If you can’t afford a T1, maybe you can get by with two residential services?


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The professional Internet service you want, regardless of whether your office is a spare bedroom or a storefront, is called T1 Internet or Dedicated Internet.
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Thought I might contribute an anecdote and an idea.

Anecdotally, I ran a home based consulting business twice – first time for four years and the second time for two years – I used cable residential service and a dial account for backup. While I’m not consulting now, I have moved from the dial account to verizon wireless broad band.

An idea for some one who needs a better (i.e., cheaper) solution than that a 500 $ per month T1, which sounds great, might be — if available — two combine TWO high speed residential services (e.g.: DSL and Cable) for say 200 $ month. Not the greatest solution, but it would be cheaper that a T1. You’d have to put in a real router and do some configuration to ensure that you’re not becoming a peer in between two isps. BUT, 300 $ per month  might be good enough.

That doesn't solve your disaster recovery issues. What happens if you lose power? A "Katrina" might force you to abandon your location, what happens then?

I think that servers belong in datacenters; not homes. When I look at pricing, it seems cheap enough.


Homeland Security took this fellow’s site and whole bunch more


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I go to my web host's site – 2MHost; after this ordeal I won't give them the honour of a direct link – and look for a phone number. None to be found. I suddenly lose all my faith in the up until now fairly reliable host. I get onto their Live Chat, wait for about 10 minutes for the guy to tell me what the hell has happened. Then get a canned response to the effect that the US Department of Homeland Security (there it is, oh {Expletive Deleted}!) has confiscated their hard drives. 'Objectionable material'. Possibly terrorist documents? 'We don't think we will get them back in a timely manner so we have restarted all logins with blank accounts …. 3 months free hosting to compensate'. Oh thanks. Three months hosting what? I have no files.

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Thanks for that watercooler. It does look like that Democrats site was hosted by the same company, 2M Host.

Hopefully they can put some pressure on the DHS or ask some questions. I completely agree with what those guys said about giving reasons for the seizure. Of course I understand what needs to be done needs to be done – if it was some kind of terrorist data or child porn – but a reason would be nice.

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See Big Government Law#3, "Big Government Programs create new problems (aka Unintended Consequences)"!

For anyone involved in technology as a provider or user, backup, backup, and then backup again. For content creators not to have all their content stored all over the place, local and onnet and offsite and in lots of places is inexcusable.

See in my mind the villians of this piece is into DHS or whatever unnatural disaster that happened. No the bad guys are the author and the service provider. Either or both could have made this a non-event.

In my mind, you would think that one service provider would have a reciprocal agreement with another for recovery.

REALID in NH, a battle for the soul of the American Revolution


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Kurk, a Weare Republican, has been among the most vocal opponents of Real ID. When two-thirds of the House voted in favor of bucking the program, he earned the praise of privacy advocates, those who favor limited government and a group of Christians who believe a national ID card is the Biblical "mark of the beast" and, thus, a harbinger of the Apocalypse.

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Real ID has also upset the National Governor's Association and the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, who predict it will be too costly and time-consuming for many states.

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The federal law, he said, allows the government to change the rules, and could eventually to lead to licenses with computer chips or a national database of citizens.  

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This is right out of a WWII spy move. "Vere isss you pape ers?"

First kiss your privacy goodbye. Just as we couldn't have had "identity theft" without the social security number. Remember that was "never to be used for identification". Yeah, another government assurance! I remember that was printed on my first socsec card. "NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES"! Yeah right. Sure. I'd formulate a Sixth Iron Law of Big Government: "Don't believe any assurance that you are given." The AMT (alternative minimum tax) was to catch the rich people cheating by paying no taxes. Now more people are caught by the AMT. And Intelligent Designer forbid you sell something big.

Why do we need any gummamint id at all?

Functionality? Cost estimates? Refer to Harry Browne's Five Iron Laws of Big Government

1. Big Government Programs don't work (But never end!)
2. Big Government Programs often make things worse for the very people they're intended to help (Government Help is like Jumbo Shrimp)
3. Big Government Programs create new problems (aka Unintended Consequences)
4. Big Government Programs are costly and wasteful (Multiply all estimates by VXCM or infinity)
5. Big Government Programs divert money and energy from positive, productive uses (Broken window fallacy)

Don't believe "could". It will!

What is a blog and why should I care?

What the {expletive deleted} is a “BLOG”?

A blog is an easy-to-use web site, where you can quickly post thoughts, ramblings, rantings, and just about anything else you can tap out with your fingers. Akin to writing on the stall in a public bathroom, and some of them are that crude, it has evolved into a Jay Leno-esque medium. A monologue with some interaction with readers. It’s like Anne Frank's 1944 diary, Samuel Pepys’ in 1660, or George Washington’s. Well ok nothing that great but it is collective knowledge of the great unwashed. As a noun, it’s the diary. As a verb, it’s the act of writing. As an adjective, adverb, or other part of speech: egotistical mental mas … … let’s just say self satisfying waste of time … and let it go at that. Bear in mind that like webpages, blogs tend to be forgotten.

You should care for two reasons: (1) The inet has the memory of an elephant. Once you cast the electrons out into cyberspace, they can never be recalled, canceled, edited, modified, or deleted. So if you says something on the net, be prepared to have it come back and smack you upside the head when you least expect it and at the most inopportune time (i.e., job interview; legal proceeding; unauthorized biography; Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary; Retirement Party; Funeral Eulogy). (2) It can be useful for establish your expertise or brand in the market place. You can use it to advance you Unique Value Proposition or your Unique Selling Proposition.

If you want to read a blog, you can just go to their webpage. Blogs can be annoying to read from a web browser. You have to remember to check them regularly check for new content and find nothing. Most blogs offer RSS feeds that can be read with an RSS reader. You can avoid the “I forgot” or “visit for nothing” problems by using a webpage such as MYYAHOO, or install free software like RSSBANDIT.

If you are interested in starting to BLOG, you can your own one FREE at http://wordpress.com/ or http://www.blogger.com/start.

I have always thought that many of my efforts would be best done as a series of BLOGS based on topical areas so that the readers ship could subscribe based on “channels” of interest. But, I have never put the effort in to make that happen. Too much heavy thinking, planning, and lifting. Any volunteers?

Yell if you need help.

Honor Mother’s Day by bringing all “our” boys and girls home from everywhere overseas!


Happy Mother’s Day
by Miles Woolley
May 13, 2006

Miles Woolley is a disabled Vietnam veteran living in Miami, Florida. He served with the 9th Infantry Division in The Mekong Delta in a Ranger unit doing reconnaissance 1968–69 where he received a gunshot wound to the head leaving one side severely paralyzed. He is a father of four grown children and grandfather of seven, including a set of triplets.

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So as Mother’s Day approaches and I see that our death toll in the Iraq war has reached nearly 2500 Americans, I reflect on all the mothers who will not have their son or daughter to be with them this year and how difficult it must be for them. I imagine the pain is like someone took a spoon and scooped out every good feeling and memory of their child and just threw it onto the ground. What must hurt is the area in their souls or bodies where the good feelings and love they had for their child used to be.

Can we now stand up to our moronic leaders and say Enough! Have we not lost enough Americans and caused enough pain?

To all the mothers who have their children safely back and can appreciate the joy of watching them grow into mature citizens, have a very happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your good fortune and if you are so lucky, enjoy your grandchildren. Take today’s opportunity and hug them all. Hug them a little extra just to ensure they get the message. To the mothers who know the pain of losing your child, my heart goes out to you. I was fortunate to have had a loving mother and fortunate as well to know that had I not made it back, she would have been destroyed.

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I have often ranted about politicians who send "our" boys and girls off to war while they sit at home safe and sound with their only care being reelection, how they can enrich themselves from the public trough, satisfy their contributors, reward their friends and punish their enemies. Fathers have to tell "Father Government" that their children are not toy soldiers to be squandered. Moms have to tell "Mommy Government" that their children are not the government's play toys used at whim and discarded.

Bring the troops home now!

From all the four corners of the world. Tell the world that this is a new era in America's isolationism. The world thinks of us as a "global bully". Great. Let's get out of the business entirely. If we are to learn anything, we have very few friends in the world. Israel, England, Canada, Austrailia, and possibly Japan. If countries think they can do so well with out us, let's let them do it. Time for everyone to step up to the plate for their own soverignty.

Oh, and let's get out of the UN. It's a failure that we are paying for. Not ethe Rights Comission with all the thugs. Financial corruption. It's the worst idea ever! Let us return to the dead old white guy's ideal of "no entangling alliances".

Moms and Dads have to lead this charge of our troops back to the US!

Politicians that don't listen, which is most of them, need to be sent back to productive work. Some general rules: Vote the incumbents out. Don't vote for a D or an R! When no third party candidate is available write in the catcher of your state's baseball team (i.e., Catcher's are the smartest guys on the field look at Yogi). If you don't have baseball team, or it's for a local election, write in the name of the busiest businessman you know. A local realtor would be a good choice. All else fails, write in your neighbor's name. Don't know your neighbor, write in your spouse's.

Stop the nonsense now!