WRITING: Using “yWriter” to compose the great american novel


As a "tool guy", I am enamoured with the idea of a tool that will help me write the … my … great american novel. I'll let you know how I make out. I have to gather all my bits and parts that I have tried to compose over time. Let's see what we have. 

GUNS: Maher is no Libertarian … … because guns are a litmus issue!


From the Magazine | Interview
10 Questions for Bill Maher

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Sometimes people say to me, "You're not a real Libertarian because Libertarians believe there should be no gun control." I'm not a radical Libertarian, O.K.? Every party has something of a big tent.

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Maher is no Libertarian.

There is no big tent in the Libertarian party. We've seen the RINOs (Republicans in name only), the DINOs (Democrats in name only), the CINOs (Catholics in name only), but there are no LINOs (Libertarians in name only). That's because there is only one core Libertarian belief among Libertarians. Freedom, liberty, on every issue, every time, no exceptions.

Lot's of people claim to be Libertarians. Mostly it's talk show hosts. I guess it's the new "undecided" without being labeled as unable to make up ones mind. But, claiming something doesn't make it so. I can claim to be thin, handsome, and young. But that doesn't make it so!

So when Maher claims the "Libertarian" label except for guns, he fails. Guns are what can be as close to a Libertarian litmus test as can exist.

Some background to get to that.

Libertarians — both the big L Libertarians who define it as being a member of the party and the little L Libertarians who subscribe to a philosophy of life — are all defined by the ZAP Zero Aggression Principle. Libertarians, regardless of petty squabbles on individual issues, unify behind the idea that no one is allowed to initiate force. And, certainly not to accomplish political or social goals.

Libertarians trust others with freedom and liberty. It's really axiomatic. One can only have as much freedom as one is prepared to give others. I don't want you telling me what drugs I have access to; so, I have to let you be free to be a drug addict. I don't want my earnings and savings to be stolen (i.e., taxes) by an armed gang (i.e., government); so, I can't make you pay them either. I don't want to pay for the government reeducation camps (i.e., the gummamint publik skoolz) where your children are taught things antithetical to your beliefs; so, I won't make you pay either. To be free, I have let you be free as well.

Guns, and the freedom concerning them, are intimately involved in freedom.

First, the armed citizen is the ultimate check on a despotic government. The dead old white guys knew that having just fought a war against an oppressive government. There are some great a bumper stickers that summarize the reasons. "Politicians prefer unarmed peasants!"  "A man with a Gun is a citizen. A man without a Gun is a subject." "Only Crooked Politicians Fear Armed Citizens." "Genocide what happens when people are disarmed."

Second, the armed citizens are the police. They back up the thin blue line. Think of the Old West's posse. Look what happened in NOLA when the good people left, the police were helpless. Again some bumper sticker philosophy says it quicker. "When the laws outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns."  "The more helpless you are the safer you are from criminals." "A woman raped and strangled is morally superior to a woman with a smoking gun and a dead rapist at her feet."

Third, the armed citizen is emblematic of participate in the body politic. A civil society depends upon the support of its members. If we are not prepared to defend society from those who would harm it, then we don't deserve its protection. One can tell the sheep from the sheepdogs by who rushes to the defense of the flock. If you're unarmed or disarmed, then you're not a very effective defender.

So when someone tells you that they don't trust you with a gun, you better start asking yourself why you should trust them to have one when you don't. There is no single issue that will expose whether a person's beliefs about "gun control" are meant as "victim disarmament" or "hitting what you aim at". When people like politicians and celebrities talk about "gun control", they mean "the unopposed ability to impose their will".

So when Maher say "no guns for you kiddies", he definitely NOT a Libertarian.

LIBERTY: Pope Benedict XVI visited the Auschwitz … … teaching us we are all “Jews”!


Pope: How Could God 'Tolerate' Holocaust?
May 28, 6:13 PM (ET)
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(AP) Pope Benedict XVI prays in front of the memorial plaques at the former Nazi Death Camp Birkenau, in…

OSWIECIM, Poland (AP) – Pope Benedict XVI visited the Auschwitz concentration camp as "a son of the German people" Sunday and asked God why he remained silent during the "unprecedented mass crimes" of the Holocaust.
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There are two lessons in this story. 

One thing we should learn from the Pope's visit is that we have to consider ourselves "Jews", or "Mexicans", or "Black"! Or "green with yellow stripes" if that is what the current scape-dog class of human being is. We have to be like the legend of the Danish King wearing the yellow star. Didn't happen, but it should have happened. Or the non-Muslim woman wearing the Muslim head scarf. http://www.paloaltoonline.com/weekly/morgue/2001/2001_10_03.scarf.html 

 The other thing is that the only a government can commit a genocide.