Wife’s cardiologist tell us of the two tier med care in India (Disasterous!)

Wife's cardiologist tell us of the two tier med care in India.

Frau's cardiologist related the story of his mominlaw who died in India. May she rest in peace. There are two systems — one government for every one and one you pay for. He relayed the story how mominlaw was in the "better" system. The hospital bill had to be paid each morning. Reviewing her chart, he saw lots of tests, meds, and stuff. He said he could not, as he would expect to be able to, figure out what the medical strategy was. He said we don't know how lucky we have it here in the USA. The college prof husband had died prior and his four month hospitalization leading to his death wiped out their savings. So our doc paid the bill. He didn't say how much. That might have been interesting also.

From my reading about India, I know about the corruption and bureaucracy in their systems. So they have a "free government system" of health care that the doc says is a disaster and a "pay as you go" system that is (slightly?) better. Sound familiar. Like the Canadian and English systems. Considering that India was a colony of England, one can't be surprised.

So, having seen Medicare up close, runing like a KGB spymaster, the affairs of three old folks, it's just as ugly. Can it compare? Maybe; maybe not.

It is CLEAR to me from my personal knowledge that:

(A) Hillary-care or any single payer (i.e., government) health care would be a disaster. We have evidence. There already exists in this country: (1) VA health care; (2) Medicare; and (3) Medicaid. We have Canada and England as foreign exemplars.

(B) The combination of private insurance and a government program "insures" a blizard of paperwork.

(C) When you have multiple private insurances regulated by State and Federal laws and regulations, then be prepared for paperwork, finger pointing, and a lot of mad medical people.

(D) One has to have an organized approach to handling the paperwork on Day 1. You can't catch up. And, you might not even be able to keep up when you're being blitzed.


LIBERTY: Raise gasoline prices to $10 a gallon! Another writer out of their mind?

LIBERTY: Another bozo wants to raise gasoline prices to $10 a gallon! Are you out of your mind?
May 9th, 2006


Want to change the world? Make gas $10 a gallon.
– Mark Morford
Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Mark Morford's column appears Wednesdays and Fridays in Datebook and on sfgate.com. E-mail him at mmorford@sfgate.com.
***Begin Quote***

No wait, not 6. To hell with that. Make it 10. Ten bucks a gallon, no matter what the going rate for a barrel of light, sweet crude. That would so completely, violently, brilliantly do it. Revolutionize the country. Firebomb our pungent stasis. Change everything. Don't you agree?

{Extraneous deleted}

But, of course, such an idea is also, right now, absolutely impossible. It will never happen — not 10 bucks, not 6, not even a buck more per gallon — and not just because no politician on either side of the aisle has the nerve to come out and suggest that Americans might actually need to drive less, conserve and change their gluttonous habits. This is, of course, absolute death for a politician. Tell Americans what to do? Dare to suggest that they're doing something wrong or that their behaviors are destructive and irresponsible? Are you insane? This is America! We're flawless!

{Extraneous Deleted}

Another example: You know what would happen if guns — all guns, everywhere — were banned outright tomorrow? Well, right off, nothing much. Criminals would still commit crimes. Lawsuits would skyrocket. The NRA would shoot itself in the face in screaming protest. Crime rates would dance all over the map. It would be a little ugly.

{Extraneous Deleted}

So what? The rest of us can simply roll our eyes and laugh, evolve and sharpen and sigh, and wonder what great change we can embark upon next.

***End Quote***

Dear Mr. Morford,


Your plan is a disaster for liberty, a windfall to the big government statist, and proves to me that Californians must get too much sun!

First rule of political discussions is that they always generate more heat than light. I've been arguing for more freedom for a long time but don't have the sensitivity of a Mary Ruwart or the polish of a Harry Browne, may he rest in peace. So I'll try and be as gentle as possible.

Are you out of your mind?

Let's start with the fact that you can no more legislate the price of gas, or any other commodity. If the legal price is set lower than the replacement cost then gas lines will ensue because no one will make it. President Carter demonstrated that. If the legal price is set higher than the value it represents, then the sellers will be unable to sell it. At any arbitrary number, you will have created a market discontinuity that will make the Great Depression look like a boom!

It just seems obvious that you can't make people behave the way you want. If you have to force your ideas on people, then they can't be very good ideas. If they were, then you could convince people to do things voluntarily. See that is the problem with doing things by "law", you have to back up the laws with guns and worse.

So in the spirit you asked, here are some ideas that perhaps might convince you that freedom could work better.

(1) Increase supply

(a) Let's repeal all government rules in ANWAR. As a matter of fact, let's sell ANWAR to the highest bidders and leave the problem to the new owners. Maybe the Greens could partner with the oil companies to figure it out. Give them each a fifty percent interest and let them fight it out.

(b) Let's repeal all government rules on new refinery construction. And, then walk away.

(2) Reduce consumption

(a) Instead of raising the gasoline prices to $4 a gallon, let's eliminate all taxes on gasoline.

(b) Instead of making the price increase permanent, let's agree to make the tax reduction permanent.
Seriously, the only way to work with government is to starve it of it's life blood … … money.

You have to realize some key things:

(A) By uncoupling the dollar from gold in 1913, we permitted the government to inflate the currency. That means that the government can spend money without bothering to tax us.

(B) By hoodwinking us into the Social Security Ponzi scheme, we permitted the government to have an inter generational slush fund. That means that the government can spend money without bothering to tax us.

(C) By allowing the government to "protect us" by regulations, we permitted the government to foul up the economy and distorting the economy. That means the government can "direct" what we can and can not do.

Centralized planning did NOT work for the Communists. What makes you think it will work here?

Freedom doesn't require the government to tell us anything. The free marketplace allows peaceful exchanges that every one benefits from to occur.

In short, let's unlock the creative power of the free marketplace and put the government back in pandora's box.

a casual web browser

P.S.: After you have taken away guns, then get ready for the death camps. Don't laugh it can happen here. Can you say Japanese Internment, Lynch Mobs, and Waco? The Second Amendment is about the ultimate check on unrestrained Government abuse.

TRKY: Met a “turkey” and boy is he unprepared!

I ran in for some ice cream and happened to overhear a newly laid off fellow, (a fellow turkey but he just doesn't know it yet), telling an older gent, who turned out to be his dadinlaw, about how he took his hobbies off his resume. AND, how much money someone wanted him to spend to write his resume.

I couldn't resist. In a sec, I turned into "super Turkey"! I puked job search ideas all over him.

Anybody who asks for money has to be suspect. Play ProblemAnalysisResult resume; givem them P and R and make'm pay for the A. AND, a resume's only purpose is to get you an interview.

I gave him my email / web site and suggested he drop me a line.

Will he?

Or will he be afraid. be very afraid!

TECH: Yahoo Instant Messenger now installs on LUGABLE (Finally!)


Yahhhoooo, Yahoo Help finally supplied an executable that will install. I installed and it's running.

It was wireless wednesday. And, as planned, I have the loveable LUGGABLE up on vwbbie (i.e., the Verizon Wireless not so Broad Band service). I was able to make one out call from it to home that was acoustically unusable. The called party could hear me but it was delayed badly. I abandoned it and went to a landline. Of interest was that it did charge me two cents for the failed call. That's a bad omen.

I want to have an incall to test. Maybe I'll try it from my cell to laptop. 


GUNZ: Dogs kill librarian in TN. (Yup, it IS dangerous out there!)


***Begin Quote***

Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding her death, but they believe she was attacked on the front porch of her neighbor's Knights Church Road home, near the town of Decherd. A chocolate Labrador and a second dog of unidentified mixed breeds are being held pending the outcome of DNA testing to confirm they were involved in the attack, Franklin County Sheriff's Maj. Bruce Elliott said Monday.

***End Quote***

Now I don't know about you, but I would have trusted the lady to have a firearm. Imagine the results if she had a "girlie gun", like a 380, in her pocket. Like her keys. Dog threatens. She whips out her "dog discouragement device" and pop, pop, bang! One or more threatening dogs are off to doggie heaven. She could even reload and make sure as far as I'm concerned.

Now her neighbor or the dog's owners, assuming they are different, may have a gripe. Heck they could even sue claiming it was excessive. But she'd be around to have that discussion.

Note that the gun has to be quickly available.

It's a dangerous world out there and it does NOT warn you very far in advance. So that's why the "threat abatement tool" or the "(pick one: dog, bear, cougar, other wild animal, criminal, psycotic spouse) discouragement device" has to be always at hand.

Concealed or open carry should be allowed.

In this specifc case, I would trust the now dead Librarian not to blow away things at random like the cute family dauxhund, fluffy the cat, or herman the kid, the post man, the gas meter reader, or a library patron. Wouldn't you?

Regardless of her eyeglass perscription, I think she would know that when in fear for her life, it's time to call on Saint Sam Colt.

I know that if I inadvertantly scared her enough for her to "present". Then I'd back away real careful like.

It's really a shame that we have allowed ourselves to be deluded into thinking we are safe if our make beleive world where nothing bad can happen to us.

Whenever the Father Gummamint allows me, I keep my device "handy". I'd like to be able do that ANY TIME without restriction. Just like it says in the Second Ammendment!

TRKY: Assess the culture … “our employees are our most valuable asset” … … yeah right! … and I have a bridge

Assess the culture … "our employees are our most valuable asset" … … yeah right! … and I have a bridge


First, you have to like anything that starts with "escape from cubicle nation".

Didchaknow that the cubicle is an unintended consequence of the government tax policy on depreciation? Cubicles can be expense over a few years; an office 39!

I really like this "Don't ask for your employees' input if you are not going to listen to it."

Wish I had a dollar for everytime that happened. And, when they did listen, they stole my idea and used it without  attribution. I made sure never to do that.

Assignment for those "OUT": Create a tactic – method – questionnaire – something to follow that will tell you how you are going to assess the kult-ure at each target. Don't be so desperate for a job that you close your eye to the salt mine!

Assignment for those "IN" (they just don't know yet when they will be "out" again): Assess the culture where your boots are now. Is it a salt mine, face time, or play time?

the big turkey

LBTY: Will the TSA Be Always With Us? (Not if I have anything to say about it!)


Will the TSA Be Always With Us?
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

***Begin Quote***

Instead we got the TSA, a Stalinist creation. Everyone please do his or her part to pin this dreadful agency on the Bush administration, which is precisely where the blame belongs.
***End Quote***

I am "adapting" to life with the TSA. I don't fly. Unless my job insists, or other such duress, a plague on the airlines for going along with it. They won't get my money voluntarily. Boycott! And, girl cott. Like the line from the movie "War Games" to quoting WOPR, "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.", I chose not to play!

RANT: Hey Governor Corzine … … why do state cars speed? (continued) … …

… … why was state car sg 18760 doing in excess of 75 on 295 around mile marker 51 at 0720 this morning (10 May 06)? At least it was a small car, colored green, if not being "green" and saving gas.

You might also want to ask Hunterdon County government why cg 18180 a big white pickup truck was doing over 80 and tailgating on 295 south in burlington county also this morning? Guess the driver was in a hurry to get to work to serve the taxpayers of his county. Looked like a he in my rear view mirror as he zig zaged thru. Maybe he was turned around since I KNOW Hunterdon is north west of where he was NOT south.

ANd, since you're interested in saving my gas, and I probably paid for some fraction of this waste, perhaps you can ask the GSA about another truck GS63 12513. If they'd be so kind as to not speed on NJ roads, even if they were partially built with federal money, then you'd be happy if they NOT rub the serf's noses in their second class status!

We need a good tax revolt NOW! Why does the gummamint tax gas? So we can watch the State's cars speed by.