GUNS: Today’s bad idea … bullets with built-in encryption … arghhh!

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holy_calamity writes “A patent has been filed for bullets with built-in encryption. Pulling the trigger sends a radio signal to the cartridge in the chamber, but the charge only goes off if the right encryption key is sent. The aim is to improve civilian firearm security.”

Not sure I’m quite ready to trust the average techno-gadget failure rate on something like this just yet.

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I agree. This is a dumb idea. Next somebody will suggest guns that need keys. Oh yeah, they have “trigger locks”.  That don’t work.

If some one has a two legged or four legged varmit that needs killing, then the last thing they need or can afford is a misfire.

Gun is a simple tool. Only an idiot would make it more complex. Complexity leads to failures. Failures in a life or death situation are unacceptable.

TECH: Thinking about contact data.

I was thinking about the contact data that I collect. It really is disorganized much like life. What I really want is a tool for my desktop, with a web backup and access, that can vacuum in data from various sources and present different views of it. So for example, instead of having contact data locked up in MCalumDB, Plaxo, LinkedIn, Outlook, text files, and who knows where else, I want it in a standard format such that I use it when and where I want it. So for example pipe all the data to outlook in one massive file for email purposes. So for example, pipe it to linkedin for identification of potential mindmelds. So for example, pipe it to and from plaxo for automagic update. Hmm, don’t know if such can be done.

TECH: Playing with text that has to have come form me

This is a test of encrypted content posted to a blog and of interest to no one. When the text is encrypted with my private key, then anyone with my public key SHOULD be able to read it with the assurance that it came from me.

Version: GnuPG v1.4.3 (MingW32) – WinPT 0.12.1