Flood Insurance is welfare for rich people!

Cover yourself against flooding
By Michelle Singletary  |  May 14, 2006

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It's hard to forget last year's hurricane season and the lessons we all should have learned from it.

One of the chief lessons for both homeowners and renters: Consider getting flood insurance.

Here are two facts I bet you didn't know: Floods occur in all 50 states. And most homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage.

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Aghhh! One lesson we need to learn is that we are STUPID!

OK, follow along kiddies. Hey Mommy Government treats like you are too stupid to run your own life. Why shouldn't everyone?

Where does most flood damage occur?

For those who went to gummamint skoolz, it's the coast line.

Who lives on the water?

For those of you who have not looked into or dreamt about buying something on the "water", it's rich people.

What happens when a disaster happens?

For those of you lucky enough to not to have had this happen, the government cuts a check and you rebuild.

What happens after you rebuild?

Get another flood insurance policy and wait for another disaster. Most people when they rebuild build something better.

Who pays for the flood insurance program?

Everyone who buys it and the taxpayers.

What if you never have a loss?

You're among the losers in this game of rich people's roulette!

What if you're a poor slob, who can just barely afford life?

You might not buy flood insurance and cross your fingers.

So the taxpayer and the dummies who buy flood insurance and never collect pay for rich people to build and rebuild every better houses in dangerous areas.

Solution is simple. End this form of welfare. End federal flood insurance. If insurance is desired, the marketplace will provide it. If no one wants to insure that risk, (i.e., a New Orleans mansion next to the old flood wall), then why should the taxpayer.

If you can't end it — government programs never die — like a vampire they're eternal, then restrict it to one check per location. Rebuild in the same spot at your own risk!

Seems simple to me? 

A Libertarian solution to the “illegal immigrant problem”!


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The simple solution is to require welfare recipients, public school students and recipients of government medical care handouts to PROVE that they are US Citizens.
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It's obvious to any Libertarian (defined as: I don't support the use of force to achieve social or political goals.) that the problem is the government "services". You know those things that they do TO us for our own good that we'd rather they not do. I find it amusing that I can't opt out of their "services". And, that I am force to pay for them.

One quick example. I use sugar. The government "protects" the sugar growers in the US with a high tariff which is essential a tax on me. I don't want to protect sugar growers. Look at a truly free market. Division of labor. The cheapest producer is the best producer. If I wanted to "protect" US Sugar Grower, then I could just "Buy American". My choice. If "protecting" US Sugar Growers was important, I coudl do it. I'm sure some smart advertiser could announce "made with only the best US sugar". They could put little American flags on the boxes. But in the end the US consumers woudl vote with their pocketbook imho. Government "protection" at the point of a gun. Government protection = no freedom; market protection = you choose. 

So when someone says  "illegal immigration problem, we have to immediately fire back "end government welfare". The freedom solution.

But if we eliminate welfare (i.e., checks; publik skooolz; hospital subsidy), everyone will starve, be stupid, and die! Yeah right. There will be no charities: feeding those that deserve help,  helping the poor, teaching those who want to learn, or caring for the sick. Hey gang, wake up, those things were originally done by other than the government before some one fell for the idea that the gummamint could do it better.

We have to recognize that Government Socialism kills. It did in the Soviet Union, a 70 year experiment in misery. Greed is good. It motivates people to help each other. We are a good and charitable people. Look at the 911 fund, the tusamni, and the Katrina efforts. The Government is inept, corrupt, and stupid. Let's trust ourselves. Who do you want to rely on WalMart or FEMA?

Strange things happen to my linksys network this moring

When I arrived on duty this morning (i.e., got up and went to check my email), I discovered that LUGGABLE was disconnected from my wifi net. First thing I did a repair and opened up wifi icon. My faithful OREGON wasn't there. Hmm. I wnt to OLDLAP and it do was disconnected. Now I know Comcast is in their Mother's Day freeze so it's unlikely that it was them. SO I went and restarted the linksys wap.

I checked my UDP forwards that Azureus was griping about while I was there. They all were all their as I thought. udp 5000 – 5099 maps to 100, 5100 – 5199 maps to 101, you get the idea.

WAP restarts and I see the blinking lights on the WAP, the WAN, and the cable modem. SO I return OLDLAP is now connected. AND now to LUGGABLE, it too has reconnected.

Sort of. Look around and everything seems OK but it's running like mud. Lookout seems to be taking all the cycles. Blue Frog is offline and won't come back. Azureus is griping about UDP settings. No choice reboot. Argh! Reboot takes for ever because nothing is shutting down. Everything has to be closed out. Rebooted.

All coming up OK. Except blue frog. It takes a runtime error and says call hq. Call hq and they are offline for maintenance. Good service blue frog! There's a strike against them. Argh.

Everything else seems RTN (returned to normal) but how can you ever know with windows.

Takeaway: I would like to find a Flight Data Recorder for the PC. Something as trivial as ping a know good site (i.e., yahoo, google) say every 15 minutes and record the results. It runs routinely and logs when external connectivity is lost. If I had that on all my boxes, I might be able to trace the culprit. By know precisely when connectivity was lost, you'd at least have a fact. Now all I know is that it dies between bedtime and wakeup. Arghh, arghh!

Takeaway: Blug Frog still down. 

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