in sight?
As far as bad guys coming in, if we pull our troops home, and stop messing in other people's business, we'll be much much safer.

As far as freeloaders coming in, just end welfare. It's just the theft of people's stuff to give to other people.

So kill social security, all the other forms of government welfare to individual, corporate welfare, the drug war, the public skoolz, and all the myriad of things that the government does!

And, make no mistake, Social Security Insurance, is a deliberate mislabeling of a Ponzi scheme designed to put all older Americans on welfare. Their pay in doesn't even come close to matching the payout. SSI is nothing more than a transfer from poor minority males to old rich white females! SSI has single handedly demolished the traditional family. Before Roosevelt, families of different generations bonded together to help each other. Old folks lived with or near their children and helped with the economics and the grand children. With the advent of SSI, they had the wear with all to move to Florida and "retire". Until such time as then need a nursing home, all of their assets magically disappear and it becomes the government's burden. In the old days, the family figured it out. And, there were charities to help. Remember the old soldiers home, and such? I do.

Then, there will be NO need to use force on people?

Prior to 1924, there was no immigration control. Then, only people willing to work come here. There was a vibrant civil society, outside of the government, to help them. The various fraternal organizations have there roots in the need to help immigrants to land. The Churches had a huge role in social services. All as a balance to government.

See that is all what it is about — government control! They get us fighting over the scraps that they the rulers deign to allow drop from their table. e fight with each other over this issue or that issue.
The free market allows people to CHOOSE what services they want. Only government gets to dictate what services we will pay for.


Let's shine up the Statue of Liberty and get back to those ideals.

TURKEY: Email, not by account, but by priority!

Perhaps, I have made a mistake. Well, maybe not a mistake, maybe I am advancing to a new level of thinking a la Enstein's quote, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

I was always pleased with my Outlook structure. I used different email addresses for different purposes. But now I see that the result sometimes is a little muddy. Perhaps, it would be better if certain "inboxes" represented People Gobs. For example all my alum stuff comes in on one email account, networking people on their dedicated accounts, but what about differentiating between strata in that mass of people.

Have to think about that some more?

TECH: It’s Wireless Wednesday. I use my Verizon Wireless Broad Band all day?

I'm out of the office in New Brunswick. Up on VWBBie, and I ran the speakeasy speedtest:

Download Speed: 148 kbps (18.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 1217 kbps (152.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

I didn't like the results and ran it again. 

Download Speed: 190 kbps (23.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 2983 kbps (372.9 KB/sec transfer rate)

The other thing interesting was that I couldn't get a Nextel signal but could get a Verzon one for my morning call.


RANT: Guns, germs, and steel … we’re lucky and stupid at the same time!

Here is the reference work for why the Eurasians just got so much stuff, can work together, and have progressed so far. By sleeping with their herds, the Eurasians developed immunity to diseases like smallpox, measles, and plague. Their morality, formed by their religion, saved them for the most part from decimation by syphilis and such. Finally, the defensible rivers of Europe, more so than Asia, forced them to trade along those rivers. Fording a river under fire to attack an enemy is not conducive to good health. So trading became the preferred way of getting the other fellow’s stuff because you couldn’t kill him and take it.

So it’s not that we’re smarter than our fellow humans in Africa or, for example, Papua New Guinea, where people eke out a life on subsistence agriculture. It is that we had natural advantages. We had natural conditions that were conducive to learn cooperation. And, everything is a result of that. God’s joke? Maybe. Or a tremendous opportunity to help ourselves and others.

We have our own self-inflicted wounds! Slavery, that we “learned” in Africa and imported here, turned into racism. Socialism, that we learned in Europe, has displaced the self-reliant rugged-individualist “we do big things” American ethic. AND, we haven’t learned from history, we allowed politicians to lure us into doing things we KNEW were bad. Private armies like the FBI, CIA, BATF, IRS, etc etc. are unconstitutional. The income tax was stupidly allowed to come into existence (It’s legality is debatable). Fiat currency allows the gubamint to “tax” us by inflation. Gubamint skools have dumbed down the future citizens so they can have the wool pulled over their eyes. AND, we now have an entrenched government bureaucratic elite and all the related people suckling off the gubamint.

And after all this when the politicians stick it to us, they expect us to “honor their service”.


LIBERTY: Trenton’s deficit … another gubamint problem … easily fixed!

Monday, June 19, 2006
A pen(sion)ed-in budget 
***Begin Quote***

The Star-Ledger today offers a pretty solid overview of the fiscal calamity facing the state, which raises unstated questions about the current budget discussions that neither political party seems willing to answer.

Gov. Jon Corzine, as I've written many times, has put together a painful budget that makes some effort to right the state's fiscal ship. The problem is that he is asking taxpayers to help foot the bill though an increase in the sales tax rate and an expansion in what it can be applied to.
***End Quote***

1. The state has been spending more money than it has generated in recurring revenues for years

So, that's easy. Hard times are here. Cut the spending to the level of theft.

Yes, money extracted involuntarily from people is theft. Let's get the gubamint out of the theft business. A start would be to cut ALL the services that are not Constitutionally required. Even those, that are required, but should really be dumped or minimized, could be unenforced by the Guv. They are enough lawyers in Trenton to justify whatever the Guv really really wants to do!

Why is the gubamint the only thing in the world that can force us to "buy" its services and "pay" outrageously for it? If I can't avoid it, then it's a tax. Let's have truth in gubamint labels. If a service is SO important that people want it, then let thems that want it pay for it and leave the rest of us out!

Gubamint is ineffective and inefficient. Ineffective, in that, it ALWAYS hurts the people it is intended to help and has unintended consequences. Inefficient, in that, it can not do what a market can do because it always has overhead and is never permitted to fail going out of business. No one can name ONE effective and / or efficient gubamint program.

2. The state has been underfunding its pension plan

Well, IBM, Delta, and a host of other companies have shown the Guv how to lead us out of this problem. Get the State out of the pension business. Now don't screw the people. They have a right to depend upon what they were promised. So, lets unwind it. New employees get a defined CONTRIBUTION plan like a 401k. Old employees are "frozen" with a Net Present Value of what there pension is worth. If we don't have the money in the pension plan to unwind it. Give them a partial payment and an IOU for the difference. The IOUs are basically bonds for the future value. We should be fair but not fools.

Some reforms are needed:
** one job per person period;
** no relatives under your supervision, sorry your family have to get real jobs;
** vacation, use it or lose it;
** sick pay, you have to be kidding, use it or lose it;
** we eliminated pensions; so the era of adding sick and ot pay to your pension base is over.

Yup, Guv C wouldn't tolerate this Barbara Streisand when he was on Wall Street, so why is Trenton different? Yup, no cajonies!

Hey Guv C, hire me for a dollar a year, and in one year, we could have it cleaned up. I've worked for Wall Street bosses who would only need six months. My mother in her prime could have done it in three!

TURKEY: What is the purpose of a resume … …

… … is to get someone, anyone, to talk to you.

In working with a turkey, a colleague, and a friend, they all make the same mistake. They create their sales document from their perspective.

If you start from a Unique Value Equation that you want to sell, then you have to create an ad (i.e., a sales document, which could be a cover letter and or a resume).

Then, the problems start!

Let's begin with the "Objective" section. While I personally think having the word their is redundant, some people like it for "balance". So you can have at a minimum: Objective, Career, and Education. You can have other section as you need them.

You have 15 seconds to induce the reader to read on. So people start rambling on about their objectives. Hey, get a clue. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR OBJECTIVES! The reader cares about their objectives. And, how you are going to solve their problems. So the advertiser, and that's what you are, has to write an "objective" that will fulfill a reader's needs. Your objective is to solve their problem. Any objective that starts with "I" is wrong! It has to start with a "you". Here's one "we" just wrote:

“Delight Customers! Increase everyone’s satisfaction. Improve quality. Motivate a service team in a technical environment.”

How's that? Never once mentioned the word eye! If you had such a problem, would you read further?

Now in considering your 15 seconds of fame, why does everyone INSIST on making the Name Block a huge work of art? 16 point Arrial Dark, with an address, three phone numbers, four email address and two web page addresses. AND a partridge in a pear tree.

Let's assume that you didn't know any better and you put the name block on one line in two point font. You meant 24 but your finger slipped and you didn't notice it. I assert that if you have a compelling resume, the hunter will get a magnifying glass, everyone in the office, and three strangers on the street to find out how to contact you. That will not be a problem. If you are the answer to their prayers, then they will find you. They will make a telemarketer look like a quitter.

The name block imho should be there, because everyone expects it to be there. It should be in point size slightly smaller or the same size as the "objective". Why? Cause we want the reader to spend those precious 15 seconds on your "objective" statement of their needs; not learning that you live in Kalamazoo and AOL is your isp.

This is a pet peeve of mine.

That an one font family with no more than three different sizes. Left justified. Simple bullets.