Canadian couple’s missteps shock Nev. town locals
By JOHN MILLER The Associated Press
Posted: 10:36 a.m. Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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MOUNTAIN CITY, NEV. — At about 6,000 feet in a narrow valley surrounded by bulbous, snowcapped mountains, this tiny northeastern Nevada town sits roughly two hours from anywhere, in the middle of nowhere.

It’s that remoteness and grandeur that apparently drew Rita and Albert Chretien to the area around Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest as they made their way from Canada to Las Vegas. Albert Chretien has been missing in the wilderness since late March after the couple, guided by a new GPS, ventured off the highway onto muddy, washed-out forest service roads winding deep into the high country.

Rita Chretien was found Friday by a trio of hunters after spending seven weeks in the couple’s van stuck in mud, surviving off trail mix, hard candy and water from a nearby stream. Her husband set out on foot to find help, hoping to make it to Mountain City. He hasn’t been seen since.

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Death by technology?

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FUN: On a children’s dance recital — observation #2

What is the audience’s responsibility to the performers?

I was shocked and amazed at a few things.

(1) Maybe I’m an old fuddy duddy. But … the first act on stage was a number by a group of several age groups. I don’t remember anything other than the costuming left little to the imagination and the dance moves were comparable to what one would see in a “strip club”. If, of course, if I had ever been to one. Being in what I would have perceived as the “Bible Belt”. This surprised me. While the youngest bumped and ground, I saw many men facing their wives and children and talking. Perhaps, this was to avoid the near occasion of sin. Or, that they could not look at the cherished girl member of their family “performing”. I knew no one on the stage at that time and I was embarrassed for them. Yeah, I know fuddy duddy.

(2) Opening announcement was something like “don’t use the fire doors. it screws up our video and distracts the dancers.” Shouldn’t have bothered. Those doors were used. Frequently. And, it was distracting to this audience member. It was like they were saying: “Screw You. I’m a VIP. And, I’m more important than you.” I have to admit I was tempted to go down and stand by the door and play policeman. Maybe they should, like most good strip clubs, hire a Arnold Schwarzenegger type bouncer. I’m told that all the clubs have them.

(3) Now, maybe some of the performers were “less than good” or even down right “bad”. As a fat old white guy injineer, I wouldn’t know how to tell. Any more than I can score Olympic Ice Dancing. But, I did notice if the performer was smiling. And, I did notice when they were out of sync. But I also remembered my Father saying to me one time at a baseball game: “You’re not allowed to boo the umpire unless you can do it better.” Now, to me, imho, not applauding is the equivalent to booing. By the same token, I applauded every “act” since there was no way I was getting up on the stage and making a fool out of myself. Especially, not in those costumes! That would have cleared the joint!

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