ADMINISTRIVIA: Need a new category … …

This week end convinced me that I need a new category for the blog … …

… heard two pieces of well meeting advice over the weekend …

“Widowers should make no significant changes in their life for five years”


“Don’t dispose of anything for a year” (Again?)

Both took my breath away.

I’m violating both. (Almost unthinkingly!)

That seems to ensure being frozen like a stone.

I met one fellow widowee (is that such a word?) who has much bigger problems than I have. That family hasn’t organized to help her. Maybe it’s not obvious that she needs it. Sigh.

All one can do is try to put one foot in front of the other.

This last week, it felt like in the battle of “Reinke Faces Life”, life won and was running up the score.

The only sensible suggestion was that “it’s only been three months and eventually people won’t mention it”. Three months! At the same time it feels like yday and three eons. Like Lot’s wife frozen in salt, I’m awakened from a forty year perfect dream to find the ugly truth. Alone and unhappy.

I’m not sure what to title this new category: <synonym for excrement>, <synonym for the act of procreation>, and other profanities come to mind. Your suggestions are welcome.

Why is every other commercial for a dating site? Alternating with a dieting site?

Why don’t supermarkets have single cuts of meat like one pork chop?

Why doesn’t life come with operating instructions?


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INTERESTING: You better be “homeschooling”

My top 16 tips for beginning homeschoolers

*** begin quote ***

Taking on the education of your children is a daunting task, and most of us need simple baby steps to get started. Here are a few that have worked for me and other homeschooling families.

*** end quote ***

I wonder if parents and students realize that they are “home school ers” by definition?

As a fat old white guy injineer, I judge processes by their output. (By their fruit, ye shall know them.) I’d call “schooling” a defective process both on a basis of statistics about the output and anecdotally by talking to young people who’ve “graduated”.

Ever talk to one of these exemplars?

Can they match up in the world? With their elders? With historical evidence?

Nah, not even close!

So, if parents and students do NOT realize that they are getting a sub-standard education, then they are NOT going to realize that they need to supplement.

Those, that do realize, are running around doing “enrichment”.

Karate, dance, and a myriad of other activities are filling that need.

So parents, who love their children, better be “homeschooling”.

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POLITICAL: Obamacare is a disaster inbound

More Solid Proof That Obamacare Is Working

Recent data provided by the nation’s largest health insurance companies reveals that a provision of the Affordable Care Act – or Obamacare – is bringing big numbers of the uninsured into the health care insurance system. And they are precisely the uninsured that we want– the young people who tend no

May 24 at 12:29pm · Like · · Share

# – # – #

I suggest my fellow Jasper that she look into all the waivers being granted and to whom they are being issued. And, brush up on Ekkynomcs, when payment is distanced from service, then all sorts of problems arise. We see some problems now and Obamacare will make more and different ones. Rationing will be the least of them. Look at VA care, Indian Care, and Walter Reed for some real life “road tests”. Argh!

And, it really hasn’t even started yet — ten years of taxation for six years of benefits AND stuff doesn’t kick in for years.

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VETERANS: Memorial Day?

*** begin quote ***

A United States submarine lost during World War II was discovered this week. Ten miles off Key West in 600 feet of water. It was the USS R-12. The submarine was of World War I vintage still in use during World War II. It went down on July 12, 1943. Sank in 15 minutes. Forty two lives lost.

*** end quote ***

Memorial Day is, or at least was, supposed to be about vets who didn’t come home.

Instead it’s become a time for sales, barbecues, and vacations. Rowdy weekends at the shore for kids.

An excuse for chicken hawk politicians to parade their “patriotism”. Easy to make speeches when it’s not your ass being shot at. Let’s send the politicians to the front for the duration of every war they start. No more sending other people’s kids. You want a war, you lead it.

Like that’s ever going to happen.

When did generals stop leading form the front?

Here’s a story of 42 men in WW2. 66 years later.

That’s what Memorial Day is supposed to be about.

On Tuesday, contact your congress critter, ask them what they did on Memorial Day and when are we bringing all the youngsters home from all the wars we are fighting. Tell him that you’ll remember that answer in November.

I blame the women for all this war. Yup, ever since they were given the vote, they haven’t been using it wisely. That’s why we got Prohibition and Organized Crime. And, why don’t we have a representative number of women in Congress?

And, my best argument.

“Yes, when we get out of here. We’re going to have to fix that. You know we control something that can get it done. Not the ballot box, but the other box. (A giant sucking sound as pure Miss Marie used that very rude idiom.) We can end war.” — character “Marie” being anti-war in CHURCH 10●19●62 Volume 1 Page 262

And, a little later down the page, more bluntly:

“Yes, Miss Marie. Thank you, Miss Marie. You’re my hero.” “Isn’t it heroine?” “No, Miss Marie, in our new world run by women, there will be no sex discrimination. We control the box.” With no hint of self- consciousness or shame. “Dear, that’s not a nice way to say it. And, box is very crude. I’m sorry I used it but I was … incensed that war should happen. Maybe you could say ‘we control the future generations’?” “OK, but those balls will be blue before I let my man start another war.” Knowing she’d done all she could, Marie said, “When this is all over, we should talk my dear. We should really talk. Now away with you. Carefully mind you.” — character “Abigail” declares peace to character “Marie” being anti-war in CHURCH 10●19●62 Volume 1 Page 262

Let’s stop this nonsense before next Memorial Day!

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Church fined for excessive tree pruning

Albemarle Road church fined $100 per branch for excessive tree pruning
By Brittany Penland Correspondent
Posted: Saturday, May. 28, 2011

*** begin quote ***

Every two to three years, Eddie Sales trims and prunes the crape myrtles at his church, Albemarle Road Presbyterian Church.

But this year, the city of Charlotte cited the church for improperly pruning its trees.

*** and ***

“The purpose of the tree ordinance is to protect trees,” Johnson said. “Charlotte has always been known as the city of trees. When we take down trees, we need to replace these trees.”

Individuals who would like to trim their trees should call the city foresters to receive a free permit to conduct the landscape work.

Foresters will then meet with the person receiving the permit and give instructions on how to properly trim their trees, Johnson said.

The state Division of Forestry recommends that anyone trimming trees should be certified by the National Horticulture Board, but certification is not required to receive a permit.

On private property, fine amounts are based on the size of the tree improperly pruned. For small trees such as cherry trees or crape myrtles, the fine is $75 per tree. Excessive cutting can increase that fine to $100 per branch.

For large trees such as oaks or maples, the fine is $150 per tree.

Because there is a widespread lack of understanding on how to prune crape myrtles in the Charlotte area, Johnson said, residents found in violation regarding these trees are asked to simply replace them, and the fine will be lifted.

*** end quote ***

Guess down in North Carolina, they never heard of the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments. Popularly, know as Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Harassment, and Freedom from Takings.

I know what needs “pruning” in Charlotte — Gooferment.

You have to be kidding me!


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SERVICE: ITUNESU is a treasure chest

*** begin quote ***

More than 800 universities have active iTunes U sites. About half of these institutions — including Stanford, Yale, MIT, Oxford, and UC Berkeley — distribute their content publicly on the iTunes Store.

In the Beyond Campus section of iTunes U, students and faculty can access a wealth of content from distinguished entities such as MoMA, the New York Public Library, Public Radio International, and PBS stations.

*** end quote ***

Stunning! 350,000 HOURS of lecture.

I’m doing a Yale University course now.

Did I mention “free”?

Yeah, you need a computer and an inet connect. That’s not free.

But ITUNES that “delivers” it is free.

It’s amazing.

Colleges and universities are in big trouble.

As are all Gooferment Skrules!

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POLITICAL: At least were not as bad as West Virginia school-wise?

Homeschooling and the clueless Miss Marple

*** begin quote ***

Nevertheless, perhaps we can all agree with Miss Marple in one respect. West Virginia does need more regulation of education. Consequently, as a public service, here is my modest proposal for reforming West Virginia’s public schools: Homeschooling parents should regulate Miss Marple and the West Virginia government school system until the students in the government schools for which she is responsible outperform homeschooled children academically.

Unfortunately, this recommendation is not likely to be accepted, which means that most state superintendents of education around the country will continue to be able to tell parents upset about the job their local schools are doing, “Well, at least we’re not West Virginia.” In the meantime, as far as homeschooling is concerned, Miss Marple needs to get a clue.

*** end quote ***

Or are we?

Let me muse on that using my usual three tine fork.

# – # – #


Is it moral for that criminal gang in Trenton or DC to “regulate” or “operate” Gooferment Skrules?

First, during the Cold War, we decried the Soviet and Chinese schools as “propaganda factories” that “brainwashed” the youth and political prisoners. We see North Korea as the ultimate of a brainwashed society where all good comes from the “great leader”. How is the current system of public education any different than that. Isn’t the Gooferment Skrules “brainwashing future voters?

Second, freedom of religion? Don’t parents get to educate their children in the religion o their choice? No, Gooferment Skrules teach “Secular Progressive” values and “Earth Worship”. Whole generations have lost their religions by the operation of “public education”.

Third, isn’t it immoral to force some people to pay for the education of other people’s children? I don’t have any input into the decision to have these children; I don’t feed them or clothe them. But I get to pay to educate them. The Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee with its property taxes literally forces old people from their homes by virtue of the property tax.

Four, Gooferment Skrules have “Teachers’ Unions”. There’s a corrupt circle. Those unions work for the election of politicians. Those politicians appoint the bureaucrats. The bureaucrats “negotiate” contracts with the unions. How’s that for a feedback loop for corruption.

Five, Gooferment Skrules have an infrastructure of pigs that feed at the trough of Gooferment Skrules. Those pigs give money to politicians and bureaucrats to ensure that the trough is full. They also vote for the politicians to continue it. In any school budget election, you can count on all the teachers and the pigs to vote to spend more.

Six, “it’s for the children”, what greater fraud is perpetrated on the children than to pretend what is being done to them is “education”. Have you ever talked to the output of the Gooferment Skrules? Permanently damaged goods. Any the statistics are “managed”; just dig into any number and you’ll find just how badly they are inflated.


Just look at the Gooferment’s own reports, Gooferment Skrules are a failure at education. Look at that high school exam from the turn of the century, I’m not sure I could pass it.


By any measure the costs far exceed either private, parochial, or home schooling.

# – # – #

Long ago, I proposed a 40 year plan to get out of this particular hole.

The first half, 20 years, was a gradual extraction of the Gooferment from the operation of Gooferment Skrules. All parents would get a voucher for the cost of a year’s education. 5% a year were freed to seek education elsewhere. At the end of 20 years or so, then all education would be done in private schools.

The second half, another 20 years, the amount of the voucher would be reduced 5% per year. All parents would begin to pay the cost of educating the children they decided to have. At the end of of 20 years or so, parents would be paying for the education of their children.

The Gooferment would be out of the education business.

And, we’ll all be better off.

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SERVICE: Google Advisor for financial comparisons

Making financial comparisons easy with Google Advisor
Posted: 19 May 2011 12:13 PM PDT

*** begin quote ***

Financial decisions may be some of the most difficult decisions we face—whether it’s finding the right credit card or understanding the impact of paying an extra point on a mortgage. And these days, it seems like we have more financial options than ever.

To help solve these problems, we began testing a mortgage comparison tool in 2009 and have added other financial products such as credit cards, CDs, checking, and savings accounts. Today, we’re rolling these tools into one place: Google Advisor, a site designed to help you quickly find relevant financial products from many providers and compare them side-by-side. Google Advisor is currently only available in the U.S.

*** end quote ***

Google is a strange collection of interesting stuff. I guess that’s a business plan.

# # # # #

POLITICAL: 90k Gooferments!

May 26th, 2011 at 10:24 am
A Country of 90,000 Governments

*** begin quote ***

Backcasting is a tool used by futurists to look at the present from some point in the future.

In much the same way we stand in amazement as we read about the Salem witch trials, or 18th century doctors who used bleeding to cure diseases, or Polynesian tribes who sacrificed virgins to appease the volcano-gods, a country comprised of 90,000 governments is destined to appear equally ludicrous in the future.

One hundred years in the future, people in 2110 will look back at this era of history and marvel at the insanity of our times. They will be amazed at how people managed to live in a country with more laws than anyone can count, a tax code that, according to NPR, is over 67,000 pages long with 1,638 different tax forms, and a justice system that controls one out of every 31 people in the country and has the highest incarceration rate of any nation in history.

All of our defensive posturing for maintaining the status quo will quickly deteriorate into the equivalent of modern caveman thinking as future generations make us the punchline of their jokes and the universal symbol of “what not to do.”

*** end quote ***


What more can I say?

# # # # #

RANT: Arnold and my apologies to the pigs

My Life in Key West

THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2011

*** begin quote ***

One issue I am going to get into is sex. The Arnold Schwartzenneger situation has permeated the media the last few days.

I am 75 years old. I have lived through much of the sexual cultural mores in the United States. I can recall the 1950s when females were reluctant to have sex outside of marriage for fear of pregnancy. Then came the birth control pill in the l960s. The sexual world changed! Many women discovered their sexual drives were comparable to mens’. They could enjoy without fear of pregnancy.

At the beginning of the post pill discovery era, married women were still less prone to have sex outside their marriage. Such has changed over the years. Statistics now show a growing trend in women of all ages who cheat outside marriage.

I am neither being moralistic nor judging. However, one thing has become clear to me over the years. Marital infidelity is a two way street. For every man who pulls his fly down, there is a woman who pulls her panties down!

I have two points. First, lets get off the man’s back. Women are playing big time, also. Second, the brief history I have set forth clearly shows a changing sex culture over the last 60 years. Understand that change and recall it before coming down on the man alone.

Excuse me for being Biblical, but let he/she who is without sin cast the first stone.

I will concede that there still remain those without sin. One stroke of the brush does not paint all persons.

*** end quote ***

Maybe I am cranky because I missed the sexual revolution. And, maybe I am moralistic and judgmental. But I think that Arnold is yet another example of powerful men being pigs. (And that’s really insulting to the pigs.)

Where are the inspirational men of this age?

Where are the Saint Josephs, who pick up their burden and carry it courageously, uncomplaining, with dignity even to death?

Where are the heros?

A powerful man fornicates with a servant. Remember all the outrage when DNA showed that Jefferson fathers a child with his slave. At least, that was considered acceptable conduct in that era.

What lessons are being taught to future generations?

Each week, I read obits for my fellow Jasper alumni. More often than not, they have 40, 50, or 60 year marriages. Those guys are heroic. As any “happily” married man can tell you.

From a morality perspective, the family has throughout time been the model for raising children. Not a village, not a single mother, but a totally committed man and woman. (The jury is still out on a gay couple. But, if our moral objective is a safe and loving home for children who would otherwise be in an orphanage or foster care, then we have to open minded. Besides, as long as some one doesn’t use force of fraud on me, then I should MYOB.)

These men, (or if the women do it), are despicable.

And, we’re going to flounder on the rocks of the sexual libertine movement. We need the population growth that birth control and abortion prevents. How is Japan doing with an aging nation? How are India and China doing without enough young girls to satisfy all the young boys?

Now, I don’t know if it’s God, the Universe, or evolution, but we should mess with what works unless we are “real sure” of the consequences.


Now I know I am not with out “sin”, but I do know that the old Catholic school Brothers and Nuns were right about “that’s for when you’re married”. It was the era of chaste women and gallant men. And, “Catholic girls start much too late”.

Even in my first working days, I heard “don’t dip your pen in company ink”.

Maybe I’m the dino, but I can’t see how these men are anything but pigs. And, again, my apologies to the pigs.

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IPAD: Free dictionary app

Merriam-Webster Dictionary now available on iPad for free

by Mike Schramm (RSS feed) on May 26th 2011 at 7:00AM

*** begin quote ***

It’s certainly not the only dictionary app available, and the renowned Oxford English Dictionary has its own edition available for the iPad already. But that one costs US$54.99, and the ad-supported Webster dictionary benefits not only from a lack of initial cost, but features like voice search, audio pronunciations, a search history and a browse mode that lets you search and learn new words as you like.

*** end quote ***

Wow, the inet and it’s “handmaiden” the IPAD are really changing the world.

# # # # #


Didn’t work. Can’t add music to a free blog. Bummer.

POLITICAL: NEW “Read the Bills Act”

May 20, 2011
Introducing the NEW “Read the Bills Act”
Posted by Jim Babka

*** begin quote ***

Quote of the Day: “A constitution is not the act of a government, but of a people constituting a government; and government without a constitution is power without a right. All power exercised over a nation, must have some beginning. It must be either delegated, or assumed. There are not other sources. All delegated power is trust, and all assumed power is usurpation. Time does not alter the nature and quality of either.” — Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

A few months ago we announced pledges from two members of the House, and one Senator, Rand Paul, to introduce our Downsize DC Agenda bills — “Read the Bills,” “Write the Laws,” and “One Subject at a Time.”

*** and ***

We’ll be showing you the results of this work in stages, starting today, with the NEW “Read the Bills Act” (RTBA). The new RTBA . . .

* Lists the Constitutional provisions that authorize it, in compliance with the Enumerated Powers rule

* Has improved findings — these are the statements of fact that justify the legislation

* Places one new restriction on Congress — forcing them to give the public advance notice of when a vote is scheduled, which will thwart legislation by surprise, and further protect the public’s opportunity to read each bill

* Improves the ability of citizens to defend themselves against “laws” passed in violation of RTBA

*** end quote ***

Let’s hold the congresscritters’ feet to the fire.

# # # # #

POLITICAL: As wrong as Chamberlin was on Czechoslovakia

By Dick Morris And Eileen McGann

*** begin quote ***

The consequences for Jewish Democrats of Obama’s remarks are profound. They must each now choose, bluntly and without room for equivocation between their support for Obama and their backing for Israel. It is not Israel or the Republican Party that has forced this choice upon them. It is the President himself whose anti-Israel bias has never been more blatantly on display.

*** end quote ***

It’s also a time for all men of good will to call this President “on the carpet”.

Have we forgotten the death camps?

Why would we side with anyone AGAINST the only democracy in the region?

Watch the movie “Exodus” and then tell me that we have no moral duty in this.

Our “foreign policy” has been to write verbal checks and then pull the rug out. I remember the ’57 Hungarian Revolution when children fought tanks thinking that “America” would help. Our national disgrace. Better we had said nothing.

Ron Paul is right. Our foreign policy sets us up for future problems.

BHO44 is wrong on this issue. As wrong as Chamberlin was on Czechoslovakia.

Time for “We, The Sheeple” to rebuke this President and reset foreign policy. We have to stand by our word and stop giving it out in the first place.

# # # # #

SERVICE: Are you selling your pics without realizing it?

Twitpic Inks Deal To Sell Your Photos
Posted by P.J. Salvatore May 23rd 2011 at 1:14 pm in New Media

*** begin quote ***

World Entertainment News Network, a news and photo agency, announced this month that it had become the “exclusive photo agency partner” of Twitpic, a service with over 20 million registered users that allows people to upload images and link to them on Twitter. The deal allows the agency to sell images posted on Twitpic for publication, and to pursue legal action against those who use such images commercially without its permission, according to the agency.

*** end quote ***

Do these Users realize they are giving up control of their pictures?

# # # # #

ADMINISTRIVIA: Today (Yday) was a tough day

Argh cubed.

Today was a tough day for many reasons.

It was the second of four “specific Masses” for Frau Reinke. As discussed earlier, I went. But in doing so, it makes it even more real that she’s passed. And, the whole death wake funeral ordeal is repeated. Saddens me to no end.

Like that song says. … Whatever. No sense making myself sadder.

*** an aside about the day’s beginning ***

The day started off on a “funny” note. (Funny ha-ha). I arrived early so as not to be late. And, went in to the Church in search of a bathroom. Some how I got sucked into — after the WC — never pass a WC after age 60 — morning prayers. Don’t ask me how. The nice but pushy senior citizens handed me a book and two of them went over the various flipping back and forth. The one fellow keep coming over and “helping” me to get on the right page. Made me feel like the village idiot. All with the best of intentions.

(Reminded me of my Manhattan Prep days. I always got to school early to do my homework from the day before. The Brothers would always seem to find me and insist that I join them in morning prayers. Argh! I had work to do. And, even then, I was not the praying type. I just really wanted to be left alone. In my own little world. Even then an ITSJ.)

So I can see how an IPAD app would really help these folks out. No more flipping around the pages. And, when placed on a suitable speaker set, they could have music to accompany their hymns. Wonder if their is an app for that? Maybe that’s a window of opportunity for me?

*** resuming the monologue ***

But when the Priest announces the names for who the Mass is being offered, that’s why I am there to hear that, it’s the toughest.

Despite being supported there by my Mom’s last sister — that support again reminds me of the trifecta of death in a relatively short time — so I’m not sure that’s so good — I managed to weep my way through a tough hour. But that’s what a warrior does, what’s required, without personal concerns.

After that was a pretty fun bfast / lunch — although I didn’t have much of an appetite, entertained by a pair of 90 years old “love birds”. That’s how old age is supposed to be for a “married couple”.

Joining us for lunch was a new baby and my favorite young Jasper freshman. That was also entertaining and mood lifting.

Babies are always fun. And, it was amusing to see that baby recognize a stranger’s voice and give that stranger (me) the “evil eye”. At that point, I was sitting between him and Mom. Clearly distressing him a little. He tolerated me holding him while Mom got toys and chow, but soon he was tired of that and only Mom would satisfy him. It was funny.

Nice to see a 90½ great-grandmother totally absorbed in her great-grandson. How often do you see four generations in action?

Young Jasper freshman was also funny. The angst of yutes. Covered some of the same topics of conversation as the last time. Pushed the progress marker a little. Tried to get a domain name out of her, but angst got in the way. Repeated my formula “success for your generation” mantra, but I’m not sure it’s believed. After all, it’s a message of “hard work”, “no easy answers”, and “courage”. It’s amusing to me that I had a very similar conversation with my “older” friend’s wife about the very same topics — how to I web my art — but in her case, I did get her to select a domain name. But, could get her to do more than that. Guess I have to update by lack of “sales skills”. If I’m so smart, I should be able to wrestle these fine woman into doing more sooner. Oh well, I guess in time it will get done.

It was also amusing to hear that babies’ Mom was having her fair share of teen age problems with her older two. Driving, antics —- “crime” and its punishments. We quickly bonded over the fact that it could be much worse. Of course, I was shocked —- as in “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” Captain Renault in Casablanca — that there are such problems. After all, in her youth, she was much worse. But I left that issue unsaid, no sense giving the children any wiggle room in their journey toward adulthood. We’ll just leave to that “children are the grandparent’s revenge”. But it was most amusing.

Eventually baby tired out and with entertainment leaving, it was time for me to go.

Bummed out afternoon. Really couldn’t get into anything. Even thought there is always plenty to do.

It was on to dinner. At someone’s insistence. I knew I was in that “dark place”. But, I didn’t want to deprive the poor undernourished children of their doughnuts.

Of course, the evening started off on the wrong foot. When I walked in, the little guy ran over and with a big smile asked: “Where’s Auntie Ev?”. Like to have taken my breath away. His slightly older brother echoed that. (I wish I could forget that ugly fact as easy as they have.) I mumbled something like: “It’s OK. Remember she passed and isn’t coming anymore. You’re stuck with me.” The older guy said: “Oh year, she died.” And, went back to his computer game. The younger guy just went back to playing with some sticks. Their Dad and I just looked at each other silently. (I’d be upset if I was them to lose the “fun” one and be stuck with “grumpy”.)


I knew today was going to be a tough sucky day.

Amusing also.

The middle guy just wanted to peek int he doughnut box. Dad said “no”. To head off a battle of wills, I challenged the young man to use his “x-ray” vision to see what doughnuts were in the box. This a lad, who always imagines himself as a superhero, plaintively exclaimed that he didn’t have x-ray vision. But he did kinda know which were in the box and eventually he moved on to other fun activities like torturing his brother and sister, getting reminded that he had to charge his Wii controllers since Daddy was out of that business, and eventually getting a trip to the woodshed for whatever. Note to self: “when in hole, stop digging” is a vital life’s lesson for children.

Later, Daddy did some memory testing with the kids. Funny that (a) they couldn’t focus or remember or report on “doughnuts left” and “doughnuts consumed”. (Hmmm, an interesting demo of not paying attention.) (b) And wagered each of them a fin about “he being able to eat a doughnut without touching the box”. It was funny. Maddie opened the box to check and closed it quick before he could grab one. She remembered the last time he pulled it. And she laughed deeply over foiling him. Of course, Mom zinged Dad — as only life mates can — observing that all he had to do was to have patience and wait until Maddie got her doughnut out and then grab it off her plate. He admitted he hadn’t thought of that. (I, of course, thought that was interesting, it’s always the paradigm and our memes. Dad was so fixated on the joke’s meme and was so locked into the paradigm, he could NOT shift the paradigm in a new and innovative way. That was interesting and amusing to me. Wonder how many times that’s happened to me and I too never realized that the solution was just a twist away. Sigh!)

As bedtime approached, I inquired if the clothes were addressable. (Another sad chore that’s been “forgotten” many times. I understand why. It’s another sad reminder. But she insisted on doing it. She wanted some of the things. Probably to hold on a little longer.) We’re almost done. I’ll wait a week or two. Two more bags and some odds and ends and it too will be done.

So, I hugged all the kids. (Parents insisted. I’d have left them all in their place of peace watching the tube. Mesmerized and quiet. But not getting into trouble.) I was amused that they asked no questions about the clothes. Did Mom shush them as Dad and I were unloading the car?

So I went home to House.

Yeah, the season finale. Weird one.

I knew this was going to be a sucky day.

But the Universe was not finished with me yet. After House, I heard this beeping. Annoying. So, I go to discover what it was.

The kitchen stove is beeping continuously. And displaying “F1”. Annoying as hell. And no way to silence it.

A web search says the stove needs a $400 repair.

Tomorrow, I look for a new stove.

Life sucks.

And, today was a interesting example of that principle.

Oh well two down and two to go.

I didn’t get any “chores” done.


Who knows.

Tomorrow HAS to be a better day.

# – # – # – # – # 2011-May-23 @ 22:15

ADMINISTRIVIA: Give blood on July 1st

Hold the date: 01 July 2011

A blood drive is going to be held in New Brunswick NJ on what would have been Frau Reinke’s 64th birthday. Details will follow.

My niece-out-of-law — not actually any relation according to Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee — Gooferment — what does “it” know — thought that this would be a great way to memorialize her. I agree, and was touched by the thoughtfulness.

In the last year of her life, “the medical system” poured over a 100 pints of blood and 50 pints of platelets into her trying to buy time so they could figure out what was wrong. They ran out of time and ideas. But never blood. It’s only on House or one of the other medical dramas, that the gallant iconic but grumpy doctor single handedly figures out the problem patient in time to dramatically save their lives just before the final commercial. We just ran out of time. It was never “figured out”.

While I was a gallon guy in MC, and gave frequently after that, my modest “bleedings” fall way short of what was given to her by complete strangers. It is a great karmic debt that I feel. This will go part of the way to pay that forward for someone else.

If you can’t get to New Brunswick that day, I’d appreciate a donation where ever you can. If you can’t donate due to age or health, twist someone else’s arm.

It truly was, for Frau Reinke, “the gift of life”.

I was touched by how they always had enough. I’d like to make sure that some else has the same chance.

Fourth of July and the summer means increased need and lower donations, so this is a “perfect date”.

And, she would have been embarrassed by all the fuss about her. IMHO she was, and is, worth it.

Donna Nobis Pacem


p.s., details to follow

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INTERESTING: Limited immunity to people requesting medical assistance for overdoses

Tweak the Law, Save Lives
May 18, 2011 by Highline

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Most of you who read the things I write know that my pet issue is drug prohibition.

*** and ***

One idea that has been bouncing around in my head for some time is getting involved in the political process to try and advocate for both a law which would encourage minors who have used alcohol irresponsibly and all people who have used dangerous drugs to seek medical attention if needed. A person having an overdose of alcohol or drugs presently could be (and should be) afraid to call for medical assistance, as when the EMT’s arrive, so does the criminal justice system.

*** and ***

I know a good way. Let’s try and turn New Hampshire into the 3rd state in the nation which grants limited criminal immunity to people requesting medical assistance for alcohol and drug overdoses.

*** end quote ***

This sounds like a GREAT idea!

We need to switch from drug punishment to treating it like a medical problem.

This is the best idea I’ve heard in a while.

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RANT: Support the troops; bring ’em home now!

IEDs and the War for ‘Afghan Trust’
Posted by Diana West May 20th 2011 at 5:58 pm in Afghanistan

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One quick way to protect them is to curtail if not cancel such patrols while Congress investigates 1) their effectiveness as a tactic in the strategy of earning Afghan trust; 2) the strategy of earning Afghan trust; 3) what (the hell) “Afghan trust” actually means and 4) whether Uncle Sam should be spending $350 million every single day of the year to “earn” it.

*** end quote ***

Time to declare “victory” and bring the troops home. Now. From around the globe.

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HARDWARE: Time Capsule flawed?

Time Capsule Description
Updated: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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One important thing however, is that the earlier Time Capsules have tended to fail due to heat they generate at around 18 months of use. This machine is utterly quiet, because the fan inside is small. Perhaps too small. I have purchased an APC Notebook Cooling Stand ($18 including shipping at MacMall) to set my Time Capsule on to reduce the heat it generates.

*** end quote ***

Interesting how my Time Capsule failed. Just like it describes. Ran fine of while. And, then out of the blue, it fails. Never had a piece of electronics fail so early in its life.


Do I feel like a fool. And, I was even thinking about buying two more — for my northern and southern estates — until I read this.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I’m beginning to suspect ANY Apple product offerings. They have to know this is flawed.

If it did any good, the Gooferment (i.e., FTC, FCC, and SEC) would be protecting “We, The People” from fraud.

I’m not happy with the MacBookAir which I suspect has WIFI networking issues. The IPAD was obsolete when sold (i.e., IPAD2 was ready to go to market for spring when they were selling IPAD1 as a Christmas present.) The ITOUCH was upgraded so my old ITOUCH isn’t as good as the new ones.


So, all APPLE gear is “NOTRECOMMENDED”. And, obviously, I’m no Apple “fanboy”.

Thus Microsoft’s WINDOZE stinks. And, Apple can’t be trusted.

On to Linux, and maybe Google is the choice de jour.

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