RANT: We need lower Gooferment spending AND less taxes


Wednesday, May 11, 2011
More extensives tax reforms needed in New Jersey

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My sense is that the system has collapsed. I’ve been complaining that the state’s government structure was unsustainable and broken, but it has been functioning. That seems no longer to be the case. The governor is proposing a tool kit that contains some nominally useful tools but still leaves the basic set of problems in place. A more comprehensive structural change is needed that includes a review of the corporate and income tax rates, the inefficiency of having 566 towns, nearly 600 school districts and more than 1,400 total taxing districts, and a frank discussion about priorities.

New Jersey continues to provide some useful and necessary services. We could save money if we were willing to further gut our social safety net, but then we would put our residents in the same position as my friend Lynn, who moved to North Carolina and has now been kicked off the unemployment insurance roll because the governor down there views unemployment insurance as an incentive to laziness. That seems a dubious tradeoff.

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Unfortunately, there is some academic research that correlates the end of “insurance” to reemployment.

The Gooferment should not be in the “social safety net” business. Their job is to prevent force or fraud on “the folks”. Like a giant referee.

The Gooferment really can’t do ANYTHING well. Or cost effectively.

Does it make any sense to do “charity” by giving loads of money to this piggish organization that will spend most of it on itself.

True charity comes from individuals helping other individuals. In churches, fraternal organizations, or “small” charities. (Note the UnitedWay pays it’s executives way too well. But the Salvation Army works better.)

We need to DOWNSIZE DC and shrink Trenton.

We need lower taxes and more liberty.


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FUN: On a children’s dance recital — observation #1

Once upon a lifetime dreary,
I went to a place leery,
And what did I behold,
Children “dancing” as they were told.

— unknown

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Interesting that parents spent a lot of money for “dance lessons”. I guesstimated that this was 200k$ biz. Not counting the time, attention, and effort that was going into it by parents.

They, in their heart of hearts, knew that the US “Eddykation” system, was giving their children the bare minimum of “life tools” and thse parents, perhaps instinctively, knew that the children needed more.

Be it boy / girl scouts, sports leagues, or even dance classes, parents know their children need more. (The Chinese kids will eat their bfast, lunch, and dinner.)

Also, I thought that these “dance” parents were trying to get their children to capture a little wisp of childhood joy to take with them.

I saw once again — several times that day — that when a young girl both knew she knew her “routine” AND had the physical skills to execute it, she lit up with joy. The face showed she was in the zone. And she was alone in the room with her “art”.

Hope that they all capture that.

Amazing was that it was 99% girls.

Is our society and its TV show messages that sexist?

The same muscle memory on a sports venue is just as good as dance. Surely, they all can’t be delude into thinking they can make it into the NBA.

Besides a good male dancer would find it easier to find a mate.

As a former young man, I’d have gone where the girls were. But there weren’t even boys in the audience. Where do these guys go to pick up chicks. Dumb! Easy pickins! Buy some flowers, go see a beautiful gals run around on stage in her undies, applaud for one, give her the flowers, and you’ve got a date. Dumb to skip that oppty.

Like shooting fish in barrel!

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