Put a plastic bag over the Statue of Liberty?


A glimmer of hope on immigration
By Derrick Z. Jackson, Globe Columnist  |  May 17, 2006
***Begin Quote***

PRESIDENT BUSH slipped just enough humanity into his national immigration address to show this is one issue he sees with complexity. After saying he will send the National Guard to the borders and build new fences and walls, he acknowledged that millions of people are here to stay and millions are still going to try to come here to stay.
***End Quote***

We are no longer welcoming immigrants to the US. "Illegal Aliens" is like Jumbo Shrimp.

If they are draining "our" social program (I didn't institute them), then let's eliminate the welfare. At the very least, require people seeking benefits to prove they are a citizen.

Seems simple to me. Fix the problem. Not bandaid the symptoms. 

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