RANT: Staged photos?


How Photos from Obama’s Speech on Bin Laden’s Death Were Staged

By Ujala Sehgal on May 4, 2011 2:08 PM

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There is a fascinating piece at Poynter that describes how since the Reagan era (and possibly before) it has been the standard operating procedure that during a live presidential address, like the one President Obama gave announcing the death of Osama bin Laden, still cameras are not allowed to photograph the actual event.

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The problem, according to Poynter, is that while many newspapers disclose that the photo they use is a re-enactment, some do not. And publishing these photos goes against the National Press Photographers Association Code of Ethics, which includes this relevant passage: “Resist being manipulated by staged photo opportunities.”

We had no idea there was an ethics code for photojournalists, and we’re thrilled to find out there is one. How dare the White House force them to abandon it! We feel shocked and lied to! This practice of re-staging must come to an end.

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“I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” Captain Renault in Casablanca

Please give me a break. Everything politicians do is scripited, controlled and focus grouped.

They probably follow a script when they are sitting on a commode.

<Expletive Deleted>

Anyone who thinks that the Fifth Estate is anything more than press agents for the Establishment is crazy.


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FUN? left out the THREE active wars


Obummer song.

Interesting. But, unfortunately, that melody belongs to Richie Valens. Another tragedy.

Unfortunately, she left out the THREE active wars; one of which Obama started to benefit his European friends. Why are American troops still in Germany?

And, do you really think that electing McCain would have made a difference?

DNF it was the R’s that passed the Medicare RX benefit, TARP1, and ran big deficits. (Noting that the D’s are the party of Big Deficits!)

No, we need as I said yesterday, a “Game Changer”.

Now imagine if we had elected Ron Paul in 2008. I KNOW things would be different.


They say the way to fix things is to laugh at them. What a joke the USA has become!

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MEMORIES: Riding up the turnpike

I remember one cute story … … …

… … … we had been going out for about six months and the relationship was “blossoming”. It had bloomed for me, and I think I was wearing her down. (Even tought she’d turned down my proposal.) We were going somewhere — I forget where — it was daytime — and we were zipping up the turnpike. She was holding the ticket and we’re coming to the toll booth. (This was long before EZPASS.) So, I handed her my wallet — always a bad idea as a man to give your wallet to a nosy woman — and politely asked her to take some money out for me. She opens the wallet, sees my drivers license, and yells “Who the hell is Ferdinand?” I explained that was my real first name. She asks “Why does everyone call you John?” That was easy. “Who you want to be called Ferdinand and how do your shorten it. Ferd; that becomes Fred. And, Ferd sounds like turd.” She starts to laugh really hard. I guess it just struck her funny bone. So when she calms down. She asks: “You better not be keeping any more secrets. What else are you hiding?” “My love for you. I don’t want to scare you away again.” She just made that gagging sound and sat quiet.

She did eventually give me my wallet back when we arrived. And, a bug hug and kiss.

I didn’t object, but did ask “What was that for?”

With that coy Irish grin, “Making me laugh and trusting me with your wallet”.

Maybe she saw how much money I had in my wallet? Maybe it was no condom? Maybe it was I never asked for it back. Never could figure her out.

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