Yahoo wants to get you interested in registering a domain. Why bother?

Received an email from Yahoo offering a domain name for 2.99! 

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How long will you wait to get that domain for your business, hobby, family, or anything else that interests you? For only $2.99 for the first year, you'll get your domain name plus:

>  24-7 toll-free support: Get help if you have questions.
>  Bonus starter web page: Establish your web presence in minutes.
>  Domain forwarding: Easily send traffic from your other sites.

Your domain name is out there. Go get it. 

***End Quote***

 But, I've read GoDaddy's description of the add drop scheme.

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Millions of good .COM domain names – on any given day over 3.5 million and climbing — are unfairly made unavailable to small businesses and others who would actually register and use them in ways for which the names were intended. Many times businesses accidentally let their domain names expire. When they go to renew them, they find they have been snapped up – and taken away with a huge expensive hassle to follow – by an add/drop registrar.
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So it's a waste to even bother looking for "good" domain names. They're all tied up by these phony registrars.

So Yahoo don't waste my time. 

“Pony Up”? That all the taxpayer keeps doing!

State needs to pony up more funds for schools
Council supports bill requiring state to fund 25 percent of school costs

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EDISON – Officials and residents alike are looking for solutions on how to fund education in the wake of the Board of Education's recently defeated budget.
*** AND ***

We may not be an Abbott district, but it doesn't mean we have unlimited funds," she said.

***End Quote***

Ahh, Mister John, tsk, tsk, There is no "State". There are only taxpayers. And, if you're telling us that we have to pony up more, then I'll ask you why?

What makes you think that the taxpayer can afford to "pony up"?

And "pony up" for a failed solution.

If I was in Detroit with a map of Chicago, then you'd know I was lost! But when we have a failed system like "publik skoolz", why can we see that we need a new map?

We certainly should have learned from the Communists that centralized state planning doesn't work. Our education model is lifted directly from the great socialists of the "education  experts". 

No, sorry, more money is not needed. I don't pay to feed other people's children. Nether, do I clothe them. So why do I have to educate them? 

Karen’s Replicator is a straight-forward backup utility that copies individual files and folders to another location

Karen's Replicator is a straight-forward backup utility that copies individual files, folders and even entire drives to another location. Its key feature is to schedule automatic backups. Simple, effective and … … free!

I use it to backup my luggable to my home desktop and my old laptop. While not precisely the same, if luggable would die unexpectedly, then I could take my oldlap laptop and not miss too much data wise. I would really like to be in the position of having two identical platforms but who can afford that? If I ever do it again, then that's what I'd do. It would be interesting since one would know what fouled up the environment. Sigh. Till then, I'll be using Karenware's replicator to duplicate data directories.

Of interest, the only trick I had to use was to define the other machines on the network to LUGGABLE so that they would each have drive letters. 

Hmm, other ideas?   

Automatic 401(k) options

Bipartisan Push for Automatic 401(k) Plans
By Randy Hall Staff Writer/Editor
May 17, 2006
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( – Former vice presidential candidates John Edwards and Jack Kemp joined forces on Tuesday in Pentagon City, Va., calling on corporations to offer automatic 401(k) options in an effort to boost the financial security of middle and lower-income American families.

***End Quote***

As usual, when the two political parties agree on anything, you can be sure of one thing, it must benefit them.

Once again, the public is being "helped" by Mommy Government, backed up by the rules of Father State.

You're too dumb to save money on your own, so Mommy is going to make sure you are "signed up" from Day One. And, of course, Father State will make rules to interfere with the established employer employee relationships.

AND, it ignores the fact that "one size fits all" solutions are be their very nature not what some people need.

401ks can be subject to errors in judgement by selecting badly or failing to diversify because of restricted choice. DOn't forget that most 401k offerings come with high fees as well.
Now let's look under the covers and question why these two politicians are worried about you. Hmmm, could it be that the Ponzi scheme Social Security "Insurance" is broke and gettin' broker!

So there we have it!

We're being given something that won't work for most "for our own good" backed up by laws by a pair of politicians with something to gain. Hmmm!

Put a plastic bag over the Statue of Liberty?–+Op-ed+columns

A glimmer of hope on immigration
By Derrick Z. Jackson, Globe Columnist  |  May 17, 2006
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PRESIDENT BUSH slipped just enough humanity into his national immigration address to show this is one issue he sees with complexity. After saying he will send the National Guard to the borders and build new fences and walls, he acknowledged that millions of people are here to stay and millions are still going to try to come here to stay.
***End Quote***

We are no longer welcoming immigrants to the US. "Illegal Aliens" is like Jumbo Shrimp.

If they are draining "our" social program (I didn't institute them), then let's eliminate the welfare. At the very least, require people seeking benefits to prove they are a citizen.

Seems simple to me. Fix the problem. Not bandaid the symptoms. 

Spammers kill Blue Frog! Now we know who runs the internet!

Spammers Defeat Blue Security
Shutting down operations after Russian DDoS attack
Posted 2006-05-17 11:44:57

**Begin Quote***

Anti-Spam outfit Blue Security posted a statement on their currently off-line website stating they were ceasing their war on spam and shutting down, after a Russian spammer essentially DDoS'd the company to death. The outfit had some half-a-million of their members recently bombard spammers with e-mails requesting they cease operations. While some spammers complied, one outfit launched a denial of service attack on the company they simply couldn't overcome, claims the company in a statement:
"Over the past few months we were able to leverage the power of the Blue Community and convince top spammers responsible for sending over 25% of the world's spam to comply with our users' opt-out list. We were making real progress in eliminating spam from the lives of our users.

However, several leading spammers viewed this change as a strategic threat to their spam business. The week before last, these spammers launched a series of attacks against us, taking down hundreds of thousands of other websites via a massive Denial-of-Service attack and causing damage to ISPs, website owners and Internet users worldwide. They also began a relentless campaign of email intimidation against many members of the Blue Community.

After recovering from the attack, we determined that once we reactivated the Blue Community, spammers would resume their attacks. We cannot take the responsibility for an ever-escalating cyber war through our continued operations."
The Washington Post has a good read on the company's lost battle against spam.
***End Quote***

Well, I think we now know who runs the internet. It's not the ISPs, the gummamint, or the users. It's the spammers!

We have to very quickly get a strategy that works — verified senders, a mail "tax", or whatever.