NBC News President: ‘Any Fool with a Laptop’ Can be a Journalist


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Steve Capus, president of NBC News, said, "In this age when any fool with a laptop can call themselves a journalist, I believe it is important to demonstrate to Americans what it means to be a true journalist."
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Gee, he forgot to mention the liberal bias that is required in order to be a "true journalist".

Calling all turkeys: Create your empire of one!


Empire of One Defined
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An Empire of One business is a one-person (sometimes married couple) business with far reaching spheres of influence.  Typically the business out-sources everything – information products marketed and sold online, or products manufactured in China or India, sent to a distribution center in the US, with customers in the UK and Brazil.  Manufacturing, marketing, bookkeeping, accounting, legal, and operations are all out-sourced to other businesses around the world. 

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Interesting that today I was corresponding with an exec search fellow who has gone on his own. I suggested that he'd have to be ready to burn the candle on five ends? I wrote about my experience here at: http://tinyurl.com/j873h; not that it contains any great words of wisdom.

Wish I could have thought of cuff links. The only think that I've come up with is my unfufilled desire to buy high quality underwear on the web like I used to get at Sears! 

UK raises retirement age; Coming here soon?


Thursday, 25 May 2006, 11:39 GMT 12:39 UK
State pension age to rise to 68
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The state pension age is to rise to 68 from 2044, as part of government proposals to strengthen pension provision in the UK.

The link between the state pension and earnings will also be restored within the next Parliament, Pensions Secretary John Hutton said.

A new savings scheme will be set up with automatic enrolment for staff and compulsory employers' contributions. 
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Well the UK is addressing its Ponzi scheme. Soon it'll be "our" turn. What a joke. Chile can figure it out despite a huge illiteracy rate. BUT, Socialists won't give up on their impractical dreams without a fight.

How will you feel when they tell you the terms of the biggest "bet" of your life has changed?

If an insurance company or a bank did it, then all the execs would be off to prison. Politicians do it and they are lauded for making the "tough choices". See the politicians that made those promises are not around when the bill comes due. And the ones in office now say "We never said that"! And, we get left holding the bag.

And guess what's in the bag. Poop!

Don't even think about what all that "social security insurance" could be worth if it was just put in bank certificates of deposit. It's a sunk cost. The politicians have been taking the contributions and putting an iou in the "lockbox". Lockbox? What a joke!  

Poof, there goes your retirement, sucker! 

Calling all turkeys: Open positions with IBM

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Feel free to steer any of your clients to our website (http://www.beyourbestinc.com) to peruse our job openings; we have hundreds of perm positions with IBM. Tell them to mention that they were sent by you and we will gladly pay you a referral fee if they land a job.
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Of course, I always try to avoid any hint of conflict of interest. Should I earn a fee, I'll happily send it to the Salvation Army. Not trying to be disrespectful of the offer. I just don't want anyone to think I have conflicted loyalties when I "help". ;-)

Hospital autopsies a dying science … … but maybe “we” need them?


Hospital autopsies a dying science
Private firms pick up slack as boomers seek answers; $3,500 postmortems
By Kristen Gerencher, MarketWatch
Last Update: 10:09 PM ET May 24, 2006
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The limited kind is less expensive, starting at $700 at PathServe, he said. Lung-tissue samples can be outsourced to pulmonologists to test for asbestos while brain work-ups go to neuropathology experts who look for diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, he said."The next of kin are quite interested in if it's Alzheimer's or not and what kind of Alzheimer's," Karp said.

The Alzheimer's Association in Chicago doesn't take a position on autopsies, said Dr. Maria Carrillo, director of medical and scientific relations.
Diagnosis of the early-onset form of Alzheimer's disease is fairly clear-cut, and family members can have genetic tests to see if they have a particular mutation, she said.
But the sporadic form that typically occurs after 65 is often more mysterious, Carrillo said. In that case, would she want an autopsy if it were someone in her family? "If I could afford the expense I would be interested in a definitive diagnosis because sometimes you can gain some additional information in the slight chance it was misdiagnosed."
What's more, Alzheimer's patients who participate in clinical trials often can get beneficial treatment while they're living and an exam for the family after they die, she said. "Many studies will offer an autopsy upon death because they would like to know definitively what the person's diagnosis was." 
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Interesting. Just recently, I heard about a freind's wife being diagnoses with the Big A. Seems like to save a few bucks we are collectively getting dumb.


A Blue Frog sucessor. Eliminate or minimize the centralized control of anti-spam reprisals


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In the meantime:

    * Okopipi-announce The announce list (very low traffic)
    * Okopipi-discuss General discussion the Okopipi project
    * Okopipi-dev A discussion of Okopipi's development
    * Okopipi-press Okopipi in the press
    * The Okopipi Wiki
    * The Okopipi IRC channel Hosted by the folks over at freenode. Also accessible over the web here.

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I'll be keeping tabs on this effort. The Blue Forg team had credentials. People that I recognized and respected. Hopefully this effort will attract the same type people.

I like the idea of going after the spammers by cutting off the money. I would be interested in hearing, now the Blue Frog quit, exactly how they forensically tied spam to beneficiary. It's all about the Benjamins. If we can't get to the beneficiary web site or phone number, how about the ISPs and Hosting Companies? There has to be a tie between the spam and the profiteer. Else it's just clog in the pipe.

Maybe email can't be free? But, I'd hate to give it up without a fight!