Zamily is a social networking site that connects families together. 

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What is Zamily?

Zamily is a social networking site that connects families together. You can use this site to connect with family, share stories, recipes, news, events, and keep in touch with loved ones.

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Pretty sad. And, what if different wings of your family doesn't get along? :-)  Pretty sad. 

RANT: Hey Governor Corzine … … still wanna hear about state cars an speeding? (continued) … …

… …. TOO BAD!

I really appreciate TWO state police cars, one behind the other, ten feet apart, yesterday whizzing by on I295 yesterday around 4PM. They went by sooo fast in the outside lane I couldn't even read their tags. I'm sure they were hustling to "protect and serve" someone. One of these days they are going to "surprise" some one into an accident. The fellow I saw "passed" almost dropped his cell phone!

AND then this moring that big state police suv, spa175a @ milepost 65 on i295 at 0706 edst, was "only" going by at about 80. Guess he was conserving gas for us serfs! 

So if you want to get the state budget under control, then why not ask your state police to slow down. After all if the lights aren't on, then why are they "speeding". Oh yeah, that's right. There are different rules for the slaves and the masters.

How about the concept of a “persistent draft” or form letter for blogging?


Let me start by saying. Great job. In using this, an idea comes to mind that would make it more useful to me. That's doesn't mean that it deserves great consideration, but you asked for ideas. I tend to blog on the same topic. My personal hot button is "state cars". For some reason, a commuting state employee in a car that I am paying for just drives my bp up to stroke level. Any way, how about having a "persistent draft". Basically a form, that the blogger can write into and publish to their blog. So for example, in Outlook, I have form emails. Basically I made a draft email and then copy and pasted it a bunch of times. So when I want to communicate in a constant style I can. So to when I blog about state cars, it would be easy to open up my "state car" draft, filling in the details, and press the BLOG button (publish). Instead of, as now, that draft being "gone", if I designated it a "persistent draft", the next blank for would be there, available for my next rant. FWIW, reinkefj facing life