MUNY: Why don’t the web sites pay more attention to bonds?

(1) Cause it does NOT lend itself to trading and commissions?

(2) Buy the "right" bond and you get your prinicple and interest back. That's not exciting. No capital gains! No doubles, triples, or better.

(3) It ain't sexy. It's for the old folks and the poor.

For example, many many moons ago, I had some tax deferred money to roll over. When I did, I made what was in retrospect a very smart decision. I bought a bunch of those new fangled zero coupon bonds. Treasuries minus the coupons. Toxic waste they were called at the time. I bought all the broker's inventory for the year I turn 66 (don't ask). And when I still had money left, I bought some more for the following year. I remember the broker shaking his head at my insistence. They carried a high coupon. Treasuries meant little risk; as little risk as one could buy. I put them in the old brokerage account and virtually forgot about them. With treasuries now paying less than 5%, it turned out to be a dream. When I do retire, they will be worth over 200k for a 35k investment. Zero risk. No worry. Moral of the story, the broker, like your government, ain't your friend. He's a used car dealer without a good product. So bonds have an important place in a well-diversified portfolio. And, that doesn't mean bond fund. It means real bonds! Date certain maturity is the key phrase.

RANT: Unwinding the Social Security Ponzi scheme

Fox is ranting about the Social Security Ponzi scheme. How to unwind it? A crisis is looming. Going broke! Again! The gummamint has stolen the cash flow for its own uses.

Un injineers always pride ourselves on recognizing what reality is, defining where we want to go, and building that bridge.

So let's start building a solution.

We can't stop this thing tomorrow because people are depending upon it there. Let's look at how that fellow in Chile unwound their equivalent system. 

He created a three tier system. Current pensioners continued as they were today. Current workers could stay in the system or go out on their own with a "recognition bonds". New workers were automatically in the new private "social security system".

Why can't we do the same?  

TURKEY: Turkeys need to conduct their monthly self-assessment. Even if they are employed!

Schedule of activities

(1) CEO report

– How did last month, last quarter, last year go?

– How will this month, last quarter, last year go?

(2) CFO report

– Cash reserves (How many months can we go without a paycheck?)

– Expense trend good or bad

– Look ahead?

(3) Chief Marketing Officer

– How is the employment market?

– How are my particular type of peanuts selling?

– Any discontinuities in sight?

– How are you testing the market for your skills?

(4) Chief Networking Officer

– How many contacts, calls, meetings last month?

– How many contacts were lost?

– How many new contacts made?

– What is your average days since last contact?

(5) Chief Product Officer

– What is your value equation?

– How are you delivering more value while retaining less?

– What new values are you offering?
the big turkey

Why the politicians will NEVER ever take the taxes off anything!

The Gas-Tax Hustle
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. 

***Begin Quote***

Congress toyed with the idea of a tax holiday on gasoline as a way to drive the price down to address constituent complaints. But, as you might guess, they rejected it.

Why, oh why, did Congress decline to give us a bit more liberty, aside from the obvious fact that they like the revenue and power? Well, we can't go too much aside after all: they like the revenue and power. From their point of view, why give it up?

Here is the New York Times's explanation: "it was rejected as unworkable, partly because there were no guarantees that the oil companies would pass the saving onto consumers, partly because the tax pays for federal highway projects, and partly because many Republicans say the only answer to the problem of high gas prices is to increase supply."

{Extraneous deleted}

But let's say that the price of gas actually fell in one day by 18 cents (federal level) or a total of 41 cents (if states went along). Can you imagine? Consumers would flip out. It would be a real consciousness-raising moment. "You mean to tell me that every time I fill up my tank of gas, I'm forking over more than $8 to government? Hey, guys, what kind of racket do you have going on here?"

Then there would come a time for the holiday to end. What then? That might really inspire a revolt. Instead of being angry at gas stations, consumers would turn their vengeance on the party that truly deserves the blame. The real gougers would show their face, and they are likely to be pummeled with rotten fruit.

{Extraneous deleted}

This is why government has a principle: never ever, under any circumstances, abolish a tax unless your life depends on it. You might find that you can never get it back again.

***End Quote***

Yup, they'd have less money to spend. We'd learn that the economy would work a lot better with the load of gas taxes factor into every single thing we use or consume. AND, perhaps we would finally realize that if we don't keep government under control, it will control us.

Kenya: Take the Guns Too, Like Everything Else (The first step to genocide?)

Kenya: Take the Guns Too, Like Everything Else

The Nation (Nairobi)
May 3, 2006
Posted to the web May 3, 2006

Gabriel Dolan

***Begin Quote*** 

The news that Internal Security minister John Michuki is launching a security operation to collect weapons in the North Rift may shock the rest of the nation, but it will hardly come as a surprise to the pastoralist communities affected.

{extraneous deleted}

So, in desperation, community leaders may well exclaim: "Go ahead, take our guns, too, since you have grabbed everything else."

They might even add that they would be better off left to their own devices anyhow, since all they have ever received from either "Crown" has been harassment, neglect and exploitation.

That is no exaggeration. Colonial governments forcibly evicted Pokots, Sengwers, Sabaots and others from the fertile highlands and confined them to the desert regions of the North Rift.

Together with the Turkana, the Samburu and the Marakwet, they were restricted to the Northern Frontier District and forced to pay "hut tax" – though living as nomads – and denied any access to development.

{extraneous deleted}

That is until the Government discovered that these regions could be exploited for the benefit of others.

***End Quote***

What a surprise a government abusing it citizens. And, now it wants to disarm them. The land that they were pushed to now has "new" value. You just have to shake your head.

Are humans for all their intelligence really really dumb?

We know from JPFO that "gun control" aka "victim disarmament" is a necessary pre-condition to genocide. So anytime some one decided to take away guns, the Nazi death camps should leap to your mind.

It takes a government to pull of a genocide. Government is a terrible master.

If the US Government was really worried about "genocide prevention", it would list this as a key event in any governments progression from servant to killer. As a modest response, I'd mark that government, its officials, and diplomats as "persona non grata". Nope, we won't entertain you, keep your assets safe, or object if anyone assassinates you. Sorry, a government's only job is to protect people. You ain't so we ain't. Unless you have oil?

If I was in this situation, I'd have to be thinking when do I fight. Now when I have weapons or later when they are killing me and my loved ones. It's just that simple.

That's the hard question. When do you fight? I think it's when they take away your tools to defend yourself. They have no other reason to do that except to kill or enslave you. When they render you defenseless, you are a victim!

TECHNOLOGY: Azureus appears to have had its own brain freeze last night

Azureus, a really sweet BitTorrent client (free of course), appears to havehad its own personal brain freeze. What is noteworthy was that it was unrelated to network issues.

My internet connection is rock solid now that I had my ISP come out to investigate. It turned out that the darn squirrels hand chewed the wire from house to pole down to bare wire. I assume that every time the wind blew the wire would ground out. Amazing that there was an signal at all. Any way back to Azureues.

I use Azerueus to help the fellows over at Free Talk Live, my favoite podcast, deliver their content. They uniquely have a more than a year of their show online for free. As anyone who knows me, I'm big on "free".

(Free software, free podcasts, free beer, free love. Never did get all that free beer or free love that they were talking about in the Sixties. I'll now break out into my rendition of "Born Too Late". Oh no audio on your end. Too bad. Your loss.)

I have all their content here and when I'm home I put fire up Azureus to help them deliver their content. Azureus does come in handy for downloading Linux distributions, my strategic direction, from time to time.

This moring I awake to find Azureus "stuck" with red ballons on most of the files. A red balloon mains something is wrong. It was bizarre. Some files couldn't be found. Some couldn't scrape. So I shut it down. And brought it back up. Green (good) and blue (sadly trying) baloons came popping up all over.


Maybe it just got lonely. But everything was back to normal. I don't know why. Wish all my software problems were resolved so easily. Have to keeo my eye on thsi troublemaker.