RANT: Support the troops; bring ’em home now!


IEDs and the War for ‘Afghan Trust’
Posted by Diana West May 20th 2011 at 5:58 pm in Afghanistan

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One quick way to protect them is to curtail if not cancel such patrols while Congress investigates 1) their effectiveness as a tactic in the strategy of earning Afghan trust; 2) the strategy of earning Afghan trust; 3) what (the hell) “Afghan trust” actually means and 4) whether Uncle Sam should be spending $350 million every single day of the year to “earn” it.

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Time to declare “victory” and bring the troops home. Now. From around the globe.

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HARDWARE: Time Capsule flawed?


Time Capsule Description
Updated: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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One important thing however, is that the earlier Time Capsules have tended to fail due to heat they generate at around 18 months of use. This machine is utterly quiet, because the fan inside is small. Perhaps too small. I have purchased an APC Notebook Cooling Stand ($18 including shipping at MacMall) to set my Time Capsule on to reduce the heat it generates.

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Interesting how my Time Capsule failed. Just like it describes. Ran fine of while. And, then out of the blue, it fails. Never had a piece of electronics fail so early in its life.


Do I feel like a fool. And, I was even thinking about buying two more — for my northern and southern estates — until I read this.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I’m beginning to suspect ANY Apple product offerings. They have to know this is flawed.

If it did any good, the Gooferment (i.e., FTC, FCC, and SEC) would be protecting “We, The People” from fraud.

I’m not happy with the MacBookAir which I suspect has WIFI networking issues. The IPAD was obsolete when sold (i.e., IPAD2 was ready to go to market for spring when they were selling IPAD1 as a Christmas present.) The ITOUCH was upgraded so my old ITOUCH isn’t as good as the new ones.


So, all APPLE gear is “NOTRECOMMENDED”. And, obviously, I’m no Apple “fanboy”.

Thus Microsoft’s WINDOZE stinks. And, Apple can’t be trusted.

On to Linux, and maybe Google is the choice de jour.

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