RANT: A visit from one of my favorite socialists!

Amid yesterday’s activities, one sorrowful, one depressing, and one “fun”, we hare being visited by one of our favorite socialists. So clearly, this will provide a lot of material for this blog over the next few days. We intellectually crossed swords last night about education. After all the gubamint skools do an excellent job of leveling the playing field and homogenizing the sheep. The best statement of the evening is that “it’s not fair for wealthy parents to have advantages over poor parents in providing education for their children”.

You could pay someone to lob you softballs like this.

Oh yes, the current system does such a great job of indoctrinating “the chillren” now. By the gubamints own stats, the do a crappy job now.

Oh yes, eddykation is too valuable to be left to the parents. That didn’t work well in the past. It didn’t enable us to get into the folly we have now.

Oh yes, don’t leave people free to solve their own problems and supply their own needs.

Oh yes, don’t recognize the fact that poor people were educated in the past by mechanisms that they didn’t pay for. The assertion was that poor parents, working for minimum wage to support their families, (as if there are any of those), couldn’t afford to educate their children! Guess their were no free Catholic schools prior to the gubamint takeover of eddycation in the 50s. Poor people had nowhere else to go but Mommy Government and Father State.

Sigh, it is amazing that he can’t see that freedom works. Poor people, left to their own devices, and without the gubamint siezing their assets by force, will amaze us. Yup, poor people are robbed by the gubamint. Sales tax, Ponzi (social security insurance) tax, and the Employment Tax (the hidden employer’s portion of ssi tax) are  just a few on the income side. The poor person’s costs are raised when real estate taxes are high, the supply of rental units is restricted by “zoning”, and the landlords are harassed by the petty clucks who enforce all manner of stuff. AND, just in case the poor person gets a buck a head, inflation silently seizes 95% of it over 30 years.

My now departed father in law used to have a folded up fifty dollar bill in his wallet. He had carried it their since he was a young man, so that he’d “never be broke”. He was blue collar working guy. Salt of the either. Raised his family, paid his bills, and did the best he could. He was poor! BUT, he never realized, (I didn’t tell him cause he wouldn’t have believed me! I was just a child in his eyes.) that HIS beloved DEMOCRATIC (not that the R’s are any different), silently stole his “fifty in sunken city”. Yup, when he put that Fifty in his wallet if could buy lots of stuff: A hundred gallons of gasoline. Feed his family for a week. Ffity cartons of his beloved Lucky Strikes. Pay an entire hospital bill for an accident. It had value 60 years ago. After 60 years of inflation, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that his beloved Fifty was really was worth about 13 cents. Sad isn’t it.

The gubamint is an addict hooked on the twin drugs of power and money! We have to take the rampaging 800 pound gorrilla, put it in a straight jacket of limited powers, put it on a fiscal diet, and return it back to its role as servant, not master.

Should be a fun week for gathering material.

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