BUCKETLIST: Go search for diamonds?


Diamond in the rough: Woman finds 8.66-carat diamond during treasure hunt
Last updated at 8:43 PM on 29th April 2011

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At first she thought it was a piece of glass.

But on closer inspection, Beth Gilbertson, from Colorado, realised she had just unearthed an 8.66 carat diamond.

Ms Gilberston was doing her regular treasure hunt at the Crater of Diamonds State Park on Tuesday when she made the valuable discovery.

She started visiting the park after seeing it featured on the Travel Channel’s The Best Places to Find Cash and Treasures which includes a segment on the Crater of Diamonds.

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Have to put this on the list. Better than playing a slot machine?

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MONEY: The dollar is sinking faster than the Titanic?


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In terms of gold: Assessing real estate values in terms of gold. At its peak, the housing market in March 2007, the median US home price was $262,600, which was equivalent to 340.6 ounces of gold. Today’s median income price is $186,100 or 109.2 ounces of gold. So in terms of real money, gold, the US median home price has lost 47% since 2007.

Applying the same measurements to the Dow, from the end of 2001 to the end of 2008 an investment in the Dow would have lost 81% of its purchasing power in terms of gold (statistic courtesy Larry Edelson of the outstanding “Uncommon Wisdom” advisory).

The great and harsh lesson of history now stares Americans in the face — no fiat currency in history has ever survived.

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It’s nothing but the inherent value of the dollar. It’s zero.

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