RANT: BONES has officially jumped the shark

In last night’s season finale.

FOX threw away a perfectly cute show.

In the prior week, the lead characters were chastely in bed together. The was no sex scene. The hero was comforting a crying heroine in a poignant moment. (But, your crack TV show critic suspected the shark was being jumped.) There was even a cute scene where the nerdy leading lady described that she hopped into bed with the hunk. It could have been an I lUV LUVY moment where she meant consolation and everyone took it for sex. (But I suspected the worst. My favorite show was circling the drain. I’m a half-empty guy.)

This week, the heroine asserts she’s preggers by the hunk. (Thus sticking the landing after jumping the shark.)

(They could have milked this series like a daytime soap. The one thing the show had going was the star crossed lovers. Everyone knew they were in love but them. Now the writers have destroyed it.)

Needless to say in Hollywood writing circles, the “Secular Progressives” have them NOT married.

Sorry to say, this show is no longer a favorite having descended into the mundane tawdry level of Hollywood trash.

(It’s like Jenna Elfman doing that sleazy sitcom where she gets preggers in a one night stand by a college kid. I thought she was the next Lucy — Ball; not Lawless. No one would mistake Darhma for Wonder Woman. But, these Hollywood type don’t understand their entertainment strengths. She was a female Rob Petrie. Argh!)

OH well. DO all idols have clay feet.

Wish I could write sexual tension like the writers did in the first season of BONES. Wish I could act like they did. I know what it was — magic.

It was akin to Hepburn and Tracy. Wrapped in a semi horror movie of CSI.


The writers blew it.

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