LIBERTY: The “medicare drug benefit” has “some” unintended consequences!

Now I know that this will come as a complete shock to you …

… shocked a la Casablanca … 

… … … I am “shocked”. (Trying to do my best Claude Rains as Captain Renault “I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” in Casablanca imitation.) 

Here are some docs that say:

"Unintended Consequences of Caps on Medicare Drug Benefits"  

***Begin Quote***

Conclusions A cap on drug benefits was associated with lower drug consumption and unfavorable clinical outcomes. In patients with chronic disease, the cap was associated with poorer adherence to drug therapy and poorer control of blood pressure, lipid levels, and glucose levels. The savings in drug costs from the cap were offset by increases in the costs of hospitalization and emergency department care.
***End Quote***

Translation: Another gubamint program that (cribbing from the Five Iron Laws of Big Government): 1. doesn't work but never end!; 2. makes things worse for the people to be helped; 3. UIC (aka Un Intended Consequences); 4. costly and wasteful and under estimated; 5. diverts money and energy from other positive, productive uses! 

AND, it actually puts the country deeper in debt, marches us further down the road to socialism, and enshrines yet another benefit that can't never be taken back!

Guess we win the negative pick 6! 

TECH: WRIDEA … quickly fixed a problem that I called to their attention.

From: Reinke's R&D Techie Nerd Persona
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 1:36 AM
To: help @
Subject: feedback password length


Your sign up screen offers password as six to sixteen characters. I of course plugged in a twenty character one. (Like a good beta tester!) It forced me to truncate to sixteen. BUT, when I cycled (logout and login), I couldn’t log on. I asked for my password. It worked. BUT, I discovered I have a twelve character one. Think you need a little work on this area.

Good luck,



First of all, I am sorry for my late reply, we had some great response in last 4 days.
We have corrected the passwords problem, thank you very much for your feedback. Your feedbacks as a user are valuable to us, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime if you have anything to say.  

Take care,
Best wishes,
Your friend at
Mert Hurturk

Hey, these guys did better than some software companies that I paid big bucks for their pos software (i.e., Nuance's IBM Via Voice, Microsoft, DELL). So, while I don't think I need this one, I recommend them for their hustle, Even though, this bug should have been caught with out me. But then that's why you have a beta.


LIBERTY: Druge alerts “STATES WARN RESIDENTS: YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN” … … this is a surprise?!

May 31, 2006
As Hurricane Season Looms, States Aim to Scare

***Begin Quote***

This save-yourselves approach comes after government agencies were overwhelmed by pleas for help after last year's storms and strongly criticized as not responding swiftly or thoroughly enough to the public need. Now, officials have said repeatedly, only the elderly, the poor and the disabled should count on the government to help them escape a hurricane or endure its immediate aftermath.

Mississippi, where more than 200 residents died in Hurricane Katrina, unrolled a "Stay Alert. Stay Alive" hurricane awareness campaign in April. State officials told residents what to pack in a "go-kit" for evacuating (flashlight, radio, nonelectric can opener) and, like many others, commanded them to stockpile at least three days' worth of water and food.

***End Quote***

And, we pay all those high taxes for the gummamint's "protection and services"? Hmm, maybe if we didn't have to pay so much for those services we don't get, didn't want, and can't get, then we have enough to take care of ourselves, our families, and our neighbors. Do you think maybe the problem is NOT with the people but with the promises that you have made for these taxes?


Wake up folks you are ALWAYS on your own. You may get help. But it will come from your family, your friends, and your neighbors. Any help you get from government should be regarded as just dumb luck! And, you can bet there will be strings attached.

LIBERTY: Do the right thing regardless of the personal cost!

Hero Quietly Did The Right Thing
WASHINGTON, May 30, 2006(CBS)

***Begin Quote***

Hiram Bingham IV was U.S. vice consul in Marseilles, France, as Hitler began leaving his imprint across Europe. Even though he wasn't supposed to, he issued thousands of U.S. visas to Jews, allowing them to escape.

It wasn't good for his career.

But Bingham knew what he thought was right. And he did it. Quietly, but his actions nonetheless did not go unnoticed.

The visas issued without permission in 1940 got Bingham bounced from his job in 1941 and derailed what had been a promising career track in diplomacy for Bingham, who came from a prominent family: a father who was a Senator and Governor, a Tiffany heiress mother, and a grandfather and great-grandfather who were the first missionaries to Hawaii.

CBS News correspondent Wyatt Andrews reports Bingham said little about what he had done and his own family did not realize the scope of things until after his death in 1988, when they found the records he'd kept – hidden in the house.

Bingham's heroism was recognized posthumously in 2002, and Tuesday, a dream came true for his children as the U.S. Postal Service unveiled a stamp in Bingham's honor.

Elly Sherman – who was lined up with her family and other Jews outside the U.S. consultate in Marseilles, where they were saved by Bingham – doesn't need a stamp to jog her memory.

"My mother kept this document," said Sherman, pointing to the long-ago paperwork that allowed her family to flee as the Nazis marched forward into France.

Sherman's family, at the time the visas were issued, had already received an order to report to a concentration camp within two days.

And it was those two days which were the last two days that Hiram Bingham was still the vice consul in Marseilles – handing out visas to people who were not supposed to get them.

They weren't supposed to – because in 1940, it wasn't American policy to use visas to rescue Jews in danger because of the Nazis.

In comments recorded by his granddaughter, Bingham recalled being ordered to stop.

"My boss," Bingham recalled, "said 'The Germans are going to win the war. Why should we do anything to offend them?'"

But Bingham kept writing visa after visa, saving life after life. Among the many he saved were artist Marc Chagall, philosopher Hannah Arendt – and hundreds of Elly Shermans.

***End Quote***

Without a doubt, this fellow was a humanitarian. This story should be on the wall at the "employee entrance" of every embassy. Further, if I was the Secretary of State, then I'd create the "Bingham Award" for the employee who best exemplifies this value.

LIBERTY: The War on Drugs is generous to drug addicts and punitive to all others … … UI?

The Egregiously Destructive War on Drugs
by Gennady Stolyarov II
[Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2006]

***Begin Quote***

The War on Drugs is generous to drug addicts and punitive to all others; the drug addicts are arrested at others' expense and given "free" food and "free" lodging at government prisons — free to the imprisoned, that is, but paid for by the taxpayers. Why should moral people pay to sustain others for those others' immoral conduct? Why should the drug addicts be given state handouts and be spared the requirement to earn their own living on the free market? Prison conditions may be miserable, but they are granted to the drug addicts automatically — as a taxpayer-funded gift for having broken a silly law. Why should drug addicts deserve even poor-quality food and shelter for ruining their lives?

***End Quote***

Here's a interesting view of Prohibition Version 2.0 now being "waged" on Drugs Other Than Alcohol And Nicotine.

See alcohol and nicotine are "good" drugs. All the other illegal drugs are "bad" drugs.

Understand the distinction?

If yes, explain it to me. If no, look for the politician responsible!

GUNS: Maher is no Libertarian … … what I wrote to Time Magazine and their response!

My letter to Time Magazine re: Maher is a NOT a Libertarian

***Begin Quote***

Dear Time Magazine Editor:Maher is not a Libertarian.

There's really no "big tent libertarianism". You have RepublicansINOs, DemocratsINOs, CatholicsINOs, but there are no LibertariansINO. There are lots and lots of people, usually on the radio, who CLAIM the Libertarian label. You can always tell the difference by how free they will let you be.

Real libertarians will always say you are free. "All men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights." Ring a bell?

Libertarians will extend to you all the freedoms they want for themselves. See the only way I can be free is if you are as well. Then together we will fight any infringement of "our" freedoms. I don't want any gang (i.e., the government) stealing my money (i.e., taxes); so no one should be force to pay for any "service" that they didn't voluntarily agree to pay for. I don't want to pay for government reeducation camps (i.e., "public" schools) where your children are indoctrinated with beliefs contrary to your beliefs; so no one should have to pay for the publik skoolz. I don't want anyone telling me what drugs I can use; so you can be a drug addict or take whatever you feel you need. 

Both Big L Libertarians and Little L Libertarians (distinguished by  membership in the Libertarian party), despite the squabbles about specific issues, all will agree about the ZAP Zero Aggression Principle. Basically, a Libertarian is some one who will not use force to initiate social or political goals. That's not pacifism. But it's good old fashioned American MYOB!
Guns are the litmus test for Libertarians.
If you don't trust your fellow humans to be responsible enough to defend the free state, then you're not a libertarian. If you don't think that a woman or a responsible can't distinguish between the good and bad guys, then you're not a libertarian. If you think that the IRS needs automatic weapons, then your not a libertarian. If you think we need a BATF, then you're not a libertarian. If you think that we need the alphabet soup of private armies, then you're not a libertarian. If you don't think a patriot can tell the difference between the Nazi Storm Trooper and the highway patrol, then you're not a libertarian.
When only the gummamint has guns, the population is at risk for genocide. As the SF write Heinlein posited "an armed society is a polite society". When we surrender our protection to the promises of the Mommy State, Father State comes out and oppresses us.
The litmus test is especially useful because that seems to be THE single issue that exposes the Statist, Socialist, and the Benevolent Dictators who want to control everyone. With them, there's always an exception for guns. You can be free … … except for guns.

You have to give a huge percentage of your savings, earnings, and future to the State for its "protection". Ignore for the moment that the State's courts have held that there is no specific duty of the State to protect to you. But, you can't have a tool to protect yourself.
They always have to disarm the people before they can oppress them to enforce their will. Oppressed people with guns are dangerous to the oppressor. Look at what a few determined Jews with even fewer guns did in the Warsaw ghetto. Don't think that the current and future "hitlers" missed that lesson.
No, guns are an essential issue to true Libertarians because those guns are the only true check on government power. That why the dead old white guys recognized, right after our right to say what we want, the right to defend our liberties.

Your Liberty depends upon our guns.

***End Quote***

AND their response:

***Begin Quote***

Dear Reader:

Thank you for writing.  We welcome timely, insightful reactions to material we have published, and we can assure you that your observations found an attentive audience among the editors.  Should your comments be selected for the column, you will be notified in advance of publication.  Again, our thanks for letting us hear from you.  We hope that you will write again should you discover something of particular interest in the news or in our reporting of it.

Best wishes.

TIME Letters
***End Quote***

Notice the canned paternalistic pat of the head of the generic reply. "We hope", yeah right!

LIBERTY: Free to petition your government for the redress of grevances … … watch what you get back!


—–Original Message—–

From: reinkefj
Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 10:05 AM

Subject: Reduce aid to higher education

Please reduce state aid to education to zero. It will actually improve education for the following reasons:

(1) Schools will have to respond to their true customers (i.e., the students and the people who pay the bills).

(2) The cost of education will rise and fall based on demand and benefit without the State's involvement.

(3) If you cut aid, you can give me back my money. If I think that a school "deserves" that money, then I'll give it to them. If lots of my fellow taxpayers, do the same then that is different than you forcing me to do it.

(4) Perhaps without the artifical support of government some schools will go out of business. That's good. We obviously didn't need them.

Basically, free the taxpayer from supporting what politicians think is important. If it truly is important, then we can do it on our own.

Mr. Ferdinand Reinke
Kendall park, NJ 08824


From: Senator Peter A. Inverso, R., NJ Legislative District 14 
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 10:25 AM
To: reinkefj
Subject: RE: Reduce aid to higher education

Mr. Reinke:

This is to acknowledge that our office received your E-mail on May 19th.

We will share your concerns with the Senator.


Jim Hansbury
Legislative Aide
Senator Peter A. Inverso, District 14


Yup, I can just hear it now. "Senator, listen to what this wacko wants. His money back!" followed by a group laugh.

I'm sure the French Aristocrats laughed too when Marie said "let them eat cake"! 

LIBERTY: The FDA “protects” the sheep … … right into skin cancer!

Why Is the Best Sunscreen Blocked by FDA?
America Denied Sun Shield That Other Countries Enjoy
John Stossel
***Begin Quote***
June 17, 2005 — We think of July and August as the peak of summer, but when it comes to sunburn, now is the peak. Next Tuesday, June 21st, is the longest day of the year, when the sun is highest in the sky, so it's now that the sun does the most damage.
{extraneous deleted}
But even though dermatologists say Mexoryl is the best, you cannot legally buy it in the United States. It's illegal, because the Food and Drug Administration won't approve it. They won't even say why. The FDA is charged with making sure no drug is sold unless the government is convinced it's safe and effective. Dermatologists think it's just stuck in the bureaucracy. It routinely takes 12 to 15 years for a drug to get approval. After an approved drug — Vioxx, for example — gets bad publicity as a health risk, the FDA gets particularly cautious.
{extraneous deleted}
Everyone is always telling us, protect yourself from the sun, but then the government won't give us permission to have the best sunscreen?
Give me a break.  
***End Quote***
I was tipped to this article. That aside. (Note to self: put Stossel on a internet watch service!)

FDA "protecting" us, like a good Mommy Government agency should. After all we are to dumb to choose what to put in or on ourselves.

Wake up sheep! 

Close all those Three, Four, and Five Letter Agencies! Then we'll work on the "big words" like freedom, liberty, and limited government.

WRITING: Using “yWriter” to compose the great american novel

As a "tool guy", I am enamoured with the idea of a tool that will help me write the … my … great american novel. I'll let you know how I make out. I have to gather all my bits and parts that I have tried to compose over time. Let's see what we have. 

GUNS: Maher is no Libertarian … … because guns are a litmus issue!,9171,1198918,00.html

From the Magazine | Interview
10 Questions for Bill Maher

***Begin Quote***

Sometimes people say to me, "You're not a real Libertarian because Libertarians believe there should be no gun control." I'm not a radical Libertarian, O.K.? Every party has something of a big tent.

***End Quote***

Maher is no Libertarian.

There is no big tent in the Libertarian party. We've seen the RINOs (Republicans in name only), the DINOs (Democrats in name only), the CINOs (Catholics in name only), but there are no LINOs (Libertarians in name only). That's because there is only one core Libertarian belief among Libertarians. Freedom, liberty, on every issue, every time, no exceptions.

Lot's of people claim to be Libertarians. Mostly it's talk show hosts. I guess it's the new "undecided" without being labeled as unable to make up ones mind. But, claiming something doesn't make it so. I can claim to be thin, handsome, and young. But that doesn't make it so!

So when Maher claims the "Libertarian" label except for guns, he fails. Guns are what can be as close to a Libertarian litmus test as can exist.

Some background to get to that.

Libertarians — both the big L Libertarians who define it as being a member of the party and the little L Libertarians who subscribe to a philosophy of life — are all defined by the ZAP Zero Aggression Principle. Libertarians, regardless of petty squabbles on individual issues, unify behind the idea that no one is allowed to initiate force. And, certainly not to accomplish political or social goals.

Libertarians trust others with freedom and liberty. It's really axiomatic. One can only have as much freedom as one is prepared to give others. I don't want you telling me what drugs I have access to; so, I have to let you be free to be a drug addict. I don't want my earnings and savings to be stolen (i.e., taxes) by an armed gang (i.e., government); so, I can't make you pay them either. I don't want to pay for the government reeducation camps (i.e., the gummamint publik skoolz) where your children are taught things antithetical to your beliefs; so, I won't make you pay either. To be free, I have let you be free as well.

Guns, and the freedom concerning them, are intimately involved in freedom.

First, the armed citizen is the ultimate check on a despotic government. The dead old white guys knew that having just fought a war against an oppressive government. There are some great a bumper stickers that summarize the reasons. "Politicians prefer unarmed peasants!"  "A man with a Gun is a citizen. A man without a Gun is a subject." "Only Crooked Politicians Fear Armed Citizens." "Genocide what happens when people are disarmed."

Second, the armed citizens are the police. They back up the thin blue line. Think of the Old West's posse. Look what happened in NOLA when the good people left, the police were helpless. Again some bumper sticker philosophy says it quicker. "When the laws outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns."  "The more helpless you are the safer you are from criminals." "A woman raped and strangled is morally superior to a woman with a smoking gun and a dead rapist at her feet."

Third, the armed citizen is emblematic of participate in the body politic. A civil society depends upon the support of its members. If we are not prepared to defend society from those who would harm it, then we don't deserve its protection. One can tell the sheep from the sheepdogs by who rushes to the defense of the flock. If you're unarmed or disarmed, then you're not a very effective defender.

So when someone tells you that they don't trust you with a gun, you better start asking yourself why you should trust them to have one when you don't. There is no single issue that will expose whether a person's beliefs about "gun control" are meant as "victim disarmament" or "hitting what you aim at". When people like politicians and celebrities talk about "gun control", they mean "the unopposed ability to impose their will".

So when Maher say "no guns for you kiddies", he definitely NOT a Libertarian.

LIBERTY: Pope Benedict XVI visited the Auschwitz … … teaching us we are all “Jews”!

Pope: How Could God 'Tolerate' Holocaust?
May 28, 6:13 PM (ET)
***Begin Quote***

(AP) Pope Benedict XVI prays in front of the memorial plaques at the former Nazi Death Camp Birkenau, in…

OSWIECIM, Poland (AP) – Pope Benedict XVI visited the Auschwitz concentration camp as "a son of the German people" Sunday and asked God why he remained silent during the "unprecedented mass crimes" of the Holocaust.
***End Quote***

There are two lessons in this story. 

One thing we should learn from the Pope's visit is that we have to consider ourselves "Jews", or "Mexicans", or "Black"! Or "green with yellow stripes" if that is what the current scape-dog class of human being is. We have to be like the legend of the Danish King wearing the yellow star. Didn't happen, but it should have happened. Or the non-Muslim woman wearing the Muslim head scarf. 

 The other thing is that the only a government can commit a genocide.

LIBERTY: How to end the gummamint skoolz … … with a transition plan!

We start with basic principles:

(1) It took us a long time to get into this mess. It will take us decades to get out.

(2) People have built their lives around the gummamint skoolz and need time to readjust to a free market.

(3) The new innovative private schools will need time to form, adapt, and adjust.

The vision is that the gummamint no longer runs or pays for skoolz. There are a host of reasons but the five big one are (a) it's not fair to steal from some people to educate other people's children; (b) the gummamint teaches stuff that are antithetical to the parent's beliefs; (c) the skoolz train the children that the gummamint is a God; (d) the gummamint skoolz are expensive, corrupt, and corrosive; (e) the gummamint does a very poor job of educating.

A free market in education will address all these problems by putting parent back in control of raising their children as they see fit. This means that we have to be ready to squelch a lot of hot air and stop trying to control people. We had freedom in this country before and we can have it again.

Let's assume that we need 4 decades to free our children from the specter of a poor gummamint education. If I was king, how would I do it?

For the first two decades, I would free about 5% of the children every year from the gummamint. This would allow the private sector to grown and the gummamint skoolz to wither. For the last two decades, I would reduce the subsidy of education 5% each year. See how nicely that works out. In the first two decades, the free market grows strong. In the second two decades, we wean the new industry off the gummamint ninny. At the end of forty years, we have solved the problem with a minimum of dislocation and maximized freedom.

Now lets examine the first two decades. We have some opportunities that have to be addressed. In the preparation for for Year  Zero, we have to address the existing gummamint skoolz, the people who work their now, the gummamint running it, the parents, and finally the students. Let's start in reverse order.

Dear Students: The State apologizes for making you the guinea pigs in a national experiment with gumammint skoolz. You will have to know that our transition plan will only help you a little bit. Rome wasn't built in a day. Hopefully the younger of you will benefit. The older will just have to be satisfied that when you are in the workforce you will no longer be burdened with this monster.

Dear Parents: The State is going to give you in NJ a 12k$ check to buy your child's education. Now before you go picking private schools, be advised that initially all checks will be RED. That means you have to redeem them at your local school. Every year for the next 20 years, the State is going to run a lottery. In this lottery, every child will be entered. Each year, 5% of the tickets drawn will result in that child getting a GREEN check. Those of you with a green check can spend that anywhere you want for your children's education. During these two decades, we will be licensing schools to accept green checks. Be advise the criteria for licensing will be financial stability NOT educational merit.  

Dear Teachers and Administrators: The State is getting out of the education business. It is great opportunity for you to deliver quality education while becoming an owner in your own business.

Dear Teacher's Union: The State is getting out of education. You should see if your members wish to participate in the brave new frontier of education. You as the union could seek to become a certified vendor of education in the state. In twenty years, there will no longer be any state employees in education. We urge you to plan accordingly.

Dear Taxpayer: Relief is on the way.

=== Notes about the first two decades ===

In the first "get ready" year, every child will get a "booklet" of 12 RED checks. It would be a twelve post dated checks to the first of each month. The gummanmint skoolz will take that red check booklet and redeem them monthly for their funding. This will begin simulating the buyer – seller relationship. Unlike today, the skoolz administrator and teacher have to get that red check from each parent. That should lead to some interesting conversations. The check has no value other than to get the process started.

Administrators and teachers are smart people. We don't necessarily want to lose them but we need to change the dynamics. Each skoolz will be "incorporated" with the existing people and assets. Let's call it the First Generic Neighborhood Skoolz. Two classes of stock will be issued to create the corporation with a twenty year lockup. Each worker in each FGNS will receive one hundred shares for each hundred dollars of their gross salary. They are now owners! Each municipality will give a long term lease to the assets in the skoolz to the FGNS in exchange for the Class B shares and a lien. Based of the free market value of the assets leased, the municipality receives one hundred shares for every hundred dollars of assets. In year zero, nothing trades. After that, everyone is free. The municipality releases the lien as the FGNS redeems its Class B shares.

The Government will transform into a referee. It's role is to certify the financial stability of those who seek to redeem RED CHECKS. Those entities have to post a performance bond to ensure that they deliver on promises. Just like any other government contract.

Year zero runs for a year, or two, to get the bugs out of the process. Then the "fun" begins.

Each year, for the next twenty, %5 percent of the children selected at random "go green". The parents receive a green check booklet that they can use at any approved vendor to buy an education for their child. They are the boss.

Each new child coming into the system will participate in an entry lottery. The appropriate percentage will be given green status. For example, in year 5, 25% are green. In year 15, 75% are green. Once a incoming child goes "green", they are green forever. If they are red, they may become green in a subsequent year. So the FGNS has a naturally declining population of "guaranteed customers". Guess they will be motivated to capture some of those "green kids".

Notice that inner cities skoolz are "interesting" in that they have a large number of "customers" in a single big group. Think there will be interest in running inner city schools?

=== Notes about the second two decades ===

We have now completely privatized education. Now we have to transition from a taxpayer pay to a parent pay.

Let's assume that we held the line an education checks are 12k$ per year. For the next twenty years, we will reduce the education check 5% per year. In twenty years, we will be out of using tax money to pay for education.




LIBERTY: How to End the Statist-Collectivist Mass Delusion … … do something! 

***Begin Quote***

How do we end this mass delusion and free the American people? First,we must be militant, radical and uncomprimising. No apologies for libertarian ideas or beliefs.
We must use the arts of propaganda, elections, and public issues to get the libertarian message out to the masses. We must reject and distinguish ourselves from conservatives. Libertarians are mistakenly considered conservatives. We are not anything of the sort. Libertarianism is radical, conservativism is not. Conservatism is a stagnant, rotten and corrupt statist delusion. We also must oppose the Left with more frequency. We must expose their hateful ideals of group identification, group catagorization, class warfare, anti-traditionalist statist agenda. We must defend free enterprise against statists, both right and left. One way is to expose the frauds of GATT, NAFTA,FTAA, and the WTO. These statist treaties are not free trade, but are statist government managed trade. We must also oppose all taxes, at all levels, all regulations, and all new laws designed to infringe on the right of people to live their lives as they see fit. We must show people the evils of empire and imperialism. We must point out the benefits of a Jeffersonian foreign policy of "Stategic Neutrality" and peace. All foreign wars must be opposed and all American troops brought home. We must show the American people that your life belongs to you and no one else! Without the right to own, control and manage your own property, you become a slave. Without the right to live your personal life by your own morals ( without infringing on the right of others to do the same), you are a slave. Without the right to be free of tyrannical laws and government, you are a slave. Without the right to associate or not associate with any one you choose, you are a slave. The worst type of slavery is the slavery of the mind. This type of slavery perpetuates the Left/ Right Statist Collectivist Mass Delusion. It is the type of slavery where you continue to think your free, but you are really in bondage.

Reject the slave mentality! Reject the idea that you exist to serve you "betters" in the Left/ Right Statist Collectivist Mass Delusion. Embrace radical libertarianism, and free the world. 

***End Quote***

Hmmm! Well, it's certainly not by writing long glumps of text.

We have to "DO" something.

My personal three targets remain:

(1) the fiat currency because it gives the gummamint a hidden tax to take all they want;

(2) the gummamint skoolz because they dumb down the future and train kids in socialism; and

(3) the gummamint's erosion of our rights by further inserting themselves into new areas.

How do we do that?

Ridicule them and their ideas. I don't think they take be made to look foolish well. And, people will say to themselves "well that's dumb". Every time that happens they lose a little of their power.

What have I done in the last thirty days to advance liberty?

(a) Chatted about the Spanish American War tax on cell phones to anyone who would listen.

(b) Expressed amazement everytime people give me stuff for "pretty little green presidential paintings" every time a buy somethings.

(c) Asked every parent if they wouldn't like to send their child to a private school instead of the government propaganda center.

While I often get looked at strangely, I don't get people saying "wow that's how to pay for a war", "yup those paintins r real pretty", or "no those zkoolz r gud nuff".

I think we have to "put a pebble in people's shoes" about just how much they want freedom. 

TECH: “ELEPHANTDRIVE” the auto backup service didn’t. Why?

It fails with a less than helpful message. "There was a problem with the transfer. Please try again or contact support for assistance".

Well it is, was, advanced as a beta. I guess I'm spoiled with Google's betas that are better than Microsoft's finished products.

And what is wrong with error messages that had a simple number.

I remember the IBM mainframe days when I had to code user errors like "IEZFJOHN001 – CVT not found! Big problem. Operator notify issue a type one alert!". A friend of mine reported that "my" error message was actually triggered during a system upgrade. Other system utilities either failed silently or caused OC4s and OC6s. My friend was able to tell the staff that he knew the anal retentive who wrote that code.

Hey, when I was a baby programmer, I didn't want a screw up on my watch. If the CVT wasn't where it was supposed to be then I didn't want to get blamed for losing it.

As I recollect, that program had 11 different error conditions. All equally improbable. But, I was conscientious and an uber nerd those days!

My friend actually won a bet on it. They didn't have the source code for it, and many other utilities. He bet that he could have the source code in hand in less than an hour after he called me. I had to hustle to find it in my garage. I was able to offer him either a listing or punch cards. Come to think of it I don't the he ever sent me my half of the six pack. 

Now, does anyone need some logical character manipulation Fortran subroutines? How about some assembler reentrant routines to do time sync?

Ahhh, those were the days when I had "real" skills. 

TECH: “MOZY” the auto backup service didn’t. Why?

I noticed, when MOZY called my attention to the fact, that it hadn't take a backup for nine days. No reason that I can see. When I "forced" it using program options, it worked. So why did it take a vacation? Interesting in that it's supposed to be mindless. Guess you can't depend upon anything!

LIBERTY: How organs should be distributed? Not by the government!

***Begin Quote***

Anyone can join LifeSharers. Membership is free. We welcome everyone, and we turn no one away. Can someone please tell me what is discriminatory about that?
***End Quote***

Organ donation club called discriminatory
***Begin Quote***

But this approach raises ethical questions about how organs should be distributed. The need for donors is overwhelming. In January and February, 4,508 transplants were performed in the U.S., but more than 92,000 people are on the approved federal waiting list.
***End Quote***

By whom? I read this article several times and I can't see who is call it "discriminatory". Is it the reporter?

Walter Williams, my favorite economic professor, wrote the definitive solution:

***Begin Quote***

Transplantable organ shortages would disappear overnight if people were permitted to sell organs. You say, "Williams, people shouldn't make money selling organs!" I say, "Why not? Everybody else is making money on the deal."

*** AND***

The fact of life is that there must be some way to decide which sick person gets an organ. One way to decide is to have a government mandate whereby the most critically ill gets first priority. That could result in waste because a not-so-critically-ill person has a greater chance of survival and a smaller chance of needing another transplant. Another way to decide is to allow the medical elite to put the rich and famous at the top of the list, as they did with Mickey Mantle, who received a liver transplant and died two months later. Allowing the medical elite to decide who gets transplants has already created despicable arrogance. I was watching one show where a doctor refused to give a patient who smoked cigarettes a heart transplant. While it's popular right now to dump on cigarette smokers, tomorrow that same physician might refuse to give a transplant to an overweight person, a low-I.Q. person, a divorcee or whatever suits the whims of a particular hospital physician staff.

We shouldn't allow America's elite to decide who gets what in health and other areas of our lives. We wouldn't begin to tolerate somebody deciding that housing, food, cars and clothing be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis or on a who-needs-them-the-most basis? If we did, there'd be desperate shortages in housing, food, cars and clothing just as there are shortages in organs available for transplant.

There are other benefits from allowing people to sell their organs. For example, I smoke cigarettes and cigars. If I knew that my heart and lungs could become a part of my estate, I would take better care of them. But since my heirs can't monetarily gain, it makes sense for me to die with completely used up organs just like I'd try to die with a zero bank balance if Congress wouldn't allow me to bequeath money to my heirs. 
***End Quote***

I happen to like that solution. Take control away from the gummamint, the elite, and return it to the fairest arbiter of need ever discovered … the marketplace.

One should acknowledge that one becomes rich in the marketplace by satisfying the needs of others. Bill Gates made people happy and they applauded by giving him their greenbacks. If he needs a transplant, why shouldn't he be able to use his "applause" as evidence of being the most worthy.

The poor would not be excluded from the marketplace. I already see charities for that purpose.

AND, even when today the system breaks down, haven't you seen whole communities rallying about an unfortunate case with gigantic fund raising drives?

One advantage of a marketplace solution is that it operates without a large overhead.  

No one has to run the marketplace. There are no government bureaucrats drawing pay and benefits to "decide" who should get this kidney or that liver.

It may sound "ghoulish", but letting people die is REALLY ghoulish.

We have seen what the "current system", or non-system, delivers. Death, suffering, and uncertainty. How about a change?  

TURKEY: I AM a big fat turkey … … but I am teachable!

***Begin Quote***

The most important outcome of introducing yourself as an entrepreneur first is that you will start to believe it yourself. There is power in language. A Buddhist friend once told me that the words that you say form a force field of attraction around you. So don't be shy. Next time someone asks you what you do for a living, don't chicken out – position yourself as an entrepreneur! If you want to practice, introduce yourself here.

***End Quote***


I AM a big fat turkey. Moonlighting as a blogging technology executive.


OK, here's my real introduction.

I'm really a businessman's technologist, or a technologist's businessman, as the need arises, specializing in translating between the two communities. I unlock hidden values by using Business Process Reengineering and IT Architecture. In my spare time, I play sometimes with technology but sometimes with out. I write about my experiences, and learn from the responses of others on the road of life.

LIBERTY: Federal Long Distance tax ends … … but look at inflation as a tax!

Federal Long Distance tax ends….

***Begin Quote***

Federal Long Distance tax ends….

I think at one point I’ve said that once taxes are put in place they tend NEVER to go away. Well, I must admit I’m wrong. 108 years ago in an effort to help finance the Spanish American War, long distance telephone taxes went into place. The tax will no longer be in effect as of July 31, 2006. Supposedly, we will be able to file for a refund of our last three years worth of long-distance taxes for land/cell phones in the 2006 tax returns. I stand corrected… once taxes are put in place they ALMOST Never go away (and if it’s for a specific purpose, it may hang around long after that purpose is completed.)

***End Quote***

True. This tax final went away. Probably because people were tying the tax and the purpose together. It was making the gummamint look stupid.

Let's look at the biggest tax scam. It's not the Social Security "Insurance" ponzi scheme. Nor is it the Federal Income Tax. Nor is it the Alternative Minimum Tax. Nor is it the National Debt that they keep recapping higher and higer as needed. Now those are all big taxes. Between them, I'd estimate that more than half of your annual earnings are stolen by the gummamint.

No, the bigest scam is inflation.

Don't let the gummamint distract you by talking about price inflation. Get down to basics. What is a "dollar"? That's right, it is just a piece of paper with funny printing that people with give you stuff in exchange for them.

The biggest hidden tax is the inflation caused by the gummmint's printing press!

It is a tax on your savings. It's a tax on anything you accumulate. It's hidden.

It's corrosive. It has turned us from a nation of savers to a nation of debtors. Why save? You can pay back later with "dollars" that are worth less.

Let's assume you have a hundred dollars, inflation is 5%, and candy bars are a dollar each. You could buy a hundred candy bars. Next year, the gummamint inflates the currency 5%. Prices rise because there are now more dollars chasing fewer goods. The candy bar makes raise candy prices 5% just to stay even. That hundred dollars now will only buy only 95 candy bars. Where did those five extra candy bars go? You, right into the gummamint. It's the effect of owning the printing press.

Try it yourself. Play monopoly. And every time you pass go, inflate the money supply 5%. The bank has $15,140 in cash in standard editions of Monopoly. Give yourself an extra $757 everytime you pass go. That's an one orange $500 bill, two beige $100 bills, one green $50 bills, one pink $5 bills, and two white $1 bills. Watch what happens. I bet you'll win. Think the other players will catch on? You'll probably hear the exclamation "That's not fair!" followed by an appropriate punishment for ruining the game by counterfeiting.

So why is it different when the gummamint does it to you in real life?

WRITING: a de Bono challenge – Take five random words in a sequence and then construct a story using the words in the same sequence.

***Begin Quote***


Create a Story

Take five random words in a sequence and then construct a story using the words in the same sequence. You are not permitted to say, for example, that you looked at a mail ordedr [sic] catalogue and ordered five objects (the random words) from the catalogue. Each word must be fully used in its own right. The final story should not be more than 250 words long.
Edward de Bono
20th April 2006  

***End Quote***

But where does one get five random words?


"List of rivers of Albania", Shimmerzine, "Anal glands", "Klokotnica is a village in southern Bulgaria", "Corfe is a village and parish in Somerset, England"


As I peruse a list of the rivers in Albania preparing some day to be a Jeopardy champion, I see a fellow traveler carrying a copy of Shimmerzine. It is the anal gland of publishing that leaves a phantom scent as it plops down in your mailbox. As the bus pulls into town, I can read the sign "Клокотница"! That's Bulgarian for Klokotnica for you tourists. My pilgrimage from Corfe England to the Saint Forty Martyrs church is now over. As is this assignment.  


84 words.


What did I learn? Debono is one wierd dude. ;-)  Who has a problem with typos!

WRITING: The meaning of the words “grok”, “requiron”, and “procept”

***Begin Quote***

"Grok means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience. It means almost everything that we mean by religion, philosophy, and science—and it means as little to us (because we are from Earth) as color means to a blind man."
***End Quote***

The only other fellow I know who creates his own vocabluary is Edward De Bono.

***Begin Quote***


In one of my books I introduce the new word 'requiron'.

This indicates: "something that is needed".

"The requiron here is a way of increasing self-esteem in youngsters".

An alternative is the word 'procept'. A procept is a concept that does not yet exist but needs ot exist.

As an exercise spell outr [sic] a specific requiron in the fields of education and another in the field of health.

Edward de Bono nmt
20th December 2004
***End Quote***

I'm fascinated that some onecan make an elemental change in the language and in people's thinking. That really makes on a member in the exclusive club of "giants upon whose sholders we stand".

TECH: Blue Frog’s legacy? Users are fed up and ready to fight. Just give’m a target!

From the Ashes of Blue Frog

May 26, 2006
From the Ashes of Blue Frog
the LOOSE wire blog
technology: usage and abusage. By WSJ columnist Jeremy Wagstaff 

***Begin Quote***

The Blue Frog may be no more,  but the vigilantes are. Seems that despite the death of Blue Security in the face of a spammer’s wrath, the service has built an appetite for fighting back.
***End Quote***

Jeremy posits some interesting questions:

***Begin Quote***

Actually I thought the link Blue Frog used wasn’t unsubscribe (which is usually fake, since if it wasn’t would then pull the spammer back within the law) but the purchase link. 

***End Quote***

I THOUGHT that the Blue Forg team was doing analysis to find the beneficiary of the spam. AND then that beneficiary was petitioned to give relief.

I would not want to bear the wrath of the inet public should say a major company be found benefitting by spam. I'm thinking of the spammers that offer an XYZ gift card for signing up.

***Begin Quote***

Any member who is on the spammer’s list (developed by the logical subtraction from their original list by their new cleaned list) will now be vulnerable to the kind of mass email attack that Blue Frog’s destroyer launched.
***End Quote***

I'd suggest that deliberately letting the spammers "collect" salted email addresses could be a strategy. If for example, an ISP, Google GMail, and or Yahoo "allow" all email addresses thru. Spammers would get no feedback about bad addresses. They would lose a good way to cut their problem down to size.

For example, let's assume 8 character names, like That address space has (36)**8 possible combination. Let's further assume that a spammer sends via his botnet a spam to that address space. Assume that our spammer puts return addresses that he can check. That feedback allows him to reduce his target space. He'l get some confirmation from vacation type messages and the absence of a bounce. He can determine what are valid addresses in the space. If we deny him the feedback of bounces, then everytime he wants to spam, he has to cover the domain.

We lose the ability to know about bouncing emails, but … … if we use receipt, we'll knwo what doesn't get thru.

Just a thought! 

MONEY: Social Security “Insurance” is welfare for rich white women at the expense of men, especially poor minority men!


>I also think that my pension is a perk, just like any perk you've received over the years.

No, not a perk. It was part of the value equation that you accepted to give them your time. The problem with a government pension is that they are defrauding you. Or at least fooling you too into believing how good it is or will be.

Compare the difference between a pension and an IRA / 401k.

Your time is worth say a dollar. Now you can take the dollar put it in an IRA, or have Uncle Sam put it in your “government pension”. I’d argue you’d be better off if you COULD put that dollar in your own IRA.

Thirty years down the road, you have to go hat in hand to Mommy Government and apply for your pension. Who knows what the rules will be, the payouts, or anything? You're depending upon the American people's sense of "fair play" and the honesty of politicians to uphold the bargain made by their predecessors.

That money in your IRA is real savings. It's yours. You want it. Go take it! All of it.

The money in the Government Pension is just an IOU based on the willingness of future taxpayers to make good on what you’ve been promised.

And, if, like the social security ponzi scheme, you are unfortunate not to live long enough to collect, then who gets your “pension”? An IRA would go to your heirs. Your accumulated Social Security taxes (i.e., "insurance" premiums) and / or accrued  pension just goes into the common pot.

(There’s a reason why accountants joke that social security is welfare for rich white women at the expense of men, especially poor minority men!)

A corporate pension also represent real savings. The company usually has bought a bet with an insurance company to pay the pensioners off. Baring the insurance company and the company going belly up, you'll get your benefit.

Defined benefit plans are being abandoned by companies thru bankruptcy. The Government winds up holding the bag via the PGC. So, to a certain extent, there is little difference between the the bankrupted corporate pension, a government pension, and Social Security! Ask the pilots at Delta about pensions versus IRA / 401ks.

At one time, unions held their members' pension plan assets because no one trusted the companies. Federal prosecutions of the union pension trustees demonstrates the worth of that approach. 

So, I think you have to think very carefully about promises versus bank balances. You need to think about the time value of money, discounted cash flow, the value of annuities, and a "bird in my hand is worth two of your promises".